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Ebony's Story Part 1

Author: ChocletRn

Filed in: caning, enemas, oral sex

Ebony sat at her desk typing away on her computer. She was getting more excited, as every minute passed. She hadn't seen him in months and today promised to be exciting. She hoped that this would make up for all the lost time between the two of them. She was startled out of a trance by her cell phone’s chime.  

     "Hello" she said.

    "Hello, are you ready". His voice made her warm and her body cried out for all the pain he promised.

    "Yes, I am", was all she could manage to get out.

    "Do you have your toys", he asked.

    "Yes, I have them". She could almost hear her heart pounding in the silence.

    “Do you have rope in that bag?"

    "No", she replied. "I didn't think we’d have time for..."

    "Well, good thing I think ahead", he said. "I will be in town in 30 minutes and will call you when I am set up and ready, is that clear".


     With that he was gone and she was again typing away at her computer. She was trying to finish everything so she didn't have to go back into the office later today. She was hoping she would be too tired and too sore to return to work. She was finished and ready to go when her phone rang again. He gave her his location and nothing more.

Ebony drove with an excitement she hadn't felt in some time. Her body ached for his rough and sadistic touch. The more she thought of what was to come, the more nervous she became. She thought back to his word.... ”Rope”. This was going to be very, very interesting. Of that she was sure. She reached her destination and looked around. The motel was as indistinct as most hotels usually are.  

     She was now more nervous than she was when she had left the office, but her body would not let her turn away. She needed it! Longed for it! And she knew that what she was about to experience would leave her wanting more. Her hand trembled as she turned the handle and opened the car door.  

     Ebony stepped out of the car and slowly walked to her trunk. She reached inside the trunk and threw her bag over her shoulder. Trying not to show the nervousness she felt she walked up the stairs and made her way to his room. Seeing the door already open, she took a deep breath and walked inside.  

     He was sitting in a chair, but stood when she walked in the room. He walked up to her and stood before her. His hand was immediately around her throat, as he sniffed her body. It was as if he could smell her womanly essence on her clothes. His hand tightened around her throat, and Ebony felt her pussy stiffened and twitched.  

     He now had her pinned against the wall, his knee holding her up by her crotch. They had already discussed rules and the same rules applied as in the other times they had played. She knew his thoughts and could read his actions before they took place.  

"What took you so long?" Ebony made the mistake of turning away. She could almost feel his palm before he actually made contact with her face. The sting caught her off guard and the tears welled up in her eyes before she could stop them. "I, I'm sorry I was late Sir. It won't happen again." He slapped her again. "Of that I am sure Ebony".  

     Her eyes strayed over to the table. And the site of the items laid upon it made her smile. "I knew you would be pleased", he said. He was talking into her ear and she shivered at his hot breath. He removed his knee from her crotch and his hand from her neck. Nodding his head toward the table, he bid her to go and look. 

     Ebony gazed with admiration, at the different items he had brought. Ebony gave him her bag, so that he could remove the contents she had brought. “I see you have some new items", he said, as he admired her new items of pleasure/pain. There was a wooden paddle and her leather strap.  

     He loved the thick purple and black handle on the strap. He thought of how nicely it would fit into his hand when he got to use it on her back and ass. He picked it up and Ebony watched as he closed his hand around it. Her eyes sparkled as she watched him take two practiced swings.  

     Ebony turned back and was studying the table, when her eyes glanced at the rope, clamps, body oil, and large tube of lubricant. She could feel her heart begin to beat faster. Then, her heart sunk, as her eyes stopped at the cane. She disliked its sting, but knowing the effect it had on her, he brought it with him every time they met.  

     He was the first and only person to use a cane on her. It was an experience, the likes of which she had never felt before. The thing she couldn't understand, is why she looked forward to seeing it every time. She dreaded seeing it, but the sight of it caused her pussy to throb and pulse.  

     Ebony also noticed the enema bottle, but that was a given. He loved anal play, but only in an extremely clean ass. Ebony made her way to the bed and stood at the edge. "Take off your outer clothes, but leave on your bra and panties". She removed her clothing and stood facing the bed in her black satin and lace bra and panties.  

