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Online BDSM Dictionary

Author: Author Unknown

Filed in: online, definitions

The noise made by the keys as they are tapped to spell out 'whip'.

:::Kneeling quietly:::
What subs post to remind their Masters or Mistresses that they are still online.

:::12" shaft of Blue Steel:::
A 6" hard-on.

what one uses when one is tired of typing.

I'm cumming too hard to hit any other keys.

Husband/wife is home, talk like we are "pals" ok?

:::"Not acting very submissive":::
"Hmmm...this sub has both a brain and an opinion...could be dangerous - she might figure out I don't have a clue as to what the fuck I'm doing."

:::sex or heat:::
Used to refer to female anatomy when someone really wants to say cunt, but is pretending to be a Lady.

:::"Oh, I see":::
You're completely nuts, how can I get away from you!!

"She/he is mine so piss off...."

:::"Would you serve me a drink":::
I really want to see your ass wobble seductively.

Having to tell your Mistress the password to all your rooms.

:::"Hi, I'm new here!":::
You've been here for a few years but are trying out a new persona.

:::"Would you like to chat sometime?":::
"I really want to get into your pants."

:::"Yes, I'd love to chat with you!":::
You're going to score

:::"A wannabe":::
A term that subs/slaves apply to males they are not interested in.

The People Who get to sit in chairs or sofas

The ones who have to kneel on various items (e.g. rugs, floorboards, pillows)

:::"Are you spoken for?":::
"If I make a move on you will I get flamed?"

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