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Munch Directory

Munch: A discreet social gathering of BDSM people, usually in a restaurant, with the people dressed in "regular clothing". People usually exchange tricks and beliefs about the BDSM lifestyle, in a non threatening situation. A great way to meet others in the BDSM lifestyle safely.

Come find a gathering near you! Your munch group not listed? Get it added here!

Munch Directory

Munches are social gatherings of kinky people where you can meet and greet others in a safe environment. To find a munch group near you; browse the directory by state. If your group isn't listed, please submit it to the directory so that others may find you!

Alabama (12)Alaska (2)Arizona (8)
Arkansas (7)California (28)Colorado (6)
Conneticut (3)Delaware (1)District of Columbia (5)
Florida (19)Georgia (4)Hawaii (1)
Idaho (3)Illinois (7)Indiana (5)
Iowa (8)Kansas (3)Kentucky (7)
Louisiana (6)Maine (1)Maryland (3)
Massachusettes (8)Michigan (7)Minnesota (6)
Mississippi (3)Missouri (12)Montana (0)
Nebraska (0)Nevada (4)New Hampshire (3)
New Jersey (4)New Mexico (5)New York (17)
North Carolina (9)North Dakota (1)Ohio (8)
Oklahoma (3)Oregon (5)Pennsylvania (9)
Rhode Island (0)South Carolina (2)South Dakota (0)
Tennessee (5)Texas (16)Utah (1)
Vermont (2)Virgin Islands (0)Virginia (5)
Washington (5)West Virginia (2)Wisconsin (5)
Wyoming (2)