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Munch Directory

Munch: A discreet social gathering of BDSM people, usually in a restaurant, with the people dressed in "regular clothing". People usually exchange tricks and beliefs about the BDSM lifestyle, in a non threatening situation. A great way to meet others in the BDSM lifestyle safely.

Come find a gathering near you! Your munch group not listed? Get it added here!


Kansas City

Alternative Hedonistic Source
    AHS is an educational and social resource for those interested in BDSM and Fetish activities and lifestyles. AHS encourages adults who are interested in or curious about BDSM & fetish lifestyles and relationships to come together in one place to exchange scene related thoughts and ideas, and to become acquainted with others with similar interests.


Dark Whispers of the Soul
    A BDSM dungeon & social clublocated in Topeka, KS,
that promotes education, support and the opportunity to interact with others in the lifestyle in a safe and supportive environment. DWoTS strives to be welcoming and inclusive for those wanting to take that first step or just continue to grow in the lifestyle. Hopefully, you\'ll find one or more opportunities with DWoTS that are just what you need.



Total Planetary Exchange (TPE)

The overall theme is interplanetary. The beauty of this is that we ALL that in common whether Vulcan, betelguese, Twilek, earth or transvestites from transsexual Transylvania.

An all inclusive company of individuals including several smaller subgroups which are represented by homeworlds. Each homeworld has its own unique theme and flavor.

The Purple Planet is the first homeworld of the TPE.

We are absolutely community minded. Members of the TPE are not required to join a specific group, stay with a specific group, or even be in a subgroup at all. You do however get out of TPE what you put into it.

This is a real time community, we will have hangouts, get togethers and interplanetary gatherings.

We are all from different worlds, but can still work together for a stronger community.