Finally Kalli is on the plane and settled into her seat. Just as she looks up, she sees the man from the lounge, and as luck would have it, his seat is next to hers. Silentl" /> Chapter 2 of Kalli's Adventure by kitty | The Iron Gate

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Chapter 2 of Kalli's Adventure

Author: kitty

Filed in: anal play, orgasm, sex, mutual masturbation

Finally Kalli is on the plane and settled into her seat. Just as she looks up, she sees the man from the lounge, and as luck would have it, his seat is next to hers. Silently she begins to ponder how much fun this flight could be and is glad she is in first class for more privacy. The flight attendant stops by her chair and asks if they would like a drink before take off, but Kalli only orders a bottle of water. The gentleman looks at Kalli then the attendant, and says he'll have to same. As he reaches for his bottle of water, he says, "I am glad to see we are on the same flight. My name is Costas, and you are?" "Kalli" is all she can manage to say as she is captivated by his dark blue eyes and shakes his hand.

After the usual take off procedures and the plane is off the ground they settle in to their seats more comfortably. Kalli notices Costas taking off his jacket and carefully laying on the seat in front of him. She takes this time to kick off her heels as her skirt hikes up a little more to let Costas see her beautiful long legs. In the long hours to come, Costas engages Kalli in small talk conversation, always keeping an eye on her breasts. Kalli discovers that Costas is returning home to his villa and asks more about Kalli's plans. She simply tells him that she is going to Kythera to totally relax and de-stress her body for a month. Bringing his right index finger to his lips, he smiles, he says, "I find it interesting that you chose such a place. Most visitors stay on one of the bigger islands or in Athens. Why did you choose Kythera?" "Oh that was easy," she replied, "I know that there are only locals there and my family is originally from there. I want to see where I am from." Costas only nods his head in agreement and ponders where she is staying so he might be able to help her during her stay.

Finally, they are a few hours into the flight and the movie is about to start. The attendant closes all the window shades and hands out the headphones. Kalli glances over to Costas and smiles, knowing this is the perfect opportunity she was waiting for. Ever since she first met this man, she has thought about what his touch is like; his kiss upon her skin; and the strength he could have over her. As the movie starts, Kalli feels his hand over on her thigh, gently caressing her skin, already melting her under his touch. He chuckles, knowing he has her attention. Slowly, he takes his hand and reaches for the warm wet spot between her thighs, and he is not surprised at how wet she is. He leans over to whisper in her ear, “Spread your lips for me,” and in no time she complies, eager to find out what is next. Gently, a finger starts to rub around her clit, making Kalli move a little in her seat.

Costas watches her chest moving up and down at a slightly faster pace as he continues to play with her clit and slides a finger inside her hot pussy. As quietly as she can, Kalli lets out a soft moan of approval, pushing her hips forward so his finger will go in deeper. Swiftly, he takes a hold of her thigh and props her leg over his to widen the opening and puts another finger inside her, only to find her g-spot as he starts to move his fingers in and out in a regular motion. Kalli can feel her temperature rising and decides to see for herself just how hard his cock is. She unzips his pants and joyously finds nothing between the zipper and his warm cock, which is very hard already, bringing a smile upon her face.

Costas stops his hand for a moment, takes his fingers out of her pussy and tells Kalli to sit facing him with her legs spread over his lap. A look of surprise comes across her face, not caring who sees what they are doing on the plane. Kalli pushes her tiny skirt up to her hips completely and places one leg on each side of his legs. After waiting for Kalli to be in position, Costas takes his wet fingers and quickly thrusts them into her dripping pussy again. He makes sure his fingers are coated with her juices then in one swift move, takes them and buries them deep in her ass without any warning. She moans suddenly, but starts to ride his fingers so they stay buried deep in her ass. He can feel Kalli’s desire to orgasm rise, but doesn’t show any signs of stopping to finger fuck her ass.

With Kalli facing Costas, he uses his free hand to unbutton her blouse and takes a nipple into his mouth. She tosses her head back as he continues to please her, not knowing how much more she can take. Teasing her nipple with his tongue she smiles and rides him a little faster, bringing herself closer to orgasm. Feeling her reactions, he softly bites down on the nipple, making her moan with delight. Suddenly, Costas tells Kalli to stop for a moment and he pulls his fingers from her tight ass. After slightly repositioning himself, Costas takes hold of his cock and starts to rub it along Kalli's slit, telling her to part her lips for him, which she does. Slowly, he rubs his hard cock up and down her clit, teasing her just enough, then in one motion he pulls Kalli up just a bit by her hips to slam her down onto his cock deep into her wet pussy. Kalli lets out a moan and smiles and begins to ride him. He tells her to go slow at first until he says otherwise.

Kalli starts to ride Costa's cock faster as he guides her by her hips. She is enjoying herself and can tell that Costa is close to orgasm too. Feeling her need rise higher, he takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks hard to bring it to its full size quickly and bites down lightly. Kalli moans and bends over to whisper in his ear, "I want to cum with you at the same time, make me." Without any more encouragement, Costa moves her up and down his cock faster and faster while still holding onto her nipple in his mouth. With one hard and long thrust, he starts to cum and Kalli follows right after. Both of them are so out of breath since they allowed their orgasms to build for too long, but they smile as they finally get their release.

When Costas feels that Kalli is starting to come down he does a surprising move and only slightly lifts her only to put his cock, which is still semi hard deep into her ass. Happily surprised, she looks up at him, smiles, and starts to ride him so every inch goes into her tight ass. It doesn't take long for his cock to get fully hard again and thoroughly enjoys her tight ass as it squeezes his cock. She tells him, fuck me hard and cum for me. He only takes another minute, and gladly gives her what she wants. Now, feeling totally satisfied, Kalli gets off Costa's lap and falls into her seat. She catches her breath and lets him know that she couldn't be happier at this moment. Just then the movie credits show on the screen and the cabin lights come back on. The captain announces the meal will be served shortly and the attendants will be gathering the earphones and taking drink orders. Kalli excuses herself and goes to the ladies bathroom to freshen up a bit and reapply her makeup after splashing a bit of cold water upon her face.

During dinner, they both sit quietly making small talk. Costas asks Kalli what she plans to do while on the island. She tells him she has rented a villa and really wants to enjoy the county. She has made plans to go scuba diving at least 3 days a week, which will also include a day of sea fishing in open water. Kalli mentions that her Yia-Yia's family is buried on top of a hill overlooking the water and wishes to see what once belonged to them. She asks Costas where he lives, and chuckles when he tells her Kytheria. His family has a large vineyard and olive grove on the south side of the island. Costas offers to show Kalli around and invites her to visit his home at any time during her stay. He promises to give her some olives, olive oil and wine to ship home for later. Just then the attendant announces over the loud speaker that within thirty minutes the plane will be landing in Athens and thanked all the passengers with the usual closing announcements. While Costas wasn't looking, Kalli glanced over to him, and silently wondered what was in store for her and her Greek god.

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