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Ebony's G Spot

Author: ChocletRN

Filed in: public play, strangers

The G spot was the hottest strip club in town.  Going to the strip club was usually her Daddy’s idea.  But being the submissive she was Ebony loved watching the women in the strip club perform.  The fantasies they gave her were never ending.  Her Daddy knew that about her and loved her reaction every time they went.  He especially loved watching his little one in the VIP rooms getting lap dances and the other perks that came with it.  He knew she enjoyed the club sometimes more than he did.    

It was her Daddy’s birthday and her question of what he wanted the most was met with a quick answer, a trip to the G spot.  This was their favorite strip club but she wasn’t sure how this could be anything special for his birthday.  Even though Ebony wasn’t sure, she could never deny her Daddy anything.  She got dressed for the club making sure everything including her outfit was awesome.  Ebony loved dressing for her Daddy because he always reminded her how beautiful she was in and out of clothing.  Tonight she wore her black mini skirt, as usual no panties, and her black soft knit sweater.  Ebony and her Daddy loved the way the sweater clung to her body showing off her large breast.They arrived at the club where they were shown to their usual spot.  Looking around Ebony’s eyes were fixed on the girl on stage working the pole.  They had played together before.  She was caught completely off guard when her Daddy told her it was time for her to give him his gift.  Ebony didn’t know her Daddy wanted to receive his gift at the club and the look on her face showed it.  Bailing her out her Daddy explained that he wasn’t referring to that gift he meant the gift he set up for himself.  She was the most important piece of that gift.    With that Ebony’s Daddy led her to the locked VIP room of the club.  Using the key he made his way inside.  Once in the room Ebony’s Daddy led her to the table in the middle of the room.  Standing behind her he whispered in her ear asking her who she belonged to.  She quietly replied she belonged to him.  He told her no matter what she was his property forever.  She always got excited when her Daddy told her that.  She wasn’t sure what his gift was but she knew whatever it was and whatever it entailed in the end she was her Daddy’s property and she was here to help him celebrate his birthday.Having her Daddy whisper in her ear like that always got her excited no matter where they were at.  Before she had a chance to come down off that high Ebony was bent over the coffee table with her stomach resting on a pillow.  Her wrist and legs were tied to the coffee table.  Eyeing the gag in her Daddy’s hand she was asked if there was anything else she wanted to say before she was rendered incapable of doing so.  Her last words were Happy Birthday Daddy before she felt the gag pass her lips.  Hearing her Daddy unzip his pants only made her more excited.  She could feel his hands on her hips and could only moan through her gag as he entered her waiting wet pussy.  She could feel him going deeper and deeper with each stroke.  The pounding from behind was intense.  She could feel her juices filling her and spilling down her thighs.  She forgot that fast where they were totally lost in this moment with her Daddy.  She came closer and closer to exploding until with one quick motion her Daddy exited one hole to enter the other.  His once slow short thrust grew faster and longer until he was deeply inside.  Ebony’s moans came quicker and loader as her Daddy’s thrust came longer, harder, and faster.  Gripping the table tighter her legs began to shake as she felt her Daddy completely fill her up with his juices.  His sounds letting her know he was finished.  He swatted her on the ass telling her she was to remain like that until he made his presence known in the room.  She was not to make a sound no matter what.  Ebony lay completely still draped over the table.  Her Daddy told her she would hear two knocks on the door and the door would open.  She was not to turn around she only needed to know that whoever entered the room did so with her Daddy’s explicit permission.  That was all Ebony needed to hear.  Her Daddy blindfolded her and kissed on her cheek.  Her Daddy whispered in her ear one last time reminding her that she was his no matter what.  She heard the door open and close.  The next sound she heard was two knocks and someone entering the room.  The next thing she felt were soft hands on her thighs and then between them.  It had to be a woman the hands were very soft and very delicate.  The tongue she felt was not her Daddys’ but it felt good just the same.  She didn’t know who this person was but they were completely engrossed between her thighs sucking and licking every inch of her wet pussy.  Ebony could only moan as this person began to feverishly lick and suck causing her juices to reach that point once again.  As quickly as it began it stopped.  She was this close but the person had stopped and was gone.     

There were two more knocks at the door and then more footsteps.  This time the hands were not as delicate.  She heard a zipper being unzipped before feeling the hands move to her waist.  She was still reeling from the last visitor as she felt someone’s dick at the entrance to her pussy.  This was not her Daddy’s but she couldn’t help but give in to the feeling of needing to be completely filled at that moment.  This stranger was rougher than her Daddy had been earlier.  It was as if the person before this was simply warming her spot up before the pounding it was now taking.  This stranger’s moan though unfamiliar did nothing to stop what she felt inside.  She was again ready to explode and she couldn’t explain why.  She knew this wasn’t her Daddy but this man was taking her with such force her body couldn’t help but respond.  Like the person before him, He finished before she could get release making his way to the door and leaving.    

There were two more knocks, and Ebony was unsure of how much more of this she could take.  There was the now familiar sound of someone unzipping pants and making their way behind her.  Her pussy was throbbing and she could only moan as this next stranger was now inside her pounding harder than the last one before him.  This went on for what seemed like forever, the knocks on the door followed by someone making their way behind her to fuck her as hard and as long as they could getting her to the point and pulling out just before she had her release.  Her legs were weak as the last one left.  She lost count with how many times she heard the two knows.  She wasn’t even sure how many tongues had licked her this evening or how many dicks had pounded their way pass the entrance of her now swollen pussy.            

The last two knocks found her still bent over the table weak and on the verge of cumming.  She needed the release so bad she could feel it.  No matter how swollen she was she desperately needed that one person to get her to that point and take her through it.  She could feel the familiar hands on her waist she was in a zone and these hands felt like the familiar hands she knew.  It was confirmed as her gag was removed and the voice at her ear asked his little one if she needed to cum.  Ebony was on the verge of tears she needed it so bad.  She begged for her Daddy’s help.  He slipped into the hole that remained untouched the entire evening, the hole he had left earlier that evening.  His hands, his body, his voice, his dick, she couldn’t hold it in any longer.  Her Daddy told his little one to cum for him and she did like only he could make her.  The strokes were the slow ones that let everything out.  These were the ones that don’t rush but allow every drop of juice to be released.  She was finished and she could only attempt to gather her strength and gather her senses.  She lost complete track of where she was and when it was.Her Daddy untied her and removed her blindfold thanking her for his birthday gift.  Ebony was led from the VIP room on weak legs.  As she went back to the spot they occupied when they first arrived she could only look around the room wondering who and how many had been in that VIP room with her earlier.         

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