We had agreed that our first time together would special, and different than I had ever experienced before. My heart was racing as I drove to His home. Visions of last week’s meeting flashed before my eyes. We met at a café in town, just a casual affair to" /> First Flame by luna | The Iron Gate

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First Flame

Author: luna

Filed in: wax play, fantasy, inspection, play piercing

bottom: 0in">We had agreed that our first time together would special, and different than I had ever experienced before. My heart was racing as I drove to His home. Visions of last week’s meeting flashed before my eyes. We met at a café in town, just a casual affair to negotiate my limits and the terms under which I would serve Him. From the moment I saw Him I knew He would be the one to control my heart, body and soul. He carried such a commanding presence about Him, it radiated like sunshine from His body. His voice was smooth and comforting, a very calming effect on my body.

We spoke for hours about anything and everything, how I was to care for my body; shaving all my body hair from my head down, how I was to dress; always available for Him. I began to tell Him my desires and fantasies, things I never thought I would tell another soul. He listened like I meant everything to Him, hanging on every word. I told Him how I love to be tied up, and couldn’t explain why it turned me on so much when I was blindfolded while making love. I recounted the stories of being lightly spanked and asking to be spanked harder because something inside me said it was pleasant and felt so good. I told Him of my fantasies of surrendering all control over my body to one person, for the pleasure of that person. I told him of my desire to try anal sex, the naughty thoughts of multiple partners and forced service. The words just kept pouring out of me, and He was eating it all up. Four hours we sat at that table sipping our coffee and conversing. He expressed the desire to see me, and without a thought I answered yes. I was mesmerized.


I arrive at His home just a bit earlier than the appointed time. Shaking, I let myself in, and walk quietly to the room I had only been in once before a week earlier. Placing my hand on the silver knob, my breath stops in my throat and I swallow hard. My mind prepares itself for my new journey, the first step through this door. Opening the door, I am plunged into darkness except for one spotlight shinning directly on a high backed chair in the center of the room. My heart stops in my chest. This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire life, the time I shed my past and emerge a new person, a submissive. As I cautiously approach I see there is a slip of paper lying on the seat, and bend to pick it up. Fluttering in my hand from my nervous fingers, the paper thin as parchment, smooth as onion skin, I look upon His words. In my Master’s scrawl I read:

“Welcome little one. Please remove your clothing and sit here. Wait for me. Do NOT get up.

My nerves begin to cause my hand to shake and I drop the paper. Looking around the floor at my feet, I pick it up and place it back on the seat. I stand frozen, looking at the words. I think hard on my decision, I could walk out that door now, but part of me is pleading not to go, that I must find myself. This is the place where my true self begins to form. I finger my blouse, realizing that the time we had agreed upon is almost upon me. I take a deep breath, rapidly repeating in my mind, “I can do this, this is my dream.” I quickly remove my clothes, trying to calm my nerves and my heart. I place them in a pile, neatly folded, under the chair. Picking up the note once more, I slowly lower myself to the chair, gasping when my naked behind touches the cool hard surface. Folding my hands in my lap, still clutching the note, I wait. The heat of the spot lamp warms me and soothes my trembling heart. My eyes close softly as I bathe in the light.

I don’t have to wait long, for shortly after I think I have calmed my nerves just enough, I hear the door open behind me.

“Do not turn around, my sweet.”

I freeze and clutch the precious paper in my lap. I hear Him approach softly from behind, his footsteps muffled but constant. I can feel Him standing behind me, looking at me. Suddenly, I get only a glimpse of the blindfold as it covers my eyes and then is tied. It is soft, and completely blocks out all light, even the high spotlight above me. I fidget and bite my lower lip, the paper in my hand shaking. My breathing becomes ragged, almost gasps as my nerves take over control of my mind. I hear Him walk around to the front of me and stop.

“Sit up straight, arch your back a little, and spread your legs apart a bit more… wider. That’s it. Good girl.”

He takes the piece of paper from my hand. I panic, my hands now unoccupied they fly to my breasts, then down my body, trying effortlessly to cover myself from His gaze, but is He looking? He grabs my flying hands quickly and places them on my thighs, firmly.

“Keep them here for now, my pet.”

I hear Him walking around me slowly, obviously looking me over. My breath is in rapid pants now and sweat begins to form at my brow. What is He thinking? Does He like what He sees? My mind races with questions, and my mouth sits silent and lightly puckered, tense. Then I sense His body, very close to me, to my face. I feel his soft tender lips kiss my cheeks, my nose, and my eyes behind the blindfold. Then my mouth is captured in His, and all tension is released. I cling to His mouth, His probing tongue, that warm sweetness that is my Master.