     "Hands and knees!" His voice was hard and cold. Ebony made her way onto the bed. She was on her hands and knees, and her ponderous tits hung straight down. He came up behind her, and guided her hands and arms straight out and in front of her. This caused her chest to fall onto the bed and her ass to raise high in the air, fully exposed.  

      Ebony felt her panties being slowly pulled down across her cheeks. He pushed them no further than the bottom of her rounded cheeks. She shivered involuntarily, as she felt him slowly insert the tip of the enema bottle. The tip had to be about 4 inches long and he slowly worked it in and out of her tight muscle. Ebony couldn’t help it when her body began to rock to his rhythm.  

     He had bought a larger bottle than usual, and he squeezed it slowly. Ebony could feel her stomach filling with every ounce of fluid it contained. He loved this part. Watching her squirm, as she fought to hold it all. Knowing that she would be punished if she loosed one single drop. As the fluid fill her stomach, Ebony felt small cramps begin to hit her. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold it long.  

     Her eyes were closed; her breathing was ragged, as she tried to relax. She felt him move from behind her and opened her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him go over to the table. She didn't dare move more than that, so she was unable to see what he brought back to the bed with him. She would feel soon enough whatever it was. She didn't dare ask to be able to relieve herself, although she felt the overwhelming need to release.  

     "WHAP" The familiar feel of the cane made her body shiver. “This is what you want!” “WHAP” This is what you need! Isn't it Ebony?" His words more statement than question. "Yes Sir! Yes it is." She felt the cane several more times on different parts of her ass and upper thighs, before she was allowed to go relieve herself.

He helped her to her feet, and she made her way to the bathroom on legs that felt like they would barely support her. When she was done, she took a shower and delighted in the hot water on her skin. She dried her self off, and slowly opened the bathroom door. She peeked out to see him sitting in a chair.  

     "Come here. Now!" Ebony started to walk when he stopped her. "Is that how you are to come to me when you are finished and cleaned up?" Lowering her head, Ebony sank down to her knees. She made her way to him on her hands and knees, almost crawling to his chair. Ebony wasn't big into humiliation, but this was nothing compared to some of the other things she knew he made other women do. If this was the most humiliating thing he asked of her, she knew this was a piece of cake.  

     Ebony was half way across the room, before he got up from the couch. He met her, in the middle of the floor. His rock-hard cock pointing straight out before him. Ebony's head came up and her mouth made contact immediately. He fed it between her lips and she took in every inch of him. Like a hungry child suckling the last drop of milk from a mother’s tit, she sucked him.  

     She parted her lips and placed the head in her mouth. Taking care not to rush, or go too fast, she slowly licked the tip. Then her lips parted, and it slid slowly and gently in her mouth. She licked every inch, her tongue moving up and down, back and forth. She wanted to make sure she was wetting it entirely.  

     Placing his balls in her hand, she stroked them with her fingers while lightly sucking his cock. He soon had given her every inch. It was partially down her throat. She could tell she was pleasing him, and that only made her all the more excited. Letting go of his balls, she gently wrapped her hands around his shaft. Taking care to start stroking it slowly. Her excitement grew and so did her intensity, as she worked her hand faster, while sucking and licking harder.  

     She could feel herself getting hotter. She could hardly stand it. Ebony began stroking it faster. Her hand was pumping his dick like mad, as she continued to lick and suck him. She loved the feel of it sliding in and out of her mouth. She began to pick up the pace as she felt and tasted the familiar taste of pre-cuman>. She knew that it was almost time. She would soon feel his reward, as it filled her mouth and slid down her throat.

Ebony wrapped her hands around his waist and began deep throating him, while twirling the head with her tongue. She couldn’t help the soft whimpering that escaped her throat. Even though she could just imagine how wanton it made her seem. She could tell he was close to climax. She picked up the pace even more.  

     With his cock buried completely down her throat, she could feel her tongue slide across his balls. How she wished she could push it deep in his ass as she continued to suck his cock. He jerked his dick free just as his cum shot from the tip of his swollen dickhead. She could feel his cum start to flow over her breast.  Just when she herself was on the verge of her own orgasm, he stopped her. “Up on the bed!” 

To be continued

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