"Please may I cum Sir, please?”

I clung to a state of going over the edge and obedience. Sir was most certainly not going to let me cum just yet, but I always begged, always hoped for that glimmer of merc" /> The Blossoming of Luna 3: Initiation by luna | The Iron Gate

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The Blossoming of Luna 3: Initiation

Author: luna

Filed in: dance, stripping, initation

"Please may I cum Sir, please?”

I clung to a state of going over the edge and obedience. Sir was most certainly not going to let me cum just yet, but I always begged, always hoped for that glimmer of mercy. I got the same response every time. He grins at me, sometimes a chuckle and then goes back to whatever teasing torture he wishes and I go back to fighting my release.

This dance began about three weeks ago when I met Sir in a bar and awakened the animal I have become. He has taught me about myself and my desire to please him is always in the forefront of my mind. I’m always hungry for more, anything he can teach me; and I am willing to learn now. He has proven to be that missing link in my life. For him I am complete.

I’d like to tell you of the day that changed my life, the day I knew that I was whole. We met at a hotel outside of town. I arrived just a bit early, the cab dropped me off outside the lobby door, and I walked in, nodded to the hotel clerk and took a seat in a soft chair with carved arms and a high back. I went over my form once more to make sure everything was ready as he had requested. I had my hair down and just brushed till it was soft, the wavy brown locks falling over my shoulders. My makeup and jewelry were to be like the night at the bar, so I took the time to put on my dark lipstick, my dangerous red lip paint and applied my eye shadow darker than I would for the day time. I wore sliver chain and hoop earrings. My fingers were adorned with a couple rings and my nails neatly filed and painted, again red.

My outfit was very daring for me, but it made me feel very sexy and desired, which I’m now certain was his very point. I had put on the only short skirt I owned, a denim skirt with buttons up the front, just teasing to be unfastened. My blouse was sheer; you could see the black satin bra I was wearing under it. It took me a half hour to get the guts to put it on. But now that I was out and in this outfit I felt like a million bucks. I tugged at my thigh high hose once more to make sure they were even and adjusted my new knee high boots I had bought to go with the outfit. I was so very nervous sitting there waiting for him, and I’m sure the clerk was quite amused with my once over on my appearance; the twentieth time today.

I looked up and the hotel door swung open, in he walked looking very sharp in all black. His slacks were pressed and his shirt looked just as crisp. His eyes met mine and I smiled to him as he approached me. That’s when I noticed the large duffle bag he was carrying and it drew my stare away from his eyes. He chuckled and placed it at my feet, signaled for me to wait and walked over to arrange a room. I sat, twitching my foot as it was crossed over my other ankle and watched him, wondering what in the world was in the bag.

He returned to me with a key and bent to lift the bag and waved me up to follow him. We walked down one hall then left halfway down another where he stopped and opened a door, held it open for me and watched me walk through. I stopped as I reached the center of the room and turned to him. He shut the door, locked it and just stood there looking at me. I clasped my hands in front of me and smiled at him, still unsure what was in that bag, but I was sure going to find out before too long.

He quickly walked over to the table in the room, and motioned for me to sit. He hadn’t said hello yet, and I resolved that speedily as I took the seat offered me. “Hello Sir.”

He smiled at me, “Hello Luna, Are you ready?”

“Ready for what, Sir?”

“For today; for the beginning of your learning.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Let’s get started shall we?” He grinned and placed the bag in his chair and unzipped it slowly, prolonging the suspense in revealing what was in there on purpose I was sure. He reached a hand inside and pulled out a leather black dog collar and leash, placing them on the table in front of me. Reaching in again, he removed loops of leather, 4 of them, and it took me a bit to realize these were bracelets of some sort. I looked up at him a bit perplexed at what I was seeing. He was smiling at me softly, probably gauging my reaction.


“These,” he pointed to the leather loops, “are cuffs, my dear. They go on your wrists and ankles. Along with this collar here, they show that you are under my control, in essence you are mine.”

Oh, I had read and heard about things like that being used to tie someone up, restrain them so that the other could do whatever they wanted to them. It intrigued me and excited me. I was to be tied to something that I was sure. I nodded to him.

“Now Luna, hold out your hands.”

