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Executive Negotiation

Author: Ms. janet

Filed in: love, contract, collar, commitment, renewal

An intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain he was to me…she thought as she walked up to the elevator and pushed the button.  Her presence had been requested by him in his hotel suite, and she fumbled over herself not knowing why he had summoned her after all this time had elapsed.As she stood outside of his lair, her pulse quickened, her palms became clammy, yet her sex began to openly weep with anticipation.  Signaling her arrival, she knocked on the door, and heard his footsteps approaching.  When the door opened, she immediately recalled the animalistic prow less he concealed with his cloak of power, but it was visible to her nonetheless.   With an expressionless face, he silently invited her inside.  She whisked past him, leaving the faint smell of her perfume in her wake as she did.   The room engulfed her every sense as her head snapped back and forth viewing the transformation that had obviously taken place there.   There was a mahogany desk with a high back executive chair on one side and a simple sitting chair on the other.  Two legal pads adorned its rich surface, yet, there were no writing instruments.  To her right was a small kitchen and she made mental note of the bottle of Vermouth sitting alone on the counter. Instinctively, she knew where to find its accoutrements.  Moving further into the room, her ears were seduced by their mutual taste in musical scores.  The smell of his Cuban cigar was only partially masked by the fragrance of the candles that illuminated the room with their blatant significance.  The absence of the black candle in this circle of flickering light, color and meaning, perplexed her, yet she was fully aware that she would locate it at the appropriate time.  She turned and studied the man leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, in a sideways pose.  His commanding presence spoke the words he did not.  Once again she whisked past him.  Her curiosity causing her to do so.  As her foot stepped upon the first step of the staircase, she heard his voice for the first time in months.  “Do not go where you have yet to be invited”.  Before he walked away, he added, “Join me in my office please, we have much work to do here tonight, and I am eager to begin”.  She backed away from the staircase and watched him exit the room.  Pausing only to collect her briefcase from the entrance hall before she joined him there, she observed his preparations for their meeting.  His briefcase now lay open on the desk, and she placed hers next to it, and then took her place in the straight back chair across from him. “How may I be of assistance to you Sir?”  She posed.   He looked up from his paperwork shuffling and spoke softly, yet with an unmistakable tone of disappointment. “You physically tremble in my presence dear girl, and in doing so, it makes you forgetful of your service to me.  It would appear that I have nothing to quench my thirst.”  She rose from the chair and his eyes followed her departure into the kitchen.  Knowing his attention to detail was as meticulous as her own; she opened the freezer door, retrieved the frozen glass, and his favorite bottle of gin that was resting alongside it.  The glass, frosting immediately in the warmth of the room, made her realize that she must prepare his drink quickly, yet paused and looked at the Bombay Sapphire Blue gin bottle….the exact color of his eyes, she thought.   The contrast of his eyes against his dark features had never failed to give her pause.  Such intensity he harbored there.  A splash of the vermouth, a two finger pour of his gin, and three queen olives speared on a toothpick, completed the presentation, and she approached him once again.  “Your drink Sir”.   Never looking up, he said, “thank you my dear, please take your seat and we shall begin”.  When she sat back down across him, she noticed her briefcase had been removed from the desk; the second legal pad was now absent, and in front of her was something, that at first glance, appeared to be a legal brief.  He snapped his briefcase shut and placed it on the floor next to him.  Reaching across the desk, he turned the paper in front of her face down, retrieved his drink, leaned back in his chair and began his dissertation.“Thank you for joining me here tonight.  Your presence greatly pleases me as I have missed you during my extended business travels.  I know my physical absence as well as my lack of communication has caused you great anxiety, and sadness; for that, I apologize, yet it was necessary for your safety as well as my own.”  She shifted uncomfortably in her chair and looked away. Taking a moment to collect herself, she looked into the eyes of the man who had once again captured her very soul, and communicated her acquiescence to him, but silently.  He began to speak again and she did not dare to look away.  “I know I left you abruptly, with little to no explanation, and have no intention of defining it now for it is past and cannot be changed.  The fact that you are here tonight communicates to me that you are of likewise opinion and just as eager to begin again, as am I.  