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Response to the Copyright Issue

Author: Purr

Filed in: emblem, controversy

I think it's important, especially in a group of writers, that we reiterate that not everything that is posted on the internet may be 100% factual. Even if the facts are correct, interpretations vary according to personal perspective. I will not declare that the article mentioned above is not correct, but I will go as far as saying that we all need to remember perspective and how peoples emotions sometimes get tied up in their writing.

There are many viewpoints to this, and the most important thing is to remember that while a specific action by a specific person is a matter of complaint, that does not make the person an otherwise bad person. I do hope that there are enough clear minds and hearts that can see that this should not taint what the BDSM symbol means to many of us and to the community. This also does not make the person mentioned an evil person.

I am certain that not every person who has had been involved in the articles proclamations has had the same response. I did have more than one contact with Quagmyr and several discussions about use, proliferation and copyright issues. I was specifically told that it was not copyrighted. The only request that was made was a link to the site or somewhere posting the explanation of the creation and reasoning for the symbol. I agree that it's important to know WHY it was made the way it was, and what it was intended to symbolize. Yes, it can evolve for other people, but there is a reason for those holes, for that size, shape or whatever else.

If you've ever bought a piece of jewelry or other items from this person, you may notice that every one has an explanation of what it means. That is the only request I was ever faced with. To make sure that when a person received it, they know what went into it and why. Good enough for me. I think it's a beautiful symbol, and I think that the seller of the items deserves some credit for not only creating the items, but for explaining their meanings in a heartfelt and understandable way.

As for symbology in general. Symbols do make for handy little shortcuts for us humans to think we know something about another person. But, can we ever be sure that the person is aware of the same meanings of a symbol that you are aware of? I've seen complete newbies who have "known about the lifestyle" for all of a few weeks sporting not only the symbol mentioned above, but several others. At that point, they don't even know what they mean, much less know if they have their own connection to them. At least trying to make sure that a purchaser has a copy of what it means in their hand at some point helps people to understand more and respect it more. It may be a good symbol to have on a website for BDSM groups, but without meaning, it just becomes art. Art is good, art is fine, but if it becomes a "symbol", then it has meaning, and it's good to know at least where the intent was.

I have no criticism for the author of the article, but I do hope that others do not change their viewpoints just because something was published. There was not a lot of "seeing both sides" from what I read of the article, and that may have made me feel a bit more comfortable. It seemed more like a rant/vent, than a point to ponder. I accept and own that it is my own perspective in reading. Others may have read it differently. I can accept that we all interpret things differently. I hope that other readers can have open minds as well and not just assume that it is a reason to turn our backs on an important tools and symbol for our community just because someone published their own perspective and experiences.


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