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Giving a Grade A Blowjob

Author: angel

Filed in: fellatio, blowjobs, giving a blowjob, technique

Giving a hummer is an art. Everyone who has the great luck to take a cock lovingly into their mouth should know what they are doing. Here are a few tricks i use.

1) Enthusiasm. You should look at your man's cock like it is a delicious treat you cannot wait to devour. Notice the satiny texture of the skin, the delicious sounds he makes as you take him in, and the taste of his warm flesh. These all delight your senses and make you enjoy the act more. Men love to be wanted. If you approach giving a blowjob with glee rather than a sense of duty, half of the battle is already won.

2) Your tongue. Your tongue does most of the work for you. Even if you can't deep throat, you can give a stellar blowjob if you learn to use your tongue. Before attempting to put his dry dick into your mouth, lick it. Begin at the base and lick up the shaft like it is a popsicle. Let your tongue press tight against him up the shaft and when you get to the head flicker around the sensitive skin once. Repeat this several times beginning with the front, and then each side. Finally curve your tongue around the back and lick up one last time. Now that his pecker is moistened, it will go into your mouth easier and you are ready for your treat! Even as you stroke his cock in and out of your mouth, let your tongue swirl around his penis. Be sure to lick the underside of the head often, that's a very sensitive spot!

3) His balls. Don't neglect his balls. Cup them lightly in your hand from the very beginning. Stroke them softly. Occasionally bob off of his cock all together and use the popsicle lick technique on his testicals. No part of his genitalia should be left out! Be careful sucking on them though, they are very sensitive. Sucking is good, just be very gentle.

4) The soundtrack. Don't try to stifle those slurping sounds! He wants to hear them. Let him hear you slurp. Moan a bit and even try humming. The vibrations from your mouth can give him extremely pleasurable sensations.

5) Ask! J loves for me to coo, "Can i please suck your cock?" Knowing i desperately want him in my mouth heightens his pleasure.

i'll cover deep throating in another article. For now, i hope some of these tips help!

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