Would my presumptions be correct?”  “Yes, Sir they are.  I have missed you terribly and prayed for your safety each and every day.  I never knew that another person could touch you so deeply that time nor distance could remove them from your heart or soul.  So much has happened while you where away, yet it all seems unimportant in the grander scheme of things.  You are larger than life to me and while as a man I hold you in high regard and repose you without limits, I have predilections that only you can satisfy as my lover.”  That having been said, she noticed he had finished the first of his 3 drink maximum.  Using that as her cue to take a moment’s break from their verbal exchange, she gently removed the glass from his hand and went to prepare him another.  “Now that we seem to have solved our imbroglio, it is time to renegotiate our relationship as well as the roles we each play therein.   I have taken the liberty of preparing a ‘contract’ of sorts for your review and consideration.  When you are ready, you may turn it over and begin the process” With that, he got up from the desk and left the room.  As she stared at the paper before her, she wondered if it would contain a didactic or a passionate articulation of the absolute subjugation he demanded.  With trembling hands, she slides the paper towards her and began to read his unfettered repertoire.  The words he had written aroused her body from its frozen state and her mind from its sleeping hunger.  She intrinsically knew they were like wine to the others thirst; she intended to drink deeply and heartily from his reservoir of arresting passion.“Sir, Sir?!”  She cried out as she attempted to rise from her chair, only to feel his hand on her shoulder guiding her back into it.  “Yes, my dear” he whispered into her right ear.  “Is there something contained in the contract you wish to discuss or alter in some fashion?”     He said as he walked from behind her and sat back down in his chair.  Her chin buried against her chest and her eyes closed, she knew that life as she previously had known it was over and asked him for the instrument in which to seal the deal.  “Look at me, my sweet pet” he said, running his index finger down the bridge of her nose.   She looked up at him and tried to thank him but he placed a finger to her lips to silence her.  “Shh….”  “If you truly desire to dance in my inner circle, then you must understand that I am the King of my jungle and will rule it accordingly.  If you do, then a writing instrument is not required to ‘seal the deal’ only that you are obedient, respectful and dutiful to me and my whims are all that I require. “She responded by rising from her chair and joining him on the other side of the desk.  Kneeling before him she pulled the clip from her hair and allowed her long red locks to fall freely around her face and down her back.   Locking her arms in the correct protocol, and with downcast eyes, she spoke to him…”Thank you for finding pleasure in me Sir, and inviting me once again, into your inner circle.  You are a delicious lover that intoxicates me with an animal hunger.  Agonizing anticipation washes over me as you continue to tug at the cork which has held my erotic soul in check.  I feel the intersection of the flames vaporize any shadow of resistance left between the desire and yielding to it.  I am but a new hatchling that is just attempting to fly under your direction.  With each mis-flight the determination gets stronger and stronger until the bird soars to heights previously thought unattainable.  There is more in each of us than we ever really know.  If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.  With the eloquence of poetry, you have touched a place in me that I was unaware even existed, and I wish to explore it deeper with you.  I hereby grant you my submission Sir.”  Pulling her into a standing position and undressing her as he spoke, “And I hereby accept it as the gift that it is.  What marks should I now make upon your skin, sweet sub?  What branding of possession or exquisite blood red glow of warming pain?  For your body is indeed a canvas, but so much more so is your sexual soul, and it is there that I will focus my attentions.; on those inner fears and electric expectations,   teasing them to the point of excruciating delight and frustration before I bring you relief in boundless waves.  Grasping your hair tightly, forcing your gaze as well as your thoughts, until you cry out from the depths of submission and your heart laid bare in loving devotion that you are indeed mine”  As his voice trailed off almost in a whisper, she stood naked before him, and draped herself over his lap as an offering or pledge.  Lightly he stroked her hair and the length of her back over her bottom and down her leg to her tiny feet.  “Bend over the desk my dear”   As she did as he requested, her heart raced in erotic torture, yet shamelessly courting his hand and what he held in it.  A part of her wanted the spanking to go on and on until she was completely consumed, barely a cinder remaining of the tough, in control woman she had been.  The rest was centered on the emptiness at the center of the glowing coals, the emptiness that shaped itself to fit the same impressive cock that was poking at her from within his trousers.  