Breaking the kiss, He moves away from me. My lips ache, a low fire in my belly growing, and I smile sweetly at the afterglow of Master’s kiss.

“You are beautiful; this shall be an experience I hope you never forget, dear.”

I smile lightly as those words comfort me. I sit nervously awaiting what He has planned for this evening, my toes curling and uncurling in anticipation, my fingers gripping my thighs where they were placed.

“Now, myst… what is it that you most fantasize about, what do you dream about doing, but have never done?”

“I have dreamed about being bound so that I can not move at all, at the complete whim of a man, once I dreamed I was tied to a wall on a stool, with my legs spread wide, and all sorts of things could be done to me.”

I feel Him tap my shoulder as I stop speaking, and He leans in to my ear, “you have forgotten one important word, pet. How do you address Me?”

I flush, bite my lower lip and whisper, “Master.”

That must have gotten approval for I felt Him move from my ear and away from my form. I turn my head in the direction of His footsteps. A click. Then music. Simple piano. Soft melodic, sensuous to the ear. I sigh inwardly. The music I realize is just loud enough to not hear Him move about the room as well. He touches my right hand, then my left.

“Raise them up in front of you… that’s it. Good”

I feel cool leather wrap around my right wrist, then turned and buckled. Again with the left wrist, the soft leather encircles me. I now wear leather cuffs. He kisses each hand tenderly, and then lowers them back to my thighs. My heart beats rapidly in my chest and I can’t stop nibbling in my lower lip. The music is a slow elegant melody, helping to sooth my mind. Master kneels in front of me, I can feel His body heat as he taps my right foot, I raise it slightly and I feel the same cool leather wrap around my ankle and feel the buckle tighten. He taps my left foot, and I lower my right to lift my left. Again I feel the leather around my ankle. I swallow hard. I am beginning to feel a stirring in my insides, that is pleasant and new, yet I know I am nervous and excited, but what is this new sensation?

I sense Him rise and walk away from me once again. I can hear slight movement of things, what I don’t know; my head try to follow the noise, but are confused with the piano sounds surrounding me. My head shifts, searching through the blackness for a clue.

“myst, please stand and take two steps forward.”

Remembering, I croak, “Yes, Master,” and rise from my chair a little shaky and step away from it, a bit wobbly, the requested amount and freeze.

I feel the warmth of my Master touch me from behind, His powerful arms wrapping about me, my back against His chest. I rock my head back and to the left to rest against Him. Such comfort. In that moment I feel safe. I can feel His breathing on my neck as He cups my breasts with His hands. I moan softly, feeling my nipples harden and tighten and He pinches them softly, then harder, causing me to gasp. I lean into Him harder, my full length against His strong hard body. His right hand disappears for a moment, and then returns to caress my neck, before trapping it in leather, where the collar is quickly fastened. My breath stops for a moment. I am truly His slave. I lower my head responsively to what I have just taken in and I tremble slightly. I feel His lips on my right shoulder and then He walks away, and I stand, immovable.

This is what I have wanted and waited for, my heart feels suddenly full, like I have come home. I take a deep breath, the air purifying my heart, my new slave heart. Tears begin to form behind my blindfold, a soothing happiness and quiet calm has taken over my body. I shall give my all to this Man.

The music has changed to a low synthesizer music, unearthly yet seemingly natural, my ear strains to hear it, not quite able to make out the melody.

“Master, can You turn the music up a touch?”

“Certainly, my dear, like this?” I nod. The music raises a touch, the melody sweet and haunting. A breath shudders out of me, relief at such a simple request, granted.

He returns to my left side. “Now my slave, I would have you present yourself to me, so that I may inspect you. Spread your legs wider, yes, good” Moving to obey to the best of my abilities, I place my feet further apart, the cool air tickling my sex as it is exposed. I feel His hand grasp my sex, instantly the heat is turned on. I press my lips together to muffle a moan, shuddering I release for Him. Yet that is all it is, a touch… I yearn for more. His hand leaves my sex eager and slightly aching.

“Now place your hands behind the small of your back, cross them at the wrist comfortably, good” Slipping my hands behind my back, my breasts are lifted up higher as I clasp my wrists, shoulders pressed back, arching. He bats and slaps my breasts then, playfully at first, then a loud slap, and I stiffen, my breasts bouncing lightly. I press my lips together tightly. The pain radiating through my now tender, aching breasts, I groan as the slap shoots through my body like lightning.

