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The Gamblers 9

Author: Diana

Filed in: CELTs, series

I was waiting the next morning when she opened her bedroom door just as I had been a week before.

Again, she was barefooted, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, with wet hair. She stopped when she saw me waiting. She still looked weak, but surprisingly healthy.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Fine Master,” she answered head down. I looked her over. My arms were crossed and I was leaning against the second-floor railing.

“Strip,” I said quietly.

Moving quickly, she removed her clothes, leaving the thong in place without being told. I was amazed at her instantaneous, unquestioning response. Obviously, there was fear involved—she didn’t want to go back to the safe-room—but there was something more, much more. She had obeyed me without thinking…instinctually. I was beginning to understand what she meant by a “power relationship.”

I circled her in the wide hallway, reaching out to feel the new muscle growth in her arms and legs. I was especially impressed with her flat stomach and abs, which showed just a faint hint of the hardness underneath. I had the distinct impression of velvet-covered metal, yet nothing was bulging. Her torments had been designed to harden existing muscle rather than build ugly bulk. Silently, I congratulated myself. I didn’t think it was possible, but she looked even better than before, even more desirable. I could feel myself getting hard.

“Dress,” I ordered. Immediately she put her clothes back on. “You look even more beautiful,” I said. I could see a faint smile cross her face. I returned to leaning against the hallway railing with my arms crossed. She stood barefooted, very straight with her head down and her hands at her side.

“I’m going away on a business trip for a few days,” I said in a conversational tone. “I’ll be back late on Friday. I’ve left you some money on my desk. There’s plenty of food in the kitchen.”

I waited a minute and then continued. “You can come and go as you like until I get back. You’re free to use anything in the house, including the computer, just don’t touch anything in my desk. I’ve added you as a guest on my system, Jesse…Jesse.”

She remained silent. “On Saturday morning, we’ll be driving upstate. I’ve arranged for you to get some specialized training. You’ll be gone for two weeks.”

She raised her head and looked at me curiously, but just responded with a quiet, “yes, Master.”

I guess I had hoped for a change in attitude, sadly I realized that that was asking too much. She could not act respectfully and with familiarity at the same time. Being a real master was going to be lonely.

“I left you some coffee downstairs if you want it,” I said. Then I turned and went back to my room, closing the door. The first thing I did was jerk off; abstinence around her was going to be hard, I thought. Then I finished packing. When I came out, she was gone. What did I expect, a good-bye kiss? I carried my suitcase downstairs.

She was waiting for me by the front door, naked except for the thong and kneeling, with her head down. She looked incredibly luscious and it took all the willpower I had not to nail her right there on the floor. Instead, I stepped around her kneeling body to get my jacket.

“May I speak, Master?” she asked. This was the first time she had asked to speak since the basement.

“Yes,” I replied.

Then she looked up at me and said simply, “Please fuck me before you go.” It was the genuine sexual hunger of a 22-year old girl, but there was something more. Behind the sex was a barely hidden plea to give her back some of the control she had lost, to restore her ego.

After a week of manhandling her naked body, there was nothing, literally nothing that I wanted more than to fuck her, but I knew that giving in now would be a step back. I was resolved to stick to the plan which meant no sex for a while. Luckily, I had also just jerked off.

“No, not yet,” I said in a matter-of-fact way. Then, without looking at her, I said, “Please be ready to leave at 10 on Saturday;” then I left.

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