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Irresponsible Masters

Author: Mystik

Filed in: dominance, submission, definitions

The slave is equal in personality, human rights and dignity. There are those who feel that the slave gives up her rights once she becomes her Master’s property. Wrong! First, she has the right to walk out of the relationship anytime she wants. Preventing her from leaving the house can get you arrested. Men advocating “she has no rights” nonsense are irresponsible. They are preaching to women, “this is the only way,” implying, “accept whoever the man is.” There are dangerous men only playing at Master/slave, or men who are getting the wrong message out that anything goes. Merely pontificating, “the man is obligated to protect the slave,” does not mean he will. A man saying, “Hey, you consented to have no rights,” is saying, “so even if I am harming you emotionally, I don’t care.” Regardless of a man’s powers, he must not abuse the trust placed on him by saying he is all-knowing and knows all her emotional limits. She may not even know them. She agrees to be powerless, as long as the man does not abuse her trust in him. If these men preach that the slave must be protected, then it is irresponsible (by their own admission) to tell her, go out in the world and ignore her true self. That is the very reason she is looking to be a slave, to be her true self. If her true self says, “I must say something, this feels damaging to me,” then she must be encouraged to voice her feelings, and know she has rights, as well as human dignity. She must know that if she links up with an emotional abuser, she has not failed as a slave to leave him – it is he who has failed. There are many such cases! A woman should stay clear of any man who fails to say she is a human being first. She should then ask him how many women have left him over the years (who were possibly scarred for life). A woman will enter into slavery and follow her Master wherever He goes; He need not fear that she has rights as some kind of threat to His power, IF HE IS A TRUE MASTER.

One example of irresponsibility in regards to a slave's rights and developing trust in her Master are "safe words."

“Safe words”: A safe word is a signal to the Master to stop, in case the slave is overwhelmed and MUST stop. She may act out wanting Him to stop at certain times when she may actually want Him to continue, so there must be a specific word or signal when she means it. There are those who object to giving the slave this power; after all, she is a slave. This is rubbish. I only have to mention one overriding consideration. What if she has a condition (whether she knows it or not) and must seek medical attention at a given moment? Is some fool going to tell me to ignore it, even at the cost of her life? SAFE WORDS ARE NECESSARY! Let’s say, beyond that, the slave has consented to be powerless without a safe word, and she has explicitly consented to each thing beforehand. Sex is not always planned. What if at the moment He takes her she is overwhelmed with grief at losing a loved one and must stop? Or what if she is not experienced and only says, “Do whatever you want,” but finds herself needing to stop at all costs? I don’t care what she said, or what a man told her to expect. At that point she does NOT CONSENT. To ignore this is a clue: the man is sick, that is, he does not care about her emotional well-being (seek help). He does not even care about the imperative that the Master/slave relationship is CONSENSUAL. To complain that it limits the man’s power is silly. There are already limits. The man enters a fantasy world of TRUST. His power is based on fantasy, AND AGREEMENT. She has NOT failed Him. He cannot accuse her of not wishing to fulfill His command. She may need more time to get used to a thing. As in all relationships, they must be willing to work things out. If a man refuses to give her a safe word, a woman MUST assume the man is dangerous.

Abuse is NOT merely subjective. If a man doesn't care about her emotional needs, he is merely playing out juvenile fantasies.

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