“Hold your head level, like this,” I feel his fingers gently touch my chin and lift it a small measure. “Good, very good. Now remember this position, memorize every placement of the body just as you are now. This is called display. I may ask you to do this position again, understood?”

“Yes, Master,” I mentally charge my mind to memorize the feeling of my body, where it is placed in reference to everything else. I sense where my hands are, how my head is held, and the position of my feet on the floor.

“Now keep your hands where they are, bend at the waist, horizontal to the floor, you may want to widen your stance a bit more.”

I quickly bend and widen, hopeful I am doing as I am told, blushing when I suddenly realize my pussy is exposed, my asshole plain for viewing, and my breasts swinging from my body. I squeeze my hands together, my teeth nibbling and working the lower lip. My nerves are more than I have ever experienced before, and there is that small new feeling, that has grown since I stepped into the room. The music is pleasant and calming to a degree. His hands are touching the roundness of my ass, swatting it hard I jump. He grabs my waist with both hands.

“Careful dear, I know you are still nervous, that will pass in time. Relax. Did that hurt?”

“No, Master, it only startled me,” I whisper, the shooting pain in my backside calming to a burn.

His hand returns to my behind, His finger runs down along my crack, to my moist clit, fingering a little. I respond by whimpering. He slides a finger into my wet cunt, wiggling and teasing. My knees begin to tremble and I strain against the blackness of the blindfold. Then the finger leaves my hole and moves slowly to my tight rosebud, he presses the puckered flesh; I suck in my breath. I have never had anyone touch me there and I am suddenly scared of any pain. He does not go any further and I feel His finger leave my asshole.

“This in time will be used, you realize”

“Yes Master, I know.”

I swallow hard as I can feel Him walk around me, His fingers caressing my back, sliding down to grasp my swinging breasts, then up to entangle in my hair. “You may stand up straight now.”

I rise quickly, His hands trailing down my chest to flick my nipples. They are so painfully hard now as He pinches them, twisting them. I wince under the blindfold. He is circling me once more when I feel His hand on the small of my back and pressing gently, “Step forward dear, we are going over to the wall, relax and let Me guide you.”

We take only a few steps before He directs me to stop and turns me around. His hands lift one of my hands at the wrist; He caresses it and raises it above me. I feel it clipped into place high above me. He does the same with my other wrist and I am standing there, my arms extended high above me. My stomach does summersaults as I am so nervous as to what will happen to me. I feel my breasts raised up and exposed for Him to explore. Then I feel Him moving my legs out further, my body weight adjusting to accommodate the spread position, my pussy blushing from the cool air now assaulting it.

The music changes again, this time to a drum symphony and my ears are drawn to it, Japanese drums I think. They are melodic and haunting and my mind is relaxed as I listen to it that is until I hear Master moving in front of me. I can feel his breathing against my chest, my nipples hardening with the warm moist air caressing and teasing me. I am fully under His control; I can do nothing but accept what He chooses to do to me.

His fingers trace my chin, my cheek, they tease my lips and then He kisses me once more. I’m brought into a hot moist world where darkness feels so good and my body responds so readily. I am aching for his touch. I am spinning out of control in my mind. The kiss breaks and I feel the blindfold being lifted from my face. Slowly I open my eyes to be met with His. They are so soft, so passionate and I can see the caring in them. I look about the room again; I can see candle lit in the darkest corners, radiating their soft glow, just enough to provide a nice vision of this chamber. Master smiles at me and turns to a tray sitting next to me. I can not see what He has picked up as my body is stretched taught and chained to the wall behind me.

When He turns back to me I see it is a large dildo. He grins as I look at it and He moves it slowly over my breasts, teasing my already hardened nipples. My body trembles and my breathing becomes shallow as He drags it down over my belly and over my pubic mound. My legs are chained wide apart and I can do nothing but wait and watch Him tease my pussy. His fingers reach into my slit, and I moan. I am so wet that there is no resistance; only eagerness. I need to feel Him touching me, and I arch into Him harder. The dildo is pressed into my pussy now, forcing entrance into my cunt. I groan as it sinks into me, filling me.

He slowly works the dildo in and out; my eyes fixed on the top of His head as He is intent with His work. It feels so good. I have these electric shocks shooting through my body at every thrust of the dildo within me. He looks up to me and smiles, obviously pleased at my response. He presses the dildo hard into me and I yelp, the head of the cock pressed against my cervix deep inside as I feel His hand slide back and finger my asshole again. Oh god, I’m so turned on. Yes, tease me Master. I begin to make all manner of noises without thinking, I whimper and moan, sigh and mmmmm. My heart is beating in my throat as I feel His finger sink into my tight asshole, wiggling and probing my virgin hole. I rock into His hand, pressing the dildo harder into my soaked pussy, His finger deeper in my hole; it feels so good.