I did so one at a time, and he wrapped the cuff around me, pausing after the ring slipped into the leather, and smiled at me. Reaching into his pocket he produced a small brass lock and wrapped it around the ring, locking the cuff on my wrist. I gasped and looked at him. They were going to be locked on, oh that got the nerves going. He slowly fastened the other one on my wrist and knelt to lock the ones on my ankles, tightly over my boots, all in silence. My breathing got harder as I felt the leather wrapping me. It smelled so good.

He rose again and lifted the collar into his hands. He held it there in front of me, looking into my eyes for a moment, then spoke:

“Luna, are you sure you are ready?”

Without hesitation, I fingered the leather encasing my wrists, touched the brass locks, and replied, “Yes Sir.”

“Then would you please kneel?”

I rose from the chair, took a few steps out to the center of the room, where there was more space, and lowered myself carefully to the floor, resting back as far as comfortable on my haunches, looking up at him. I rested my hands on my lap, my denim skirt tight over my thighs, the buttons ready to be released. He closed the gap to me, still holding the collar and grinned.

“Lift your hair luv.”

I did so and pulled it over my left shoulder, holding it up from my neck for him to fasten the collar. I felt the leather close about my neck and I began to tremble. It was so odd to have this around my neck; I couldn’t explain what I was thinking. I felt him lock it in place and I lowered my tresses down my back. I raised my hands to touch the cowhide around my throat and nibbled my lower lip.

He sat in the chair I just vacated and looked at me. I just kneeled there waiting for what I couldn’t know, as he folded his hands in his lap and just looked. Honestly, I was getting uncomfortable; one from kneeling and two from him just looking at me. Did I meet his approval? What was he planning for me today? Just as if he could sense my uneasiness, he rose and came toward me, taking me by the shoulders and helping me to rise from my knees. I stood before him, looking into compassionate eyes, caring eyes and that released some tension in me.

“Darling, you dressed just as I asked, and for that I am pleased. Now I would like to see you disrobe completely. Take your time and enjoy what you are doing, love your body as it is. There is no shame in it,” he chuckles, “I’m sure you know I will enjoy it.”

Thinking back to the night at the bar, I imagined the girls on the stage, dancing for the men. They knew how to use their bodies that way; I had no clue how to make men want me just by dancing and stripping for them. I was about to try. I watched as he seated himself once again, reached into his bag and pulled out a small stereo, starting some soft saxophone music and grinned at me.

“Whenever you are ready.”

I stood there for a moment, my hands clasped in front of me, fidgeting. Clearly nervous I closed my eyes, trying to block him out from what I was about to try: To dance my clothes off. My mind flashed to the old me, thinking about how prudish I’ve always been. Was I ready to let myself find the true me? I did desire to dance for him, to show him how feminine I could be, but I was so scared. I was so scared that it wouldn’t be good enough, or that I would make a fool of myself in front of him. I took a deep breath and began to sway a bit to the music, my ample hips rocking from side to side, hands releasing from what was a death grip on each other to sing at my sides, the music quite soothing, but had a beat that was sexy and alluring to my ear and I opened my eyes. I walked carefully over to the little music box and turned it up a bit, so that the saxophone was sweet, and melodic, the sound filling the room, resonating in my head. Yes, I could do this; I would do this.

I turned and walked back to the middle of the room, scanning it to see just what the room looked like. On my right was a low dresser, the left was a bed. This was a typical room, but I could figure out how to use these furnishings in my tease. My nerves came back when I turned to look at Sir one more time, the music boiling up to a more sultry sound.

“I’m ready Sir.”

He just grinned and leaned back in his chair, making himself comfortable. I placed my hands on my waist, lowered my head, and took a slow ragged breath. I listened hard to the music, trying to figure out how to make this look good, and I thought back to the night at the bar and the ladies I watched on stage. Maybe I could employ some of their tactics. I spread my long legs about shoulder distance apart, straining the denim skirt around my legs and rocked my head back, stretching my neck. Yes, this could be done, and I was going to tease him like crazy.

