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Covenant of Blood

Author: Lord Dion

Filed in: vampires, bloodlust

  The castle is cold and dark. In the distance the eerily forlorn howl of a lone wolf awakens me from my dreams. A full moon shines above the tall pines as the transformation overtakes my quaking body once more. Burning and chilled the muscles in my legs quiver and grow to a twisted reversal of their former shape, knees hyper-extend as the intense pain forces me out of my bed to the granite floor. Agonizingly twisting my head and contorting my neck as the jawbone forces itself down and out, pulling my face into the long narrow shape of my other, devilishly hidden self. Clean, bright, sharp teeth slide out of my gums covered with blood which I lick and swallow, feeling my back arch and now the hot tickling as the thick coarse hairs shoot out from under my skin completely covering my body in a dense waxy fur. Ears sliding up and out from the top of my head as the hearing becomes more acute. Eyes now glowing yellow-red adjust to the light of this horror soaked night.  The pain eases as my lungs gasp in the cold air, giving life and invigorating blood-lust to move and push me out in the dank air. Jumping through the window I pick up the scent immediately as the young doe scurries through the woods surrounding my lair. I move with the quick stealth of a single breath; pursuing my prey. Stopping short and shoving my nose into the air I sniff and catch the dark hide behind a grove of thorns. Crouching and sliding my belly across the frozen ground I slither and sneak. She has no clue she is breathing her last few breaths as I pounce with strong legs clawing her back and plunge my fangs deep into her neck feeling the warm pulse as her blood flows into my mouth; ripping flesh and pulling her head nearly clean from its living moorings. I feast on fresh meat, gorging myself on the warm organs and slithering my tongue inside the carcass of what was only minutes before a living vibrant my meal, now my life; now my turn.  Moonlight falls across the meadow between the tree line and the stone walls of the castle in the distance; dark gray walls of hand-hewn stone standing strong against the elements, against the attacks of armies of men for years past and hiding where kings have sat on thrones. These stacks of rocks are no match for the strength of my prowess. Like a shadow I move with the heated desire of lover’s lips in the night. Determined and driven by a distant scent I creep up the stairs and into the damp hall wherein the door stands to where she sleeps.  Pushing with my shoulder the door easily squeaks open; the smells are strong in this room. The musky scent of a female lingers lazily in my nostrils; causing the muscles in my groin to twitch. A sheer curtain blows inward from a stiff cool breeze, revealing the hues of the night sky's near dawn brilliance. The breathing is erratic, uneasy and shallow coming from her as the pads on my paws softly slip across the stone floor to the tapestry surrounding her bed. Gasping and drawing a quick breath as I near her bed she withdraws in stunned, frightful terror but is too petrified to scream. I lower my head glowering through my eyelids at her; freezing in mid-step, suddenly feeling the impulse to turn away leaving her untouched and un-torn. We lock eyes and I sense her relaxing with some unspoken communication between us, her seeing deeply into my eyes and finding the pain hiding behind them. The terror of the night is turned to a sympathetic compassion as she recognizes I have chosen not to take her life.  Embedded deeply in my confused brain I find something familiar about this one, the scent or perhaps the look in her dark eyes as she stares now unafraid at the animal crouching at her bedside. Slowly, she lowers the covers; revealing her perfect form, and with my creature’s eyes I see before me the sweet pink flesh and in her long soft neck the pulse of blood attracts me immediately. I ease forward carefully, as she lowers her hand to the side of the bed and lets it lay still as my snout draws near to her delicious skin. She settles into the pillow, laying back slightly, never taking her eyes from me and not moving to quickly nor to suddenly as I draw ever closer to her dangling arm. Close enough to touch but not touching, my nose and lips a whisper away from the heaven of one sweet bite, but somehow resisting the urge to take her and make her only a meal to be gulped in haste. Her smell intoxicates me, causes me to reel with uncertainty and pause with thoughts uncommon to my viscously driven mind. Looking again in her sullen face and seeing the beginnings of a single tear as it forms in the corner of her eye and steadily trickles down her cheek, followed by another and then flowing as water from the stream as the tears wet her face. A soft smile slowly creeps its way across her reddened lips. Cocking my head to the side and sniffing her hand again I move my muzzle closer and flick my coarse tongue across her velvet skin. The taste of her causes my stomach to churn with passionate hunger. She doesn’t flinch. I lick her again a longer, slower stroke from finger tip to wrist, then again from the back of her hand to her elbow. Her surrender intrigues me, her quiet confidence calms me. Curiously now she turns her head away, revealing herself as she smoothes her black hair from her shoulder, pulls it across the pillow to show me the silky smoothness of her collar bone and the tender skin of her alabaster neck. Her exposed breasts are mine for the taking and I could easily kill her with one swift movement. It could be over in the blink of an eye, she would feel no pain. It could be over before her next breath; I could drink the life from her in seconds and devour her flesh before she got cold. Her chest rises and falls quicker now as I leap onto the bed, standing over her, leering down and showing my teeth. She parts her lips and moans, whispers something unintelligible, licks her mouth slowly and slides her hand up around my head pulling me down towards her bare neck. My hot breath on her cool skin makes her shiver. Somewhere in the recesses of my memory the words find their home, “bite me”. Then again with more insistence she groans, “Bite me my love, and take me with you”.  No longer hesitating and with a degree of sudden aggressive urgency I take her throat in my mouth and plunge the sharp fangs in, deeply puncturing the vein and letting the warmth flow into my throat, feeling each pulse of her heart as it feeds and nourishes me, sucking her blood into my mouth. She winces, pulls her legs upwards towards her chest in pain and says, “Drink from me and make us one”. She sighs, desirously surrendering and wraps her arms around my lean hard body. She pulls me down onto her, giving in to the deepness of the bite as I drink her life and give her the gift she desires in return. Growling as I feel her body soften, I slow my feast and leave her limp on the bed, her heart still beating, her eyes still open and watching me. She dips her finger in her blood and puts it to her mouth, licks it and rolls her head to the side.   Looking back over my shoulder heading out the door I catch her movement on the blood soaked pillow as she raises up on her elbow to look after my exit from her bedroom. Smiling and licking the blood from her lips she settles back into the bed. She strokes her breasts and notices that the scratches are no longer bleeding.  She lays her head down on her pillow with the moon in her eyes, the memory of my fangs in her throat, and the night’s chill flowing like ice water in her veins. Sleep brings a new dream as she feels the grass beneath her feet, the wind in her ears and the deepness of night covering her like a welcoming blanket.

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