Just as quickly as He entered, His finger leaves me and the dildo was removed leaving me aching for more. He rose and places the dildo back on the tray beside me and He pats my breasts gently. “Did you like that dear?”

I just nod briskly. I could barely speak.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

I whisper, “Yes, Master I did.”

He nods and reaches up to unfasten my wrists from their holds, and I slowly lower them, the blood getting back to my cold fingers. He rubs them gently to get the circulation back and I’m grateful for that as I watch Him. “myst, display position please.”

“Yes Master,” I croak and my eyes dart to and fro, trying to remember exactly how I was to stand. My hands go behind my back almost instantly and my mind clicks. Oh yes… like this I remember as I set my feet shoulder width apart and hold my head level.

He grins at me, “Very good, you remembered!” He pats the top of my head and I feel so good to have made Him happy. Reaching up to my breasts He pinches my nipples hard.

“Ouch!” I exclaim.

“Shhhh, its not that bad, let yourself go hun,” He cooes. Then He pinches them again, rotating the hard nub in His fingers, twisting them painfully.

“Please Master, that hurts,” I plead.

He nods at me, “We will have to work on those if you are to serve me as I wish.”

“Yes Master,” I nod.

“Come, walk over here,” He points to a table, padded lightly and it looks like it has hooks along the legs and on the corners of the table itself. “Up here, lay on your back.”

I quickly hop up onto the table, my mind wondering what in the world He wants to do to me here and I lay back my arms resting on my stomach as He turns to another table lying close. I didn’t notice this one and I have no clue what is on it now that I’m laying down. I should have looked. Turning back to me he smiles and takes my wrists again and raises them above me, fastening them to a hook on the top center of the table. At least this is more comfortable this time and my arms relax against the padded surface. He touches my knees and motions for me to spread them. I do so quickly and then He helps me place my feet facing each other, sort of a lotus position I guess, it isn’t that comfortable, but then I feel the air on my wet pussy and I know exactly why He wants my legs this way. He fastens my ankles to a bolt eye at the bottom of the table, just as my wrists are and I can not move once more.

I am so excited that I am bound in place that I begin to quiver and the adrenaline must be flowing for I feel so carefree and good. That is till He looks down at me with a grin I’ve not seen. He is up to something.

“Now, myst, do not move no matter what happens or you will have to be punished, and I would so hate to punish you on your first visit, now don’t you agree?”

“Yes Master,” I reply wondering just how I would move to begin with, tied down to a table such that I was. I watch Him turn to that table I can not see and then turn back to me, candle in hand. My eyes go wide as I realize what He plans to do to me. Fear of the pain goes through me. “Oh, Master, no, that is going to hurt!”

“Yes sweetie, it is… but not as you would think. Perhaps you would like to close your eyes for the first drips? See how it truly feels, what your body tells you about it.”

I bite my lower lip hard and squeeze my eyes shut tight, preparing for the first stinging heat I know is coming. And yes, there it is! Oh the heat, the burn, my nipple is on fire. I groan and lock my joints as to not move. Then as it fades there is odd warmth, a mild tingling. My mind then notices that the music is again different. A chant, Gregorian no doubt. Very… ritualistic and haunting. My eyes open a peek and I look at Master standing over me, smiling at my facial expression I’m sure.

“Now that wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“Well Master, it was only a drip, but no that wasn’t too bad.”

He holds the candle over my nipple again and drips a bit more on my already hardened nipple. I grimace in pain, but it isn’t quite what I expected, the heat must be acting as a buffer to the sharp pain I expected, and then I am thrown into pain as he pours more over my breast, no longer dripping it streams down over my breasts and around the valleys of my skin and I scream out.

“Ah, beautiful dear, just beautiful. Now the other one.”

I try so desperately not to move, I know this is going to hurt as the drips begin to coat my nipple, the stinging heated pain just as I expected only I now feel the heat of my other breast coated in the wax along with the new pains from the waxing of my other breast. It is so hot, and my breath comes in quick gulps. “Ohhhhmmm…”

He coats my other breast just as thickly with the wax, my body shaking from not wanting to move and the pain, as well as a warm feeling in my cunt. This is turning me on and I didn’t think it was possible. My breasts were now coated thickly with wax as I lay there trembling from the sensations in me. He lifts another candle now, smiles at me and says, “This candle doesn’t burn as hot as the others.” He slides down my body, His fingers tracing along my stomach, through the trails of wax that have slid down my form and to my cunt. He touches and teases my half open cunt and my eyes grow wide and I groan as I know what is coming. I can’t believe He is going to do this; He is going to pour hot wax on my cunt!

