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Developing sub/slave Training Programs Part 2: The Training Phase

Author: SAADE

Filed in: submission, training

The Training Program:

Here we begin use the information gathered from the assessment phase. I divide the programming two categories: 1) Basic Training and 2) Advanced or specialty training.

Basic Training is meant to lay a foundation of expectations, protocol and rituals to focus the submissive on my needs or style of BDSM. Many of these issue will be covered in detail in upcoming programs but present an outline here.

Basic Training:

1) Sub/slaves Presentation - establishing the demeanor that a submissive will behave toward you and others.

2) Levels of Service:

This is dictated by what it is you are wanting from a situation. Is housekeeping an issue, laundry, sexual service given at a certain time. Do you micro manage or not? Either is appropriate.

3) Playfulness: Our lifestyle is about naughty fun and decadent behavior. Be serious when its time to be serious and be fun when its time to be fun.

4) Begin to Establish trust by being consistent in your training techniques.

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