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The Binding Ceremony

Author: Lord Dion

Filed in: ritual, ceremony, ownership, collaring

I have instructed you to lay out two separate areas for our ceremony, one on top of a table large enough for you to lay on and one in the center of a room large enough for an area about eight to ten feet in diameter. If a table that size is not available then use a separate room and set up according to instruction on the floor. The perimeter is to be lined in candles each one the size of a tea candle with one large candle and two candelabra style candles laid to the side. I tell you that I will arrive at around 7 pm and that you should be showered, your hair fixed and your make-up on as if we were going out on a date. You should not wear any perfume and no lotions on your skin. No deodorant. No jewelry of any kind. I want you to wear a robe and be naked underneath except for a pair of black high heels and new black panties. I tell you to not watch any TV or listen to any radio for one hour before I arrive, that you are to set up the rooms in silence during that time so as not to disturb the energy of the ceremony.I arrive at the time I say and find you ready and everything just as I have instructed you to do. I say that I’m pleased that you’ve gotten everything done and ask if you’re ready to begin. You say yes you’re ready. I take my jacket off and I’m wearing a black t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans. I have a bag in my hand. I see that you had a table as I requested and that makes me happy because the first part of the ceremony will be easier on the table. I tell you that I want you to light all of the candles except for the ones I said to lay aside, turn off the lights and then come back and kneel in front of me. You do as I say and come back and kneel in front of me. I tell you not to look up at me and to not look me in the eye during the ceremony. You are to address me only as My Lord or Master and only then if I ask for a response from you. You say, “Yes My Lord”. I ask you, “little one, do you by your own free will accept me as your Master and agree to follow my instructions during this ceremony and the days ahead which will involve training you into my service with the understanding that everything asked of you will be for your own good and trusting Me to care for you and your well-being”? You say “Yes Master”. I tell you to stand and to remember to not look me in the eye. You do as you are told. I take off your robe and lay it aside and see that you have followed my instructions in wearing new black panties and black high heels. I say, “Do you, by your own free will, acknowledge that I am the Master of your body and that your body exists for my pleasure and service at my will”? You say, “Yes My Lord”. I reach out and stroke your breasts one by one very slowly allowing my fingers to linger at each nipple and pinch them slightly before moving around to squeeze your ass firmly and let my hand slip inside between your cheeks. I tell you to bend over and spread your legs. You do so without a sound and without hesitation. I take a knife and cut your panties at the waist and rip them, removing them from your legs. I slide my hand between your legs and grope your pussy from behind, stimulating your clit until you are very wet and juicy. I remove my hand and tell you to kneel and assume the position of submission. You kneel and stretch your arms out in front of you fully and lay your right hand over your left hand with your fingers extended and your feet behind you, toes pointed out away from your body.  I reach into my bag and take out several items and lay them on the table beside me. One of them is a flogger made from rope. I take it and lay it on your back and let it slide down to your ass slowly then tell you that you will learn discipline first. “Do you acknowledge that you need to be disciplined little one”? You say “Yes Master I do”. I bring the flogger down across your back swiftly so that it stings sharply. You jump a little but do not move other than that. I bring it down again and this time leave light pink stripes across your back. I rub my hand across your back gently and say the difference between pain and pleasure can sometimes be a very thin line; I will help you decide where the line is for you. I tell you to stand up and in doing so you forget and look me in the eye. I tell you to kneel again and then bring the flogger down across your back once more to remind you to keep your eyes down. I tell you to stand up and this time you do it right. I instruct you to lie on the table on your back and keep your arms to your side. You do as instructed. I take a blindfold from the table and place it around your eyes and tell you that you are in darkness until I say you are in the light, that before me you understood nothing and knew nothing and that now you see things through my eyes and not your own. I ask if you agree and you say. “Yes My Lord I agree”. I light one of the candelabra candles and tell you to open your mouth. You do it. I place the candle in your mouth and tell you to hold it until I take it away. You clench the candle between your teeth and your lips wrap around it to keep it there. I remove your high heels and bend your legs at the knees; your feet flat on the table top, exposing your pussy and ass to me and tie your wrists to your ankles with a length of rope. I then light another candle and hold it over your body and say. “I am your light and the one who is bringing you out of darkness”. I slide my finger in your pussy stroking and manipulating you until you become juicy and wet. I then slowly ease the other candle in your pussy and say, “I am the light and the heat that drives the desire in your body and these candles represent your lust that burns for me alone and is dedicated to my service”. I take the candle from your mouth and then the one from your pussy, blow them out and lay them aside. I then move to your mouth and kiss you deeply forcing my tongue in your mouth while sliding my fingers inside you and pulling at your clit, which by now is screaming for my attention. I give it the attention it deserves and it becomes hard in seconds under my touch. I pull my finger out of your pussy and put it to your mouth and tell you to lick your juices off of my fingers. I say to you, “these are the juices that you give to me and they are mine alone, let this taste remind you of the pleasure I desire for you to give me at my will”. You suck my fingers clean. I untie your arms and legs, take off your blindfold and I help you to get off the table. We blow the candles out and I tell you that now we will go to the other room.   We move to the next room and I instruct you to light the candles on the floor and to assume the position of submission once again. You do as you are told and I unzip my fly and open my pants exposing my cock. I tell you to look up. You do so. I take you by the hair and push your face into my cock and tell you to smell it. You smell it as you are told. “You love smelling my cock don’t you slut”. You answer, “Yes My Lord”. “You want to suck it don’t you slut”, you answer, “Yes My Lord”. “Yes My Lord what”? I ask. You answer, “Yes My Lord I want to suck Master’s cock”. I slap your face and say to you “suck my cock slave”. You open your mouth and take me in slowly, licking my cockhead and tasting my juices which are flowing freely now as I am quite excited from our ceremony. “Use your hands on me slave”, you grip my balls and squeeze them sliding your mouth up and down my hard cock and feeling the need to cum very soon. “Don’t you cum yet slave, I’ll tell you when you can cum”. My hand is on the back of your head as I plunge my cock deep into your throat over and over and begin to feel my orgasm building. I tell you to stand up and bend over and you do so. I take you by the hips and slide my cock in your sopping wet pussy and fuck you hard slapping against your ass over and over. “Whose slut are you slave”? I ask right before I cum. “This slave is yours My Lord” you answer. I slap your ass hard and say, “I want you to cum now slave”, the release is like an exploding cannon inside you as your orgasm rips through your body and your moans get louder and louder as my cock penetrates deeper inside you, stretching you as I grow wider and thicker until I blast my hot cum deep within your eagerly waiting pussy. I continue to stroke you then slap your ass again before I tell you to stand up and turn around. You do as you are told. You can feel my cum trickling out of your pussy and running down your warm thighs. I instruct you to light the final and largest candle. While you do so I tell you that this candle represents our newly formed bond. I tell you to turn around, raise your eyes and look at me. You do so, slowly and deliberately. I smile at you and your red face, so moist from your heat and the fucking you just received. You smile back, your eyes wet from emotion. I touch your face, lean over and kiss your mouth and say. “Now little one, you are completely mine”.

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