His fingers expertly spread my pussy lips and He gazes at my clit, I know I’m dripping with my juices as well. “Very nice luv, very nice.” He holds the candle high above my body and I watch it, my eyes can not leave it as the hot wax creeps to the lip of the glass and then drips out. OH, the hot pain of the searing wax on my cunt. It almost sends me to tears, but wait, he is not done. He continues the slow dripping, the sizzling pain shooting through me with every drop. He withdraws His fingers and I think He is done, but no, he continues to drip, more and more over my burning cunt, so exposed to Him and the shooting pain has made tears well up in my eyes now and I’m crying, crying just for Him.

I loose control and all I feel takes hold of me. I am the pain, and the feelings I get are sensational, sharp and burning, cool and aching, all very good, somehow gratifying as I lay there with wax coating my large breasts and cunt. I don’t even realize that He has finished and is just watching me cry and moan. All I know is that the pain is sensational as it cools to an ache and my clit still throbs after all that, like it was wired wrong, and the pain is more pleasurable than I thought. Yes, that’s it. I am enjoying the pain.

I open my eyes then, slowly at first, the tears streaming down my cheeks as I feel Him touch my face and wipe the tears away. “Are you enjoying this, darling?”

“Yes Master, I didn’t think I would, its weird, but yes, I am.”

“Good.” He turns to His table again and when He comes back into view I see He has something new in His hand. It is a flogger. I am certain that it has a lot of strands hanging from it, for it is really full and boy does it look heavy. “Now dear, how do you think we should get the wax off?”


“I think this will be handy for that, my dear.” He raises it and then teasingly brings it down to tickle my stomach, shocking me as I was prepared for more pain. “What do you think?”

“Whatever you wish Master.” His eyes grow wide and He grins.

“That sounded beautiful, say it again.”

“Whatever you wish Master,” I repeat.

He bends down to kiss me full on the lips, His sweet lips sending me into a swirling passion. How wonderful I feel when He kisses me. He parts and stands tall again, the flogger resting in His hands. “Now, to get that wax off.”

I feel the flogger before I know He has swung it. The thud and biting pain is new and hard and the radiating tremors after it has fallen are interesting. I moan as it rains down on me, the flogger a more delicious pain than I thought I could tolerate. My mind is telling me that this is good, that I love this, and my body is betraying me as well. It is responding to the pain well and my pussy is throbbing as he flicks the wax off my breasts with the flogger, whipping the pieces of wax of. He is enjoying Himself, and I am beginning to find myself in another place, as if the pain were the only thing and it is so far away now. I feel the whip moving down my body, making sure that all the wax is gone as he whips my breasts, the pain sharp and yet not sharp. I don’t understand what I am feeling, but I know I don’t want it to stop. My moans have begun to change and I am thoroughly lost in my feelings.

Then the sharp pain of the flogger on my pussy wakens me a bit, it is so much more stabbing than on my breasts, and yet it isn’t as hard. He is gently flicking my pussy with the whip and I am arching up to meet His swats with an uncontrollable urge to feel more. What has come over me? I am lost to the pain, I want more and more. I see He is lost in His ministrations as well as we both continue in the moment, me enjoying every blow, and He is doling them out as efficiently as He can. Yes, I want it all. I am in a world all my own, and I don’t want to come down. I scream out in pleasure, pleasure I’ve never felt and it rocks my entire body, I am shaking in my bonds and can’t stop, I have become a part of the sky, the stars dance around me and I am in splendid pleasure.

I slowly come down from my high to find that my bonds have been released and Master is holding me, caressing my face and body gently, hushing me and for the first time I find that I’ve been humming and crying. As my surroundings come back to me I grip tight to Him, holding Him as He holds me and my body feels warm and sweaty, achy and sooo good. We hold like that for quite some time as I reawaken the biggest grin on my face and then He slips off the table and walks over to the tray and lifts a bottle of lotion and some water. Carefully, He rubs the lotion into my tender skin, soothing and cooling it, and I’m so grateful for His caring hands that I just lay there and enjoy it. Then He helps me to sit up and offers me the water, so cool and refreshing as I drink it down.

“Thank you Master,” I whisper.

He holds me tight then and replies, “No… thank you girl, your gift is more than accepted. Now, let us get cleaned up shall we? I’m hungry for some dinner, what do you say about steaks?”

I grin and nod, grateful to have found this Man among the many out there and know that I am in good hands.

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