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A searchable database of famous BDSM quotes, random quotes and quotations and favorite signature lines organized by tags and author. Collected from various sources from famous people to those living right next door.

Browse away to your amusement, and feel free to add some quotes yourself.

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Abraham Lincoln(1)Aerosmith(1)Albert Camus(1)Albert Einstein(1)
Alex Noble(1)Alexander Lowen(1)Alfred Hitchcock(1)Alfred Hitchock(1)
Allan Sherman(1)Anais Nin(5)Ancient Egyptian woman's slave contract(1)Anna Freud(1)
Anne Rice(3)Annie Flanders(1)Anonymous(9)Antigonus of Sokho(1)
Antoine de Saint-Exupery(2)Audre Lorde(2)Ayn Rand(1)Benjamin Franklin(3)
Bette Midler(1)Betty Grable(1)Billie Piper(1)Brendan Francis(1)
Brian Setzer(1)Buddha(1)Carl Jung(1)Charles Levin(1)
Chidvilasananda(1)Christina Abernathy(1)D.H. Lawrence(2)D.J. Acrey(1)
Dag Hammarskjold(2)DarkSadistLust(1)David Bowie(1)Desmond Ravenstone(1)
DominaBlue(1)Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Liszt(1)Douglas Adams(1)Dr. Justin Hale(1)
Edmund Spenser(1)Eduardo(1)Elizabeth(1)Elton John(1)
Emma Goldman(1)English Proverb(2)Erich Fromm(1)Eugene T. Ware(1)
Eva Longoria(1)Father Mark ( Sagan(1)Frank Herbert(1)
Friedrich von Schiller(1)Germaine Greer(1)Gershon Legman(1)Gilbert Sorrentino(1)
Goethe(1)Graffito(1)Guillaume Apollinaire(1)Guy Baldwin(1)
Helen Rowland(1)Henri de Montherlant(1)Henry David Thoreau(1)Henry Kissinger(1)
His pet elizabeth(1)Humphrey Bogart(1)Hunter S. Thompson(1)J. Edgar Hoover(1)
J. Mikael Togneri(3)Jack Rinella(3)Jacqueline Carey(1)James Baldwin(1)
James M. Barrie(1)Jane Austen(1)Jean de La Fontaine(1)Jim Rohn(1)
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe(2)John Boyle O'Reilly(1)John Burroughs(1)John Donne (1)
John Lyly(1)John Norman(1)John Updike(1)John Warren, Ph.D(1)
Joseph Bean(1)Joseph Campbell(1)Joseph W. Bean(1)Kahlil Gibran(2)
Kalani Dagger(1)Katharine Hepburn(1)Khalil Gibran(1)Lady Ravinia(1)
Laura Antoniou(1)Laura Goodwin(1)Leo Tolstoy(1)Leopold von Sacher-Masoch(1)
Linda(1)Lord Byron(1)Lori Petty(1)Louise Andreas-Salomé(1)
Margaret Atwood(1)Margaret Cho(1)Margaret Thatcher(1)Marlene Dietrich(1)
Marquis De Sade(9)Mary McLeod Bethune(1)Master Alan(1)Master Nik(1)
Miguel de Cervantes(1)Mistress Steel(1)Mitch Kessler(1)Monty Phython's Flying Circus(1)
Mrs. Patrick Campbell(1)Nicholas Evans(1)Oliver Wendell Holmes(1)Oprah Winfrey(1)
Oscar Wilde(1)Pablo Neruda(1)Pauline Reage(1)Petrarch(1)
Philip Roth(1)Plato(1)Playboy(1)Proverb(1)
Proverbs 1:7(1)Rabindranath Tagore(1)Rachel Field(1)Ralph Waldo Emerson(1)
Raven Greywalker (Lilith)(1)Rick Umbaugh(1)Rob Brezsny(1)Robert Browning(1)
Robert Heinlein(1)Robert Sexton(1)Rollo May(1)Ron (1)
Rumi(1)Sandra West Prowell(1)Sanford Wilson(1)Scottish Proverb(1)
Sensuous Sadie(2)Shelagh Delaney(1)Sir C(1)Sir Peter Mclaughlin(1)
Sophie B. Hawkins(1)Starhawk(1)Stephen King(1)Supreme Mistress Kajun(1)
Tallulah Bankhead(1)The Allman Brothers(1)Thomas Merton(1)Thomas Szasz(1)
Tom Robbins(1)U2(1)Unknown(14)Victor Lownes(1)
Walt Whitman(1)William Henkin(1)William Shakespeare(6)yourdesireismine(1)
~Colley Cibber, Lady's Last Stake(1)