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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Embrace the Darkness by RavynVampyre
Filed in: orgasm denial, control, pleasure, lust

I thrive off the lust of man is what I truly feed from. To make a man lust for me, in wonderful ways, he can not imagine. To Make his blood boil, so I can take from him. To have him beg for re[...]

Ecstacy (For My Master) by Tiggie_Rose
Filed in: love, power, pleasure, pain, ecstacy

Your fingers wind within my hairYour eyes blazing, bright as dayMy breath comes in ragged gaspsAs I melt, a body of clay.Your power slowly begins to moldThe deepest reservations of my soulThat I give [...]

Gifts by Sa'eela
Filed in: d/s, slavery, heart, gifts

the first were small she gifted him a smile he returned with his own she gave her time obeyed for a brief interlude and he gave her a gift of new knowledge, new sensations he claimed to be a thief a[...]

Slaves Need by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, need, waiting

There is a need, inside this little one. A need that is much more, than just some fun. i need Him near, to see His eyes. i need to show Him, whats inside. i need Him beside me, to feel His arms. i n[...]

Power Exchange by slave jar-jar
Filed in: erotic, rhyme, passion, power exchange

Power exchange so sweet, so delicate and tender Requires trust, release before pleasure is rendered Arouses one’s senses beyond taste, touch and feel Nothing coquettish, role-play dominates the [...]

Dance of the Veil by luna
Filed in: music, desire, slave, dance, veil, need

The slave rises carefully from his lap, her soft body standing before her Master, her breasts glowing in the light, a girl's short flowing skirt shimmering gold, the small bells on her ankles ringing [...]

Ode to its Master by bernard young
Filed in: love, master, happiness, ode

How does it love its MASTER Let it count the ways; it desires to see SIR'S smile Each and every day. SIR'S smile brings joyful tears To this very grateful soul; What’s pleasing to its MASTER Is[...]

A Slaves Desire by slave marie
Filed in: desire, want, craving

Sitting here wishing to be tiedCraving, that whip upon my skinNeeding his hand around my neckLooking at the bowl at the end of the counterI close my eyes for a brief momentfeeling my tongue lapping&nb[...]

my Completion by shine
Filed in: submission, happiness, personal

Such is the smile that melts a heart,Such is the love that mends the same,Grasped within Your soul , i'll grow,truth found,and trust complete,faith and honor,together bound,The rain will leave,The sea[...]

Blue by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: masochism, desire, truth

In the coolness of today lies waiting the truth of tomorrow. Among the blues of cruelty lie hidden her joys of forever. The tears flow freely as she learns the truth of her desires while seated beneat[...]

without a word by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, absence, belief

he walks into your life just as your about to give up,whispering sweet nothings in your ear.telling you how beautiful you are, he tells you all the things he wants for you. how much of good life he wi[...]

Beloved slave by bound gypsy
Filed in: slavery, longing, envy

“Beloved slave” is what it saida phrase on nothing more then a trinketa small round tag carried with her  but oh how I envied herthat small thingto feel the true love of a Mastereach [...]

Passion by Sa'eela
Filed in: desire, pleasure

just his presence sets her heart racing makes her body throb her lips ache for his his eyes, filled with fire turned banked embers to infernos, flames of need, filling her with molten desire and the[...]

I Love Him.......He Loves Me Not by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, absence, longing, sadness

I love the way he walks, I love the way he talks, but he doesnt love me.I love the way he smells, I love the way he feels, but he doesnt love me.I love the way he smiles, I love the way he laughs, but[...]

I Bow To You by Slave Marie
Filed in: punishment, service, obedience

I bow before my Master and take my punishment. I am sorry I let you down. Let my tears show and my backside bare the pain I shall receive. I give you the count I must have as the whip makes its mark I[...]

Intentions by Gina Jones
Filed in: submission, rhyme, surrender

Stooping low to gaze uponThe wonder that is youFrom heights aboveIn rarefied airClear vision And thoughts of love  Stooping low to place myselfWithin your care and graceAnd therein restsMy heart [...]