I took my time bringing my fingers up over my body, slowly tracing my skin over my clothing, the soft denim, the sheer blouse, up my neck and enmeshed them into my hair. My hips began to sway as I let the music take my soul and my hands crept down my body again, this time caressing and cradling my breasts. My tongue snaked out of my mouth to lick my lips lustfully as I stared at him. The fingers swirled around my breasts, fingering the buttons of my blouse, tugging and pulling as the music driving my heart to feel the sexy cry of the saxophone. The buttons gave way easily as the flimsy fabric fell open, revealing my low-cut bra. The satin shimmering in the light of the room, my hands touching my exposed skin, I moaned. This was turning me on. I swear it was the music; it couldn’t be that he was watching me. I let the fabric of the shirt fall slowly down my shoulders, then further, over my wrists and to the floor. Stepping away, I looked at Sir again.

His eyes were fixed on me and I smiled, my body moving with the beat of the music as I walked the few steps to him, my boots softly shuffling on the carpet. I bent down to pull the other chair away from the table, lifted his bag out of it and tucked it under the table. I moved the chair a bit in front of him and to the side, and then swiftly placed my left leg up on the chair. My inner thigh exposed to Sir’s gaze. I caught his lifted eyebrow of curiosity and that made me smile inside. I fingered the leather cuff around my boot, caressing my calf, then up over my knee and along my inner thigh, disappearing under my skirt. I watched as his eyes followed my hands. Perfect. He was certainly watching me.

I lowered my foot to the floor and placed my other leg up on the chair, this time with my outer thigh facing Sir. Using the same gestures I finger the cuff wrapped tightly around my boot, then up my leg, over my knee, this time following the seam of my denim skirt. My fingers trailed up my body, over my breasts in their tight satin prison and up to the collar around my neck. I still felt odd to have these things around me, but I wanted to show him that I could make them a part of me, that they didn’t scare me one bit.

What was he planning for me with these cuffs, this collar? I was so curious to know that as soon as I was naked before him. And then that realization hit me. I had never been completely nude in front of him. Could I really do it? I knew I was starting out well, but I was still covered and just teasing him. My skirt was next, once that was gone he would see my black satin thong that matches my bra, and I would be there for his eyes. God my heart was beating so fast, and yet the music kept me going. I flashed back to the ladies at the club nights ago and found I could be just like that. I would have confidence to take it all off for him. My thigh highs and boots would be all that would remain.

My hips began to sway again as I lower my foot to the floor, placing them spread apart on the floor. I bent down to the buttons on my skirt, unbuttoning one of them, and looking up at Sir. Then a second button, my breath getting faster, I was getting very excited, so hot. The third button released and you could see my upper thighs with the tops of my thigh highs lace peeking out of the slit growing larger and larger. My soft inner thigh, silky creamy skin flashed to him, and I noticed Sir, move a bit in his chair, I knew he was enjoying this now. I stop and turn my back to Sir, bent again, my round ass almost in his face as I spread my legs further and brought my hand through them. I reached up under my skirt and stroked my cunt through my panties. Oh my, what made me do that?! I had no idea I would have the guts to tease him that much. It had to be the music. The saxophone sound was so sultry, and I loved it. There was no way the old me would have even thought about doing that.

Rising, I turned back to him and slowly reached for the last three buttons, my hips gyrating more as they were unfastened, the black satin thong flashing and then exposing myself to him. With one final movement my skirt fell to the floor, the creamy white skin now bared for him, I watched his eyes for any note of disappointment or shock. This was a moment of validity for me. Was I acceptable to him? Could I be appealing without clothes? I would soon find out as bravely, I turned my back to him once more and bent to lift the skirt and my fallen shirt from the floor and out of the way. I blushed as the cool air on my ass reminded me I was wearing a thong! Oh god, he just got an eyeful of my bare ass, round and ample before him. I stood quickly, almost too quickly as the shock raced through my system. Turning, I only saw the great big grin on his face and knew there was nothing to be afraid of. He was enjoying my clumsy little strip for him.

I was the vision that now stood before him. Shaking in my knee high boots, making me so much taller now, as my bra and panties shined in the weak light of the room, my thigh highs drawn with lace around my alabaster thighs. I felt so imperfect, so overweight, and undesirable as I stood there, and I couldn’t explain why? He was grinning at me like I was a jewel he had found and I couldn’t find that spark in me to feel what he was emitting. I should be enjoying my body but instead I had a fear, a doubt that he was misleading me. I was just a woman, how was I to be made special in this?