When he was finished, he laid her back across his lap.  She was spent from the spirited and robust spanking she had just received, and he summoned her from her mental powerlessness.  “You may now thank me for your acceptance” She turned and looked at him over her shoulder with eyes smoldering from the suppressed excitement, and slithered languidly off his lap.  As she was kneeling there before him, he absorbed her again, her mind, her physical presence.  How he had longed for the touch of those hands on his body while he had been away.  She reached to strip open his belt and mewled as the key that would unlock her was revealed.  His cock reared hungrily like an impatient animal ready for the kill; she gazed at it and licked her lips sensuously.  A practiced and talented felatrice, her feathery fingers stroked his cock.  Her tongue was like magic as she sucked him, licking the length of him, her fingers stroking his balls, her mouth sliding up and down, then in circular motions and finally reaching the very tip, where it flicked teasingly until he was near screaming.  The granite hardness of his cock tickled the back of her throat, as it conjured up a portrait of a fist of steel in a velvet glove.  Her reward was in tasting the liquid fire she had helped to build within him.  She laid her head in his lap and was enjoying this moment of closeness when he said, “Kneel here and wait.”  He then rose from his chair and went upstairs.  She heard him running the bath water and she smiled.  He took his place before her again, took her chin in his hand and kissed her passionately.  “Our night has just begun my feisty lioness.  You are now invited upstairs where you will find a hot bath to soothe your body, and a prominent display of what I intend to do to it later.  Now go, you’ll know what to do.” Almost subliminally she ascended the staircase to her future…At the top of the stairs she was greeted by the soft glow of candles surrounding her bath.  She walked into the bedroom and was left speechless.  There were black ropes hanging from the wall, chains on the bed and even his chair, complete with that which to rest his feet.  He was every bit the Kingly Lion he purported to be when he sat in his Throne.  She relished his power when he was there, yet it was what was under the ottoman that scared her.  Noticing the unlit candles littered about, she took to the task of lighting them, however, out of true submission, she only illuminated the black one knowing that her Master would bring her into the light.   Taking one last glance at the room, she went to prepare herself for what lay ahead.  Moments later he appeared in the doorway with a glass of wine to relax with in her bath.  “Are you sure you are ready for this my pet?”  “Yes, Sir” she said in a throaty whisper.  “Excellent.”  He growled under his breath and left her to her privacy.     When she walked into the bedroom, all the other candles had been lit, and there he sat; on his throne drinking his third and last drink, smoking a cigar.  A picture is surly worth a thousand words.  She approached him and dropped her towel, allowing her vulnerability to be on open display.  He studied the curves of her body and her incandescent skin against the backdrop of the candles.  “Kneel down” as she did so, she felt the leather engulf her neck and heard the click of the lock.  “Now, you are naked” He growled.  He helped her to stand and escorted her to the wall were the ropes hung.  Slowly he began tying and untying knots, lacing her to the wall as he did.  She was completely immobile and started to struggle feverously.  “You cannot get free, there is no need in struggling so”    he said with his deep, Southern draw.  She felt the fingers of love begin their dance of seduction across her back and became very still.  Oh how she loved the way he flogged her.  How alive she was under his commanding hands.  The way he touched and teased her was overwhelming at times.  He was inflaming her and whetting her appetite for yet more.  He untied her from the wall and had her sit on the ottoman while he placed the leather restraints on her wrists and ankles.  Supplanted by a rain of kisses, and fond caresses, left her feeling cherished and vulnerable or perhaps cherished for her vulnerability.  She knew what came next and looked at him with contained tension.She rose from the ottoman and backed away as he pushed it aside revealing what it had once concealed.  With fear and trembling she saw the bar that had been bolted to the floor.  As he began to pull the ropes through the eye bolts and then through her various restraints, an arousing helplessness washed over her yet her expression showed her hunger.  He knew her trepidation would leave her as soon as she surrendered all to him.  The final rope passed through the D ring in her collar and now he was holding three ropes in his hand.  He sat down in his chair and instructed her to kneel.   As each section of rope was pulled, it brought her closer and closer to the floor until finally her forehead rested there.  He watched her intently as he proved his place in her jungle and simply stated, “Under new management”.

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