How Will You Spank Me? by luna
Filed in: spanking, rhyme, parody

(parody) How will You spank me? Must i beg Your touch? You spank me with Your paddle, crop or hand. my form bent over, trying not to stand i struggle inside believing, “that didn’t hurt&he[...]

the aftermath of Him by submissive giana
Filed in: patience, sadness, loss

Behind the mask she wears as skinScars and pain start deep withinOutwardly working to tear her apartGripping her soul as it shatters her heartEach day moving slowly to look at a faceUnrecognizable, go[...]

Ready and Willing by luna
Filed in: submission, scene, kneeling

Kneeling before him Hands bound behind My eyes do not dare look up I see the horsehair flogger Sitting at his hip The pleasure and pain Delivered  from this instrument Drives this girl wild Shif[...]

One of her night-terrors by submissive giana
Filed in: bondage, love, rhyme, dream, dark

Life is just a dream beyond the stagelights turned off as darkness flowsback and forth to test the limitsboung and shackled within a cageencompassing fear to cloud all sightcrimson sweetness covers th[...]

My Bell by luna
Filed in: bondage, scene, bell

My Master has given me a bell For when he covers my mouth On a basic level it is my voice Cause I cannot cry out But He says it is “my” bell Why is this so? It is my bell cause it is[...]

Words by Sa'eela
Filed in: master, words, soul, meaning

my day is filled with words words to describe, words that teach, words for play and words for soothing each day they pour out of my soul for hours on end filling reams of paper disk after disk of byt[...]

Breathless by eva
Filed in: flogging, scene, ownership, kissing

Breathless in anticipation Leather cuffs bind me He blindfolds me My heart skips a beat As his fingers tickle my breasts I feel a gentle kiss on my lips I shiver with desire unable to move The flogg[...]

The morning after by Greg's little one
Filed in: submission, memories, awake, morning

Awakining arms around me warmth,comfort Contentment.   Scents lingering Inhaling deeply lips turning slowly upward Safety   Fingers searching His hand tight in my hair My lips forced up to [...]

Dark Knight by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, slave, mystery, contract

'twas a dark night when i met you my dark knight. ye came to me stealthily hiding in shadows keeping secrets aye, ye were full of mystery, and yet... hauntingly familiar was your voice as if from a [...]

Master No More by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: rhyme, entrapment, danger, predator

As the Master of the House entered the room He saw what was not there Her clothes, her books, her private things... Even the walls were bare. No submissive greeting did call to him, No [...]

Master by margo
Filed in: love, master, guidance

I am on my knees, naked with your collar around my neckI meditate on my prayerAnd impress each line on my mind and my heart.My understanding faltersYou are there to guide me.[...]

Dangers of her Darkness by Greg's little one
Filed in: tears, waiting

Here alone, in this bed, i wish these thoughts, would leave my head. These thoughts of dout,anger, hurt. Go away now, you cannot lurk. Its quiet here, in this place. Once again, naked i wait. My te[...]

Golden Chain by Sa'eela
Filed in: love, heart, soul, gifts, chain

a golden chain links her heart to his binds her to him in her love the words he speaks a gift to her soul her replies are soft whispers gentle caresses they share their souls gifting each other with[...]

Tears by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: tears, trust, collar

There were tears upon my leathers,Tears upon her faceTears of anger and denialOf shame and loss and disgraceThe lie in which I had caught herShe knew would cost her dearShe knew what I now had to doTh[...]

Infections of the Heart by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, memories, loss

Insatiable desires were lostWith every lie in your eye.i gave and gaveDid you even try?   Nothing remainsOf what we use to be.i'm holding onto nothingAlone with only me.   You laughed at[...]

Punishment by akittenone
Filed in: punishment, love, discipline, pain

The sweet snap of pain Running though my bodyEyes closing in regretOf a punishment deservedThe feel of the leatherAgainst my flushed fleshThe agonised burn As a lesson is taughtThe feel of a handStrok[...]

The Collar by Sir Wolfr1
Filed in: submissive, collar, sister

It's just a piece of leather That rests upon my neck There are no jewels upon it Nothing for which your eye to beck.   But to a submissive it has such meaning That no Vanilla could hope to [...]

