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Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part II - The Safety Guide to The Violet Wand

Author: Norische

Filed in: health and safety, electroplay

Violet wands are definitely one of the most desirable toys available; however, they can also be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. Safety is an absolute must when it comes to using a violet wand. While some things come with common sense, most of the things you should know come with experience. Unfortunately, trial and error with a violet wand can be painful and even dangerous, so I have compounded a few hints and tips on the safe use of a violet wand.

When I started searching through the Internet for information on the Violet wand, I was shocked at some of the careless disregard for safety. One site had instructions on how to go to your local hardware store and Radio Shack and get all the pieces to make your own electric shock device…they even gave detailed instructions on how to put it together. One of the first safety tips I will give you is, unless you have a degree in electrical engineering, don\'t mess around with electricity. As far as electricity is concerned there may not be a second chance when you make a mistake.

The following list of safety issues and concerns are designed for the beginner or novice electrical player, as you become more familiar with your unit and with your partner you will find some of these suggestions are unnecessary even irrelevant. So if you are an experienced player with electrical play do not get offended, remember you too were once a newbie on the block.

As with any electrical device do not use a violet wand outside during a storm, and to be on the safe side do not use during a lightning storm whether inside or outside.

1. Check your equipment before each use; a frayed cord or loose connection can lead to some shocking experiences.
2. Like all electrical devices, keep away from water.
3. Make sure that if you are using this device on carpet that the carpet is dry; sometimes in humid areas the carpet may be damp, so please check your area before you start to play.
4. Electricity can arc between the violent wand and any metal surface, so watch out for things like low light fixtures, or chains hanging from the ceiling, also keep an eye out for metal drawer handles or door knobs they tend to sneak up on you as well.
5. Make sure that the electrode is firmly in place, "arcing" from a loose electrode can cause a serious burn or the electrode may fall and break.
6. Make sure the electrode is in good condition, check it for hairline cracks, and ruff edges.
7. Make sure the unit is turned off when you plug it in, and make sure that it is at the lowest setting when you start.
8. If you use an extension cord, make sure that you know where the cord is and that you do not trip over the cord.
9. If you are using an extension make sure it can handle power that will be going through it, and make sure it has a ground fault interrupter (GFI) built in as well.
10. Some units are more powerful than others; depending on age, make, model, and manufacturer; so make sure you are familiar with the device you are using before you try it out on someone.
11. Do not use glass electrodes internally; even though some of the older electrodes state they are for internal use, they are still made of blown glass and can shatter quite easily. There are specially designed electrodes that are specifically designed for safe internal use.
12. Do not put electrodes in the dishwasher, they will shatter…it is best to use a cool damp washcloth to clean them with. You can even shatter the electrodes just by using hot tap water…remember they are fragile. There are special solvents that you can use to clean the electrodes with, that are non-abrasive and will not harm the electrode. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your specific violet wand (if possible) and ask what they recommend for sanitary cleaning of the electrodes.
13. Do not use a violet wand on anyone with a pacemaker or with chronic heart problems.
14. Do not use on or near any internal metal, such as a total knee replacement, those pins and tiny metal pieces make great conductors and can cause some serious burns.
15. Do not use on or near the eyes.
16. Do not use above the waist. Once you become proficient with the techniques and use of the violet wand it may be used above the waist with a reasonable amount of safety, but for general purposes keep the electricity away from the heart.
17. Do not use on any one with a seizure disorder, or history of epilepsy…the flicking lights or strobe effect of the violet wand may trigger a seizure.
18. Use discretion when using a violet wand on someone who is diabetic. Circulation may be an issue, also individuals with diabetes tend to burn quickly, heal slowly, and scar quite a bit. Also if an accident happens, diabetics tend to get infections more readily do to the length of time it takes an injury to heal.
19. Do not wear rings or metal jewelry while using the violet wand; you might be in for quite an unexpected shock.
20. Do not use around body jewelry or piercing. Some references stated that you could take out the metal jewelry and replace it with the little plastic pieces, however I do not recommend that course of action…remember plastic melts, and if it is melting while lodged inside a nipple or Prince Albert then an untimely trip to the emergency room may be necessary.
21. Do not wear polyester, nylon or plastic clothing…it may melt the fabric. Do not use on any clothing with metal threads unless you use a little common sense, if you touch the wand in one place the electrical charge will pass through all portions of the clothing through the metal threads..
22. Do not use the violet wand near metal zippers, snaps or fasteners, this also include the under wires from brassieres.
23. Never sharply increase the current, build slowly and learn your sub\'s limits.
24. Do not use the violet wand on anyone with skin problems, such as sunburn, heat rash, melanoma, or moles, warts, or open skin (cuts).
25. Remember that the violet wand will ignite flammable liquids, for example cologne, perfume, hair spray, aerosol underarm deodorant, antibacterial soap, and alcohol.
26. Do not bind your partner too tightly when you intend to do electrical play. The sub or slave may jerk or twist in such a manner that they may injure themselves if they are bound to tightly. Strained muscles and a dislocated shoulder are painful and may very well put a dampener on playtime.
27. Do not use any form of illicit drugs, or consume any alcohol prior to doing electric play.
28. Always have a verbal as well as non-verbal Safeword, this will guard against any unfortunate mistakes.
29. Do not expose any single area for any length of time, the violet wand does use ultraviolet rays and can cause some serious burns if caution is not observed.
30. I always suggest that you try out any new toy on your self before you try it on someone else, but this is one time that you should definitely have someone else there that knows how (and when) to shut off the current.
31. To help prevent breakage push the electrode into the unit straight, and pull it out straight, do not screw it in… this will put undue stress on the electrode.
32. Wax capacitor wands should be used for a maximum of 15 continuous minutes, and allowed to cool completely between uses.
33. Ceramic capacitor wands may be used for up to 20 minutes safely, extensive continuous uses will eventually burn out the unit.
34. The violet wand creates a low level magnetic field while in use. so do yourself a favor keep it away from sensitive electronics and magnetic media, including computers, computer disks, dvd\'s, even credit cards.
35. Keep your hand away from the area where the electrode is inserted into the unit, if not you may find your self yelping and waving your hand around, not good for your Domly image. Also keep this area away from the skin of your target as well, the intensity of the shock is somewhat stronger than you may intend to give.
36. Do not use a violet wand in conjunction with a saran wrap mummification, remember the saran wrap is plastic and will melt, this will leave some nasty burns on your partner that you may not have intended to happen. I should mention that it has been pointed out to me that saran wrap is an insulator and it is very hard to burn or melt the plastic with a violet wand.

