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The Iron Gate

A wealth of information with just a click of the mouse. This BDSM Knowledge base site information guide has all the tools you need to make the most of your experience here at the Iron Gate. From site maps and banners to contact forms and history; it can all be found here.

Banner Exchange

Banners can be shared with the Iron Gate. Your banner will show up randomly on the site just above the content.

A few rules for submitting banners for the Exchange:

  1. Your banner must be 468x60 pixels. Shorter banners are fine; wider ones are not.
  2. Links are not for profit. You will not make money on these links and neither will The Iron Gate.
  3. You must have a link or banner to the Iron Gate on the page you submit to us for linking. It will be checked regularly. If the link is missing your banner will be removed.
  4. Feel free to use this collection of Iron Gate Banners for your site.

Still Interested? Submit your banner now!

Current Sites Sharing Banners

Adult Full Tilt banner

Adventures of a HeadMistress banner

BDSM Rights banner banner

Dark Erotic Art banner

Eibon banner

FetLife banner

IdahoBDSM banner

InBondage! banner

Kink Aware Professionals banner

Kinkysexlink banner

Mistress Cristal banner

Mistress160’s Abode banner

Mystic Radio - Adult BDSM Live Internet Radio banner

Mystress Lady Evyl banner

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom banner

Seeking Keyholders banner

Sir Knight's Realm banner

Temple Of Domination & submission banner

The BDSM Circle banner

The Enigmatic Angel banner

Twisted Monk banner banner