She sits and waits by MistofDreams
Filed in: desire, longing, waiting

She sits and waits then wonders why Yes she does want to be at his side But should she just anticipates the call Or should she just shuck it all She thinks of his smile His laughter his touch The [...]

Pensive by November
Filed in: submission, bondage

i sit here, writing in the flickering candlelight, my wrists and ankles bound by heavy black leather. The supper i made has cooled on the stove top and still B is not home. He had some things He neede[...]

Five Gifts by luna
Filed in: submission, gifts

I lay before You, Five precious gifts, Sparkling in their wrappings, They are each for You, To decorate Your life, And to begin my journey. Unwrapping the first, I smile at You, This is my body, Mas[...]

Slave's heart speaks by Roysspanishrose
Filed in: love, passion

Fire upon my blade burns brightly the touch of the blade to my flesh can't quench the burning in my heart for the one I belong to. He is ever so far still my heart yearns for the flame of. His touch t[...]

The Pain She Knew by ChocletRN
Filed in: polyamory, growth, pain, loss, questions

Staring out that dark window There seemed no light insight Through all of her journey She never had to physically fight   Things changed so quickly then eyes opened now and there she was Th[...]

HIM by allurement
Filed in: longing, sensations, obedience, feeling

When I hear his voice.... I tremble... I feel his breath on my neck, so very warm and close I have waited so long for my heart and soul to work together. for my lips to speak the words &nb[...]

The Ride by ChocletRN
Filed in: fisting, rhyme

“Lay back precious, enjoy the ride”.  “If you think this is good wait until its inside” Lying back on my back my eyes open wide  I want to feel it way deep down in[...]

Slave by darkissslave
Filed in: slave, service, dance

Eyes downward and breast pushed forwardHips tucked in legs spread wideOnly makes my body your slaveGiving over to you… for your useNaked and whimperingMarks of ownership upon meYour marks o ple[...]

Kneeling Senryu by luna
Filed in: scene, kneeling, senryu

Kneeling; like the moon's soft reflective gaze bathing Master's face Within the moment the day has fallen away to just mere seconds Cool sweat dripping from freshly marked, reddened skin to dance p[...]

Fellatio by selkie
Filed in: service, oral sex, pleasure, worship

She falls to her knees, patterning intricate mandela patterns on white flesh, as she bows to Cernunnos. Pale marbled flesh and blue veined rigidity seduce her rebellious spirit as glistening trails o[...]

When I Hold My Breath I Don't Want to Exhale... by little pet
Filed in: love, control, passion, intense, breath

When I am in the throws of passion and the feelings of Love are so intense I cannot handle one more second, I hold my breath...   And when I exhale I am deserving and worthy.     When [...]

A Name by luna
Filed in: ownership, names

A name that gives all control to one. This name shows respect, Announces my submission. Yet I use it to show, My caring and commitment. Master, Owner of my heart and soul. All of me, I am your slave[...]

give him by Lord Anjin's dorei
Filed in: love, rhyme, giving

i give him my trust,even though its not a must.i give him my submission,cause he respects my position.i give him my body,cause OMG he is a hottie.i give him my heart,cause i trust we will never part.i[...]

Greed by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: pleasure, pain, greed

When she finds the goodness, it will be bound in pain all just for her. She will cry out with gladness and beg to be set free as her body glistens with need and her heart aches with greed. Greed for[...]

Treasure Island by luna
Filed in: love, pleasure, passion, pantoum, treasure

Now is the time to seek and you shall find, My reason for living has turned to look upon you. I have shaded my past and left it behind, Blossoming to create a life anew. My reason for living has turn[...]

Because by Jay's Slave
Filed in: love, passion, commitment

 My life has been touchedBecause we have walkedA special walk together Because you matter to meBecause we are friends Because you have given me courageBecause I have given you inspirati[...]

True Surrender by Sir Postal's girl
Filed in: joy, learning, surrender, pain, time

I've been in pain for a long time. I allowed the sorrows of yesterday to take me far away. But, recent events have shown me the joys of today. As time passes and the seasons change, it is clear to me[...]

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