He must have noticed my hesitation, the doubt stricken across my face, for he motioned for me to continue with a nod and a hand motion. Continue. Yes, I’ll continue, but where did my bravery go? Was I to remove my clothes with uncertainty and fear? I closed my eyes for a moment, the music filling my head again as I again returned to the ladies at the bar. What would they do now? This is all they had to wear when the showed themselves and yet they loved to take it all off, can I find the strength to do so myself? I have this man, that intrigues me at every turn, encourages me, and yet I’m afraid. That is so foolish! I need to feed off of him, maybe just watching his face would help me with my next move, my bra must come off. I’d done it before for him, but I was blindfolded then. Could I do it now that I can watch his eyes? All these questions raced through my head as my fingers slid up my body again, touching the now hot flesh. My breathing raised and lowered my ribcage with excited breathes; nervous respirations.

I reached back slowly to remove the clips holding my bra on, lifting each hook carefully, and drawing out the moment as best I could, along with trying desperately to calm my nerves. The last hook gave way and I felt the weight of my breasts sag in the bra, the grip it had now freeing them slowly. I slipped my arms out of the straps and gripped my bra, cupping my breasts tightly against my chest. I hugged the bra to myself, squeezing and pressing my breasts through the bra, slowly moving and sliding it from my breasts. It fell away, and my breasts swung out, heavy with excitement, my nipples swollen and hard from the air in the room, chilling them as well as my sensation of hot sexual energy that was overtaking me. I tossed my bra with the rest of my clothing already on the floor and jiggled my breasts just a bit. My fingers caressed my nipples, so hard and the sensations I loved came back, that tingling aching feeling as I stroked them, pinched them. I rocked my head back and then down, looking at Sir with a newfound lust in my eyes. I licked my lips again.

My hands began to roam all over my body, touching the soft skin, the tingling sensation engulfing me in a sense of euphoria that I hadn’t felt before. Everywhere my hands went that aching tingle followed. My body was on fire, it needed something, craved more than I could give it, and yet I wouldn’t stop touching myself. I was lost in my emotions and my movements to the music got more heated. I forgot someone was in the room with me as I sat down in the bed and laid back, cradled my breasts and moaned so loud. My fingers danced on my flesh, over the roundness of my belly and down to the hem of my panties, I rubbed my swollen pussy over the soft fabric of the panties, blissfully happy with this new feeling, reveling in it.

Then I caught him watching me, shifting in his chair, and that brought me back to what I was supposed to be doing. I stood up then, and turned with my back to him once more. My hands caressed my ass. I loved my ass; it is so round and soft. I slipped my fingers under the band around my waist and wiggled out of my panties, feeling the string slid out of my asscrack as the thong slid down my legs, I bent over deeply, showing him all I had, how hot I had become. Carefully I stepped out of my panties, and stood, turned to him and froze. His eyes were on my body, all over and I was nude. My breasts were swollen and nipples hard from excitement. My pussy was hot and full, I could feel my clit throbbing under my meaty folds. The juices were flowing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were dripping down my legs.

Now what? I just stood there, the music still singing its sultry song, my hands fidgeting along my sides. He brought his hand up to his face, resting his chin on it, obviously thinking. I knew that it couldn’t be good. That is not the face you want when you stand naked in front of someone. I blushed deep and lowered my head.

“Luna, look at me.”

I looked up and into his eyes.

“That was quite an erotic display. Have you ever done this before?”

“No Sir. I’m very nervous. Was it okay?”

“It was. I see potential for a very hot dance.”

He rose then and I panicked. He was going to touch me, I just knew it. And he did. He leaned in and kissed me. My lips were on fire as I felt his soft lips touch mine. Just a tender touch and he was gone. I watched him return to his bag and move it closer to the bed, still frozen in my place. He then turned back to me.

“Lay down on the bed my dear. Make yourself comfortable and relax.”

I moved to the bed and lay down on the soft comforter I adjusted the pillow, made myself comfortable as best as possible, tugged at my thigh highs again and closed my eyes. Comfort, make myself comfortable. Now that was a challenge. What was going to happen next?

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