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Munch Directory

Munch: A discreet social gathering of BDSM people, usually in a restaurant, with the people dressed in "regular clothing". People usually exchange tricks and beliefs about the BDSM lifestyle, in a non threatening situation. A great way to meet others in the BDSM lifestyle safely.

Come find a gathering near you! Your munch group not listed? Get it added here!



Columbia Erotic Power Exchange

CEPE exists to provide a social, supportive and educational forum for its members for the safe, sane and consensual exploration of the practices and variations in alternative lifestyles in a safe and socially fun atmosphere. Our Munches are open to the public (adults only please), and are held in accessiblerestaurants in and near Columbia. Dress is casual (discreet collars are welcome), no invitation is required, and all guests are expected to pay their own fare.

Joplin/ Neosho

Leather and Silk

Kansas City

Alternative Hedonistic Source
    Monthly Meetings First Saturday of Every Month.

6:30-7:30 Social Hour
7:30-9:00 Discussion Meeting/Demo
9:00-11:00 Open Social Time.

Monthly Socials: Third Friday of Every month.

We are doing something different each month for the Socials we are roating them through the Kansas City area each month so if you have a bar you

KC Pioneers
    The KC Pioneers are a 501(c)3 charitable Leather/Levi organization. The members work together to help the leather and gay community to grow stronger and be better understood and accepted. The objectives of the club are to bring people with a common interest in the Leather/Levi lifestyle, to act as an agent for the distribution of information relating to that lifestyle, and to advance the camaraderie and friendship within its membership and with the gay community at large.

MAsT: Masters And slaves Together
     MAsT exists as a support group for individuals involved in, or interested in, the Dominant/submissive or Master/slave lifestyle. MAsT National Inc. was established in 1988. MAsT provides an opportunity and forum for like-minded individuals to come together for discussion of issues that concern Dominants and submissives or Master and slaves, share ideas, and gain/share knowledge of the Master/slave lifestyle


Rolla Kinksters

Open group for local people into extreme fetishes...All over the age of 21 are welcome to join.

Munches held once a month at local restaurants. 


Springfield Masters and slaves
    Springfield Masters and Slaves is an organization for those interested in the BD&SM lifestyle. Members living in Southwest Missouri (especially the Springfield area) find our group is a wonderful way to meet others in the BD&SM lifestyle.



This is a live meeting group in Springfield, Missouri for people over the age of 21. We believe follow Safe, Sane, Consensual, This group has been created to help provide a safe place for lifestyler\'s to learn ,grow, and socialize

Please be honest and yourself , We have a munch/meeting every third Saturday of each month. We hope to see you there, RSVPing onlist is the only way to get the adress and info, but you are invited. All get togethers advertised on this list or at group events should be OPEN to ALL members. To select individuals and advertise on-list or at parties is often called Trolling and is a NO NO.

This group has a Dungeon complete with Suspension area, aftercare space, fully working metal cage, St. Andrews Cross, 3 benches, Violet Wand, and wax spa as well as lots of supplies and toys. Our Dungeon is Always set-up. Would Love to show it to you soon, Once your a trusted member the Dungeon is open for your private use.

St. Louis

FLOG: Fetish Lifestyle Open Group
    F.L.O.G. was founded in December 1998 to specifically address the St. Louis scene and its ever growing and changing needs. F.L.O.G. is dedicated to providing an open, friendly, safe, and educational atmosphere all under one roof. All F.L.O.G. asks in return is that you come with a willingness to learn as well as educate, and to come with an open mind to diversity and an open heart to acceptance.

PEP-St. Louis
    PEP-St. Louis is a pansexual BDSM educational and support group for those 21 years of age and older.

St Louis Leather and Lace
    St Louis Leather & Lace (StL3) is a group dedicated to the free expression of alternative lifestyles and forms of loving. Located in St Louis, Missouri, the group was formed in early 1997 to meet the needs of a growing BDSM community in the St Louis Metro area.

St. Louis Scene