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The links provided here are a diverse listing of all things fetish sorted by tags. Browsing other resources in your learning is greatly encouraged. There are over 500 links here for you to peruse. The Iron Gate is always accepting new, fresh links. If you would like to add your link to this database, please submit it here!

Links Tagged: Age play

Guardian Island Adult Ageplay Resort

Virtual playspace of adults in ageplay relationships

Visits: 240
Tagged: age play, online
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Understanding Infantilism

People like me, and those with diaper fetishes, are called "Infantilists." Infantilism is a variation, a range of desires that have a.common theme: Diapers and babyhood. If you're an infantilist that is just getting connected, or if your not, but just found out that someone you know is, then you're bound to have lots of questions.

Visits: 125
Tagged: age play
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Zopop's Zen Diaper Palace

This page was created for a few reasons. The first is to provide the AB community at large with a no-nonsense Web Page that serves as a good starting off link.

Visits: 298
Tagged: age play, nappies, diapers
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