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Ceremony of Submission

Author: Ds Kiosk

Filed in: collars, ceremony

To be conducted privately after dark, with prior knowledge and consent of both participating parties.


Buyer (later becomes the Master)

Girl (later becomes the Slave)

To the Girl:

This booklet describes an important ceremony in which you surrender yourself to a person who will be your Master for an agreed period of time. Before you submit yourself you must understand that the change in your status to that of a slave will be a profound one, and will affect you in every aspect of your inner life.

Slavery is not a new invention; it has been practiced among humans since the dawn of time. It is sanctioned in all the religious writings and philosophies of the world; and until recently, it has been the most notable fact of life for the majority of people on this earth. Slavery is therefore not unnatural but a very human condition.

As you dedicate your mind and your body to your Master and his pleasure remember that to willingly give up your freedom for another's cause is also not a strange thing and one that has found its resonances and echoes throughout the ages of human history. But you, dear girl, are surrendering yourself not to some ideal or cause, nor for the sake of money or glory, but to the warm pleasure of a Master who will delight in you and who will delight in your submission and whose delight will quicken your delight, if indeed it is not already growing inside you like a seed.

Pain and suffering have always been the lot of human kind, and in this, your fate will be no different. Pain and suffering may be avoided, it is true, but just as nothing worthwhile has ever been obtained for free, so equally will much be purchased by your promised agonies. Remember that the more you are punished, the more your master loves you. So crave his love and punishment day by day for it is only by experiencing the one will you ripen in the other

Items required:

Table, normal height

Candle, white

Gift from Girl to Buyer: something small that the Girl chooses to offer the Buyer that symbolizes the essence of herself

Slave Collar and Chain (not attached)

Whip or Riding Crop

Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

Large Dildo

Black Blindfold (placed on side of bed)

Ropes (tied to four corners of the bed in preparation)

White Flower (eg a carnation or rose) that the Girl carries as a symbol of her purity

A small cushion may be provided if necessary for the Girl/ Slave to kneel on. This should be placed on the floor in front of the table.

It is the duty of the Girl to ensure that all the arrangements are made beforehand in a satisfactory manner.


The Girl should dress predominantly in white to begin with, but should also have discreetly placed nearby a change of clothes all in black for the latter part of the ceremony. Both costumes should make it clear that she is offering her body to the Buyer and should appeal to her Buyer's sexual tastes. She should make herself up and perfume herself with care. The Buyer will be dressed as he wishes. The Buyer holds a copy of the booklet and leads the Girl through the ceremony.

General Behavior:

The Girl should at all times behave herself modestly but not attempt to hide her private parts from her Buyer/ Master. Her voice should be low but not a whisper and she should keep her head down and shoulders bowed forward in an attitude of submission. Although much is not expected of her during the ceremony save to respond to her Buyer who will later be her Master, she should attempt to memorize the contents of this booklet. On no account may she correct or prompt the Buyer, less still, her Master.

The Ceremony

On the table is set a lighted candle. No other light in the room is shining. Placed in front is the Gift. The other items are arranged behind the candle. The Buyer stands to one side of the table as the Girl makes her way slowly to stand in front of him, eyes cast down. She stands with her arms linked in front of her, holding her flower. The Buyer may read the introduction of this booklet to her while she stands before him.

The Giving of Consent by the Girl:

B:      Do you come here of your own free will?
G: I do.
B: Do you freely accept that the length of
your service is to be of [time] duration
from today the *nth day of the nth month
of 199* till midnight of the last day of the
same month of 199*?
G: I do.
B: Do you solemnly swear by all the things
you hold most good and holy and cherish most
dearly and love most fiercely that you will
give of yourself to me utterly, completely,
without let or hindrance to my enjoyment
of you for the length of your service?
G: I do.

The Girl makes her Vows:

B: Repeat after me:
I solemnly swear to submit to your will, in mind
[touches G's forehead] heart [touches G's
breast] and soul [touches G's labia]. [G
repeats, as B prompts by touching the same
I solemnly swear to obey you instantly, without reserve
and without hesitation in whatever you ask of me. [G repeats]
I solemnly swear to look beautiful in your
eyes, and to sound gracious in your ears.
[G repeats]
[B may lift G's chin to look her in the eyes. G
should thrust her breasts forward inasmuch as she is
able to and then cast her eyes back down.]

The Girl declares Understanding of her Fate:

B: Repeat your understanding after me. I am
your Lord.
G: You are my Lord.
B: I am your Master.
G: [responds in same manner to the remainder]
I am your Husband.
I am your Owner.
You are my slave.
You are my wife.
You are my slut.
I own your body.
I own your mouth.
I own your sex.
You serve my body.
You serve my word.
You serve my penis.
[other items may be added by the Buyer to this litany]

The Master takes his Slave:

B: I now propose ourselves Master and Slave.
G: I understand, Master.

[B now becomes Master and G now becomes Slave.
After this pronouncement, M may slap S on the
face or other part of her body as he will.]

M: Now that I have taken possession of you
for the period, I will take your gift to me in
token of everything of yours I wish to
enjoy. [M takes Gift and places it about his
person]. Give me your flower, token of
your innocence [S gives M her flower and
kneels before him, hands joined behind her
back. M shreds the flower, petal by petal,
and both watch each petal drop to the floor
between them]. In the same way as I have
made use of this flower to the last petal, I
intend to make use of you. Now take off
all your clothes. [S takes off all her clothes
and adornments and kneels before M, hands
joined behind her back, legs slightly apart.]

The Master sets his Conditions:

M: Naked out of your father's house you came
to me, naked will you turn again.
No longer will you hold the stiff
yoke of your back upright in my
sight and no longer will your word
cross mine. Bend your neck and
receive your collar. [S bends neck to
have collar fastened to her]. Wear
this collar whenever I wish you to
do so.
It is fitting that a slave should be
made silent. Open your mouth and
receive your gag. [S opens mouth
and has gag fitted]. Speak only
when requested.
Your sex is for my pleasure.
Display your cunt. [S bends back to
display her cunt and Master inserts
the dildo into her sex as he pleases.]
My will penetrates your body's
barriers. [M may amuse himself with his
slave and the dildo].
Now prostrate yourself before me.
[S bows so her forehead touches the
ground before her M, and M puts his
foot on top of her head]. I am your
Lord and Master. You shall have
no other while I own you. I have
made you come awake from your
sleep and brought you into the
realm of my desire. [pause].
Arise now.

The nuptial Rite:

S may now rise and put on the lights, douse the candle and put on herself some scanty clothing, in black. Once these are worn, S will offer herself to M to have anklets and wrist cuffs put on, and S is fastened with her arms above her head and whipped until the skin is broken on each of her buttocks. A little of her blood is held up to her inspection on M's finger to signal the end of the whipping.

After whipping, M attaches the chain lead to S's collar and takes her to a bed where he may undo her gag to better enjoy her and commands her to have sex with him.

When all this has been done, S is blindfolded and fastened to the bed face down X wise and left to consider by herself how fortunate she has become for a period of time no less than 60 minutes. She should, if she can, say quietly to herself some of the words of the ceremony.

This ends the ceremony.

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