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Essay Collection

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Essays by David Stein

Doing It Yourself by David Stein
Filed in: how-to, bondage

"Self-bondage" may seem like a contradiction in terms -- after all, if you tie yourself up, you'd better be able to un-tie yourself, meaning that you'll have to stay in control and won't be [...]

Strict Self-Bondage by David Stein
Filed in: bondage

If nothing else, self-bondage has the advantage (as an anonymous wit once said of masturbation) that you don't have to look your best. You needn't impress or arouse anyone else. You can do it when you[...]

What a slave needs... by David Stein
Filed in: slavery

Some late-night thoughts i felt were worth sharing: Slaves, and those who seek to be slaves, are constantly advised not to be self-centered and not to focus on our needs and desires but rather those o[...]