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Things To Know about Training a Slave

Author: Author Unknown

Filed in: training, slavery

1. Know what you want. A master must be able to inspire confidence in others because he or she knows what they want, which implies that you know yourself and have scoped out what you want your slave to be and to do. You are going to have to share your fantasy master/slave relationship with your prospects anyway, so this first step in training must happen if you want to find someone to agree to help you achieve your goals.

I wrote my expectations out, refining them over weeks and then years until it was fairly comprehensive. Putting your fantasy on paper will help you to know it, and share it better. Be careful, though, since what is written will seldom, if ever, become what is lived. It is only a tool, and has neither the power of law nor scripture. Let it live, grow and change with you and your understanding of what you really want.

2. Understand the real dynamic. Master/slave relationships are best built on principles, not rules and regulations. Getting someone to do something, for instance, works in the short run, getting them to obey is better for the long term. If you pile high the rules they will stifle both of you and be quickly discarded anyway. Well thought-out principles, on the other hand, will stand the test of time.

Remember, too, that things are always what they appear to be. What is he or she thinking? What is not being said? What are the underlying issues that are affecting your relationship? When it comes to relationships, superficiality is our worse enemy. The real dynamic here is that this is a relationship not a scene and if you treat it as a scene, it will be over in the morning.

3. Inspire. Assuming that you have found the right person, which is not easy and assumptions are dangerous, you and he or she have to agree that what you want is what both of you want. Together you must come to a mutually-shared vision of what it means to be a master, a slave, and a master and slave in relationship with each other.

It's for that reason that knowing what you want is so important, since the vision you have you must be able to share. Slaves, of course, have the same responsibility. Their task, really, is to find a master who will understand their vision for life and own it as his own as well. Returning to the idea of dynamic, each is going to empower the other to attain their own goals.

4. Communicate your desires. This step covers both the grand picture and the devil that is in the details. What does it mean to clean the bathroom? How clean do you want it and what will it look like when it is cleaned to your satisfaction? How should the slave stand? More importantly, why does the master want the slave to stand that way?

Share your desires from their depths. Give reasons, purposes, and explanations to the best of your ability as to why you want such and such done in a certain way. Let them know what you're thinking, feeling, and desiring and why this certain detail is so important. If it's not important then get over it and let it go.

5. Teach technique. Never let a teachable moment pass without sharing the lesson. Remind the slave as to what is needed on his or her part. Say helpful things like "Breathe. It'll make the pain less intense, This is the way I like my drink mixed." Unless you give clear instructions you will never get what you want. The master is required to communicate his or her desires. Masters who expect their submissives to be mind readers are asking for failure.

6. Reward often. The master/slave relationship, like all other relationships, is a two-way street. Both of you have to find pleasure in it. Unless the slave realizes real benefits from his or her service to you, there will be no incentive to continue. Reward verbally, especially when it's least expected. Praise often. Use small gestures, touches, and phrases to slip in compliments and thanks often. Pat his or her ass. Tell him he's done a good job. Say you liked what you liked.

Allow them their pleasures as well, be it sexual release or cuddle time or a fancy dinner out. Give to them liberally and they will return your gift with love and devotion.

7. Communicate your feelings. I really do have to emphasize the mind-reading problem. Not only is it imperative to reward verbally, but it is equally necessary to let your slave know what is wrong and what behaviors you wished changed. Be careful not to do so in anger. Instead establish regular times when you can both discuss the relationship and how each of your needs can be met. The "your" in the last sentence is plural.

Both of you have needs and all of them need to be addressed, if not satisfied.

8. Explain when you train. We are dealing with humans here, folks. Though there is a component of training that can be rote, giving reasons will both reinforce the activity and make it more meaningful to the slave. This step could also be written as "Train holistically." Let your training include the mind as well as the spirit and the body and every other aspect of human life.

9. Punish when necessary. Punishment is never to be done for pleasure. You can take your sadistic pleasure anytime you want. Punishment is meant to be disincentive to repetition of the activity. Make it fit the crime, so to speak and make it rather immediate. Once administered let it be done, and done forever. Never punish in anger. If you're angry, figure out why and let your anger be channeled somewhere else in a constructive way.

10. Show and share your pride. Let others know how happy you are with your property. It is a high form of praise and an excellent reward. Yes, they will blush but will be pleased anyway. Believe me, slaves need to be pleased. In fact without giving them their share of pleasure there will be no slavery. Without slavery, there will be no master.

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