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Links Tagged: Consent

Consent Counts

The goal of this project is to create language that clarifies what we do as consensual adults and to make it clear that existing criminal laws, such as battery, should not apply to our activities.  On a broader perspective, the goal is to decriminalize consensual sex, rather than just limiting the drive to just BDSM.  This project is not working to legalize BSDM with laws that protect our community.  We believe that focusing on decriminalizing our activities is the most effective and direct way to have a positive impact on our community at this time.

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Tagged: legal, consent, activism
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Twisted Castle

Twisted Castle is a BDSM educational site run by a community of BDSM lifestylers. It also serves as the web presence for the Twisted Castle play space in Northern California.

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Tagged: consent
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SSC Academy

A safe place for the curious submissive to learn to be her very best self through curriculum, submissive fellowship, and the guidance of Sir. Mainly geard for female subs but all are welcome.

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Tagged: consent
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