Damn she was staring into space again.  She shook her head to shake off the fog and daze that seem to plague her lately.  She searched the clock on the wall to discover she only had to be here five more minutes.  These past few weeks had " /> King of the Damned by ChocletRN | The Iron Gate

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King of the Damned

Author: ChocletRN

Filed in: oral sex, blood, vampirism, virgin

Damn she was staring into space again.  She shook her head to shake off the fog and daze that seem to plague her lately.  She searched the clock on the wall to discover she only had to be here five more minutes.  These past few weeks had been difficult.  Waking up going to work proved more and more the task.  She missed him terribly but couldn’t explain it.  She didn’t get to see him often and it was only at night.  He was completely out of reach during the day.  She was growing concerned that he was married but the time they spent together overshadowed that concern.  She couldn’t put her finger on it but he awoke a part in her that had never been tapped into before.   

He promised her tonight her wildest dreams would come true.  She would get the chance to see his home and to spend the entire evening with him.  She hurried home to prepare.  He had sent an outfit to her earlier that week by messenger and told her to open it only when given permission.  It seemed a strange request, but what was stranger was that she was compelled to obey.  She wasn’t sure if this was a test or not but only after she received his call that evening she opened the package.

She stared at the label and immediately remembered that this was the place her company used to procure its vintage clothing, The Lady’s Emporium.  The curiosity was almost more than she could take now.  She opened the box to find a beautiful red satin full length gown with black lace trim.  This would look beautiful on her brown skin, she shuddered.  She searched and searched to find there were no panties in the box.  Only the gown, scented soap, body oil, and 4 inch stilettos.  How in the word did they forget to pack her underwear?  She was instructed to only use and wear what was in the box.   

The lather from the soap smelled of vanilla and jasmine.  The hot water ran across her back and breast down between the creases in her thighs and in between the spot that had never been touched by another.  She sighed she couldn’t help it that she never found the one she wanted to give that part of herself, until now anyway. 

After drying her body and applying the oil she put on the outfit sent her and waited for her ride.  The chime of the door bell startled her.  She went to the door to find a long black limousine but not him.  She rode to his place with intensity growing inside her.  When she realized the huge mansion she was heading to could be his she grew afraid.  It was a mansion right out of the pages of an Ann Rice Novel.  What in the world would someone like this want with someone like her?  Little did she know she would soon find out what that something was?    

She was greeted at the door by an older housekeeper telling her to come in and make herself at home.  She was afraid to sit on the sofa or walk through the house.  She stood in the doorway unaware she was being watched.  So unaware that it wasn’t until he was directly behind her with his breath on her neck that she realized he was there.  But she wasn’t afraid.  She couldn’t explain it but being in his presence calmed her. 

The dinner was wonderful and sitting so close to him so seemed right.  He got up from the table and took her on a tour of the mansion.  They looked at every room until making there way to the one that he said was his special room, now their special room.  She couldn’t explain it but she was growing hot all over her body.  She was especially hot in that place that never had these feelings before.  If she didn’t know any better she would swear she was getting wet deep inside.  She could feel the moisture grow between her thighs.  She was growing confused but it was like a spell was coming over her.  This was the only way she could rationalize what she was feeling. 

He opened the door for her to find all kinds of things she had only read about and seen on late night television movies.  She didn’t even know what these things were called.  He grabbed her from behind and kissed and sucked on her neck.  She felt waves of excitement overcome her.  The feel of his tongue and the scrape of his teeth began to overcome her.  When he reached up behind her to unzip the zipper on the back of her dress she could only stand there eager to give him what ever he wanted.  She felt dirty somehow but didn’t care right now. 

Her hands were over her head now being placed into leather straps.  The back of her gown was open as he ran his hands down to the small of her back to caress the top of her buttocks.  She shuddered and felt the excitement that was growing inside her travel down her stomach into the wet spot below.  His body was directly behind her now.  She could feel not only his body but his presence on her. 

The thud of the leather hit her skin startled her, broke her from her trance but brought a sense of excitement she had never felt.  This was all more than she could stand she thought.  The leather came faster now as did the intensity growing inside.  She felt like she was going to burst.  Why was the pain she was feeling also causing her such excitement?

The thuds grew louder and faster as her lips betrayed her to let out moans of pleasure.  With that the thud changed to a quick stinging sensation.  She could hear the whistle through the air but could only moan as her body betrayed her.  The thin leather was beginning to mingle with her dress as the blood dripped down her back.  The site of that blood set off a reaction in him he hoped he could hide. 

His body stiffened as he grew hard with the thought of taking that which he patiently waited for all these weeks.  The sting of his whip caused reactions from her he could only dream of.  He continued as her body began to shudder out of control.  She moaned with anticipation of what was to come.

He could smell the blood run down her back the thought of it being wasted caused him to stop the attack on her back long enough to suck every drop of blood before it hit the floor.  She was now being untied and led to the front of the large bed in the center of the room.  She was unsure of what was to come but she knew what ever it was she wanted it as badly as he needed it. 

He slipped her dress over her head and ordered her to lie down in the bed.  Her nipples hardened from the cool air and the embarrassment that quickly left her thoughts.   His hand was between her legs before she could react.  No man or woman had ever touched her in this place in this way.  He knew the prize that awaited him.  He placed one finger gently inside of her to be met with the resistance he anticipated.  But instead of drawing back he added two more fingers and jammed them deep inside.  The pain shot through her body from the top of her head to the souls of her feet stopping in the spot he now claimed as his.  He could feel his body growing with anticipation.  His dick hardened as his teeth grew.  She was oblivious to all of this she could only let only moans in between the tears that gently fell. 

He brought his fingers to his lips to taste the pure enjoyment that was her blood and juices.  He waited for this for so long he was going to make this last until he had to retreat to his chambers to beat the rising sun.  He moved like lightening and immediately was on top of her first her neck then her mouth.  The taste of her own body brought even more excitement to her.  She too enjoyed the mixture of blood and juice.  These were the juices that had never been spilled before.  This was the blood that only comes that first time that part of you is taken.

He was back inside of her again this time with his tongue.  He ate like the hungry animal he was.  He would feed on her entire body and that would be his sustenance.  He could feel her growing wetter and writhing beneath him in sheer ecstasy.  She could feel sharp like needles on her clit and lips but was paralyzed and could only moan while tears filled her eyes.  She had never felt this before and doubted she ever would again.  He would not let go of his prize it was his and he was leaving her with nothing.  She let out a scream as she realized she was now being bitten.  But it was the scream of please don’t stop.  The scream that says it’s yours please take it all.

He was now kissing her again and the smell and taste sank her into such a trance she didn’t feel him again on top of her his teeth at her neck.  She heard him tell her she was now his and she heard her voice say that she was.  But it was like she wasn’t really there.  She could feel his hands pinching her nipples and squeezing her flesh.  In a moment his teeth were in her neck.  Her eyes rolled back as she had an orgasm for the first time all night. The waves came fast and hard.  The harder he sucked the more powerful the waves became.  Her hands were around his neck because she needed to know he would not stop taking the second prize he was claiming that night.  She was his and now there was no disputing that…

Damn she was staring into space again.  She shook her head to shake off the fog and daze that seem to plague her tonight.  It was getting easier and easier to come in to her new job every night.  She rubbed her neck as she remembered that night and all the others as she looked forward to with her King of the Dammed.   

© ChocletRN 2007


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