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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Dance of the Veil

Author: luna

Filed in: music, desire, slave, dance, veil, need

The slave rises carefully from his lap, her soft body standing before her Master, her breasts glowing in the light, a girl's short flowing skirt shimmering gold, the small bells on her ankles ringing melodically, she reaches with delicate movements for the veil she wore in her hair today, pulls it from her brown curls and swirls it with both hands gently in front of her, her image blurred before her Master as she smiles softly, lowers her head in respect.

She steps out across the room, long strong legs leading her to make swirls and dips, crossing one in front of the other, her hair bouncing sweetly, she lightly flicks her left hand up and out, dainty fingers pointed, the veil fluttering around and behind her as her right hand clings to the sheer fabric, a smile played out across her lips, a look of delight in her blue eyes, as she displays herself and the scarf to the room.

The girl stops in front of her Master, her eyes looking into His lovingly, she fingers the veil's edge, raises it high above her head to show the veil is very lengthy, her other hand sliding down it to the other end, and takes one step in to her Master, close enough to touch, a glint of excitement in her face as she offers one end of the veil to her Master.

(He reaches out to accept it.)

The slave smiles with delight at her Master's acceptance of her veil, she steps to stretch the length of the veil, her hips now swaying invitingly, her body taken with deep sways, her right arm free from the veil reaches to her breasts, touching them in offering, her nipples hardening with the caress, she slides her fingertips down her soft belly and then down, the arm fingering the veil held outstretched, her eyes fixed on her Master, the look of smoldering fire, and expressive abandon.

The girl raises her right hand high above her, her head cradled in the curve of her elbow, she closes soft lashed eyes, her body swaying, her feet rocking on heels, the bells ringing in the room, she lingeringly lowers her arm to caress her dark mane, the soft flesh of her blushing cheek, down to finger her blue collar, her eyes fly open, a look of lustful abandon, she looks down at the length of veil in front of her.

The Dancer then lifts her left hand and the veil up, almost eye level and with swift, soft movements, twirls into the veil, wrapping it about her neck once, her ankle bells ringing wildly as her feet pad on the floor, lifting graceful legs, she dances at veil's length, her eyes on her Master, both hands now free to caress her nakedness, they snake along her sides and across her belly, lower to her heat, a moan escapes her mouth and her head dips back, the blanket of curls cascading behind her.

She begins fingers the soft gold fabric of her skirts, her need expressed with wanton fingers as they creep and pull the fabric up her thighs, caressing her soft creamy flesh beneath, her breathing ragged, her head turning up and fixing upon her Master once more, she bends forward, a girl's breasts swaying from her body, full, and succulent, fingers sliding back up her form to cradle them, then reaching up to the veil at her throat. The girl reaches with tender fingers she holds the veil and turns on her toes once more, wrapping more of the veil about her, bringing her an arms reach from her Master, she locks her eyes to His, her luscious lips parted, tongue tracing them, her hands slide to move a lock of hair from her face, then trace her curves down her body, stopping to playfully flick her breasts, a moan slipping from her lips once more, her desire blushing her face.

She reaches out to finger the veil before her, so close to her Master now, she can feel his heat, the grasp on the veil firm, yet inviting, she moves to bend and sway, feet dancing with singing bells on her ankles, she lowers her head, her gentle hands dropping to her sides, the pulse of the bells a rhythm of desire, she raises her right hand up to grasp her end of the veil.

The slave bends at the knees for a moment, then with a swirl of skirts, she spins away from her Master, the veil unwrapping itself from her neck, her bells ringing as her feet pad softly across the floor, her long legs pointing and turning with her body, she finds the end of the veil and stops, feet quieted, eyes down cast, she slowly lowers herself to her knees, caressing her cheek with her free hand.

She looks deeply into her soul, then up to the Man that own her, her passions still hot within her, and moves to crawl to her Master, hips swing gracefully as she creeps to her Master's feet, her breath in quick short pants, as palms touch the floor in each step, to lift the veil and bring it with her.

The girl arrives at Master's feet, rising from her hands, she kneels, knees spread wide, her back arched slightly, hair falling around her face, and she rests her hands on her thighs, slowly quieting her breaths, eyes downcast, her body dusted with sweat from her dance.

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