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Leash Laws: The Basics of Leash Training

Author: Norische

Filed in: training, leash

The fantasy of the leash, when someone is on a leash they enter a fantasy world, created within the boundaries of their own mind. Somewhere within the recesses of the deep dark catacombs of their mind, they find themselves wandering freely, chained to that which they treasure most. It is like hovering on the brink of subspace, with each tug on the leash they float just a little higher; with each breath they fight the euphoria that threatens to overtake them and rescue them from the reality of the moment.

What is the meaning of a leash to a slave? A leash is security; it allows the slave/sub to know exactly where the Dominant is and gives them a sense of safety. A leash is a sign of ownership; with a leash on, a slave/sub knows their place and it is a continuous reminder of the relationship they hold so dear. A leash is a safety net; without the leash the slave/sub is forced to deal with the horrible realities of freedom. With a leash on there are no doubts; the outside world knows beyond a shadow of a doubt who is owned and who owns them. There are no pretences of false modesty, unlike with a collar; it cannot be hidden within the delicate fold of one\'s clothing. A leash encourages focus; a slave must focus on the movements and actions of the Dominant in order to avoid injury to him or herself, or inconvenience the Dominant.

Leash Training

Leash training is as important for the Dominant as it is for the slave/sub. Without the proper training a slave/sub can get injured quite easily. A sudden jerk on a leash can off balance the slave/sub causing them to fall, and perhaps injure themselves. In busy public places there is always a chance that somehow the leash will go unnoticed and someone will inevitably attempt to walk between the slave/sub and the Dominant…so it is best not to allow others to forget that the leash exists, you do this by presentation. Your appearance and movements should be calculated and precise so as to leave no doubts as the existence of the leash.

How To Use A Leash

There are several ways to attach a leash, each with its own benefits and detriments.

Collar Attachment:

When a leash is attached to the collar it is very visible and hence less likely for someone to attempt to walk in between owner and owned. It does however have certain risks; for instance, if the owner jerks to hard on the leash it may cause an injury to the neck or throat, it may also cause the slave/sub to loose balance and fall. Remember when you use a collar leash you need to make sure that the leash is long enough for the slave to stay about two feet behind you, I normally suggest at least a 24 inch if not 36 inch leash for this type of arrangement. Also make sure that the weight of the chain is not too much as to put a strain on the neck, but you definitely want it strong enough to give a little tug every now and then with out breaking.

Wrist Attachment:

When you have the slave cuffed it is always an interesting twist to add a little chain to the arrangement. A nice shiny steel dog chain works great, preferably 24 inches, but you can use a little longer even though it isn\'t necessary. Since there is more flexibility in the arms and wrists there is less chance of damage to the slave, although jerking too hard can sprain a wrist or even dislocate the wrist.

Waist or Torso Attachment:

If you have a harness on the slave it is easy to attach a leash to the front of the harness. A waist or torso harness is very easy to work with, and it is rather hard to cause injury using this type of arrangement. Also with this little arrangement you can secure someone\'s hands behind their back and lead then with the leash, this does make for an interesting adventure. If you have someone that likes playing puppy this is actually a good solution, a chest harness and a leash with hands secured behind the back, this will force the individual to use their mouth for a lot of things that they had previously used their hands for. A word of warning, when you have someone\'s hands secured behind them they have no way to break their fall should they trip, hence caution should be exercised.

Penis Attachment:

While wandering through the Internet I found an interesting little item, a penis leash. There is a harness that goes around the penis and testicles, and the leash is secured to this interesting little apparatus. Now I must say that the idea is wonderful, however this is not a practical leash when in crowds, or if there is a possibility of someone bumping you or coming in between the owner and owned, a sudden jerk of the leash can cause an extended recess from activities, let alone the desperate need to cry.

Piercing Attachment:

Now before I say much on this I must say….oooowww! I actually saw one Mistress had a leash attached to her slave\'s Prince Albert and was leading him around by the delicate ring protruding from his penis. I must say the idea is interesting but one little tug on that leash and the boy would have changed religions right there and then. I have also seen a leash attached to a chain strung between two nipple rings, and one attached to a series of labia piercings. Any time you use this type of lead make absolute sure that you are willing to loose whatever piece of anatomy the leash is attached to. If you wish someone to pay extreme attention to you, then this is an excellent way to encourage absolute obedience. I will end this little section by saying….oooowwww!

Safety Tips

1. Always make sure the length of leash you use is appropriate length. Too short will make mobility limited at best, too long will make it far too tempting for someone to walk in between you.
2. Never use a leash with a choke collar; even in training it is not a safe thing to do. It is far too easy to crush the larynx out of carelessness. Also when you use a choke collar you run the risk of giving a nasty pinch at the most inconvenient moment and leave a nasty blister as a reminder.
3. When you use a slip leash you need to make sure that you do not keep the tension to tight and cut off circulation.
4. When you are leading someone, make sure you are aware of where they are at all times, do not move quickly or tug on the leash unnecessarily, accidents may happen but it is best not to encourage them.
5. Don\'t use a leash that is too heavy for the job intended. For a body harness or torso harness or even with wrist cuffs you may use a larger more substantial leash. For a collar leash you will want to use a medium weight leash. If you wish to use a leash with a piercing you will wish to use a delicate, lighter weight leash.

There are several different types of leashes, from chain, to leather, to nylon or even matching collar and leash sets. Every one of them is unique and it is fun to explore each one. Leather leashes have little to no flexibility, chain may pinch if one is not careful, nylon tends to have too much give to it, and the retractable ones well lets just say….no.

Walking With A Leash

When walking with a leash the Dominant should use their writing hand (or dominant hand) to hold the leash, it is normally the stronger of the two hands and therefore the individual will have more control over that hand. The slave/sub should stay slightly to the side and about two steps behind the Dominant, if the length of the leash permits. A slave/sub should never take their eyes off the Dominant, just as following too far away can be a pain, following too close can be a nuisance as well; keep up with the Dominant but do not crowd them. Do not fear the leash, learn to work with it and you will learn to love it.

Advanced Training

As you get better at working with a leash there are some very basic techniques that may be added.

1. Firm pressure applied downward on the leash indicates the command, "Down!" or "Kneel!" which ever is preferred.
2. Firm pressure applied upward on the leash indicated the command "UP!".
3. A quick commanding jerk towards the Dominant on the leash indicates the command "Come".
4. Several slight jerks to the front indicate that the Dominant wishes the slave/sub to take the lead, or precede him or her, such as when going through a door.
5. Raising the hand with the leash in it, with the palm open and facing front indicates the command "Stop!".
6. Lowering the hand with the leash in it, palm aimed at the floor indicates the command "Stay!"
7. Lowering the hand with the leash in it, with two fingers extended pointing to the ground, indicates the command "Heal".

Walking with a leash, or being lead by leash is a very humbling experience, and one that I think every slave/sub should have at one time or another. It is dreamt of by some and dreaded by others, but the experience will be remembered no matter how one feels about it.

Although the use of a leash sounds easy it is not, I mean you have walked several dogs in your lifetime, how can a human be that much different. Walking a human is very different than walking a dog, to do so well requires experience and conscious thought. Understand the nuisance of a leash, how each tug affects the slave/sub, and how to guide without saying a word.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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