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Lifestyle Poetry

Lyrical, rhyming and passionate words are a beauty to this Lifestyle. Enter into the creative muse, the mind of submissives and Dominants alike. Find just the right words to express how you are feeling from someone who was able to use their inner voices.

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Poetry by Greg's little one

A Slave's Prayer by Greg's little one
Filed in: submission, prayer, rhyme

Please let me forever be open to learn and understand. Please let my service be absolute, To accept His guiding hand.   Please let me have patience, when angry, hurt, or full of doubt. Please let[...]

Dangers of her Darkness by Greg's little one
Filed in: tears, waiting

Here alone, in this bed, i wish these thoughts, would leave my head. These thoughts of dout,anger, hurt. Go away now, you cannot lurk. Its quiet here, in this place. Once again, naked i wait. My te[...]

Forgettable by Greg's little one
Filed in: memory, faded, forgettable

Hey you! Hey!Do you see me?Am i still here? Or am i just a memory thats faded.Here at your fingertips.Do you remember how i made you feel?Do you have any idea how you made me feel?i scream inside my h[...]

Infections of the Heart by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, memories, loss

Insatiable desires were lostWith every lie in your eye.i gave and gaveDid you even try?   Nothing remainsOf what we use to be.i'm holding onto nothingAlone with only me.   You laughed at[...]

Ranes Chair by Greg's little one
Filed in: rhyme, desire, sadness, ache

Sitting here in your chairYou’re around me everywhereSitting here for you to seeNothing more than just meMy heart breaks for you tonightI am finished with this fightMy soul cries for you once mo[...]

Slaves Need by Greg's little one
Filed in: desire, need, waiting

There is a need, inside this little one. A need that is much more, than just some fun. i need Him near, to see His eyes. i need to show Him, whats inside. i need Him beside me, to feel His arms. i n[...]

The morning after by Greg's little one
Filed in: submission, memories, awake, morning

Awakining arms around me warmth,comfort Contentment.   Scents lingering Inhaling deeply lips turning slowly upward Safety   Fingers searching His hand tight in my hair My lips forced up to [...]

Why by Greg's little one
Filed in: surrender, devotion, anger, choice

At times i'm so angry,  and then hear His voice. i'm quickly reminded,  this life was my choice. As quick as it comes,  its seems to fade away. In Him i find comfort,  At [...]