While I cannot cover every possible thing that might happen with a violet wand, I hope that I have given you a general idea of safety and the caution needed when you play with electricity.

Most of the injuries that have occurred when playing with a violet wand were basic lack of forethought.

Strained or pulled muscles, dislocated joints even broken bones due to improper restraints during play.

First degree burns due to over exposure or improper setting on the unit.

First and second degree burns due to flammable liquids (hair spray) igniting.

First and second degree burns due to improper use around body jewelry.

Cardiac arrest due to a violet wand being use on an individual with a heart murmur.

Lacerations due to a glass probe shattering while being used internally. While other injuries may occur while using a violet wand, the most common is definitely burns.

Burns from a violet wand may not appear for several minutes even hours after use, hence play safe. Do not assume that just because the skin is not discolored or not hot to the touch that you may safely go over the same spot over and over again. While the nipples are a wonderful temptation, burns on the tender flesh of the nipple are extremely painful and may limit other forms of recreation for several days.

If a burn does occur follow simple first aid procedures…


The severity of a burn depends upon its size, depth and location. Burns are most severe when located on the face, neck, hands, feet and genitals. Also, when they are spread over large parts of the body or when they are combined with other injuries.

Burns result in pain, infection and shock. They are most serious when the victims are very young or very old, or if the individual has complicating medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, respiratory problems or if pregnancy is a possibility.

In order to care for a burn properly until medical attention can be received, you must first determine the degree of the burn. First, second and third degree burns are different and need to be treated as such. FIRST DEGREE burns are superficial, burning only the outer layer of the skin. Symptoms include redness, tenderness, pain and mild swelling. Healing usually occurs in a week without scarring.

SECOND DEGREE burns are more serious. This type of burn penetrates the entire outer layer of the skin into the inner skin layer. The characteristics of a second-degree burn are the forming of blisters, swelling and fluids beginning to seep from the burned area. Severe pain accompanies these symptoms, because the capillary blood vessels in the skin are damaged.

THIRD DEGREE burns are the deepest. They may look white or charred, and extend through all skin layers. Victims of third degree burns may have severe pain -- or no pain at all -- if the nerve endings are destroyed.

To care for a first-degree burn you may relieve pain by immersing the burned area in cold water or by applying a wet, cold cloth. Continue applying cold water, on and off, until the area is pain free. This process can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Cold water not only relieves pain, it will actually stop the progression of the burn into deeper areas of tissue. In the event cold water is not available any type of cold, drinking liquid can be used. Do not use ice, as this may cause further damage to the skin. You may also use ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory used to relieve pain and swelling. Acetaminophen can also relieve pain, but does not relieve inflammation.

Do not use aspirin. Aspirin is a blood thinner and is never recommended for use of a burn victim. Since moistening the skin helps to relieve itching and peeling, you may also apply an aloe vera gel or moisturizer to the skin. Aloe vera is an effective analgesic.

A second-degree burn penetrates the entire outer layer of the skin into the inner skin layer. The characteristics of a second-degree burn are the forming of blisters, swelling and fluids beginning to seep from the burned area. Severe pain accompanies these symptoms, because the capillary blood vessels in the skin are damaged.

Do not open the blisters on the skin of a burned area. The blister is nature\'s way of providing a sterile; waterproof covering when a burn has damaged skin. Therefore, open blisters expose the burn victim to a much greater risk of infection.

Again, immersing the burned area in cold water on and off for 10 to 45 minutes is recommended to relieve pain, as is the use of ibuprofen for pain and swelling.

Additionally, it is recommended to elevate a burned extremity to reduce gravity-induced swelling. Though applying a thin layer of anti-biotic ointment to a burned area does not sterilize the area it may decrease the amount of bacteria that can enter an open burn.

Do not apply butter or creams to the burned area.

Do not alcohol or peroxide on the burned area.

Do not scrub effected area, gently wipe the area with a soft (not fluffy) cloth.

Do not pop any blisters.

If the burn is second or third degree please seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Also make sure that you inform your medical professional that the burn is an electrical burn the necessary treatment differs for the types of burns experienced, inform the professionals of all relevant information and allow them to make informed decisions.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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