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Munch Directory

Munch: A discreet social gathering of BDSM people, usually in a restaurant, with the people dressed in "regular clothing". People usually exchange tricks and beliefs about the BDSM lifestyle, in a non threatening situation. A great way to meet others in the BDSM lifestyle safely.

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Southern MN kinky community
    Plain clothes group that meets the second wed and third sunday in mankato. there is more information here 


    The Atons, founded in 1972, is one of the nation's oldest active gay men's Leather / Levi social fraternity. We are dedicated to promoting a positive image of our lifestyle through our various social activities.

Knights of Leather
     The Knights of Leather is a private, pansexual leather, bdsm social organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesota Stocks, Debentures and Bonds
     MSDB is a Minnesota-based organization for people who are actively involved or seriously interested in BDSM lifestyles and activities. MSDB provides social and educational activities and information to its members and to the BDSM community at large. Membership is open to adults 18 or older, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, or physical ability.

Twin Cities

Minnesota Kinky Youngsters
    Our aim is to reach local people between the ages of 18-35 to help them make informed decisions on their lifestyle choices through educational classes and recreational gatherings.

    An organization for the Leather, B&D, D/S, S&M, and other kinky acronym people in the Twin City area. We promote erotic play that is safe, sane, and consensual. We are pansexual, pro-freedom, and pro-sex.