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Waxing/Candlemaking 101

Author: SadistOz

Filed in: wax play

Many of us have found that having a lit candle around the house is an enjoyable and calming aspect of decoration. Sometimes I have multiple candles lit around because the glow of the candles is very trance inducing. More so, many of us into the SM lifestyle have found that candles are not only creators of a wonderful ambiance, but they are used in a very intriguing way. Candles, used as devices during waxing play, can create a very sensual and thermal play effect.

Candles used for play are often purchased and are known as "container candles". This is because the candle is not released from a mold to stand- alone; rather, it stays in the mold and is burned there. Container candles are not all created equally and we need to be aware of this before playing with them.

Any candles made using beeswax are likely to be extremely hot, and not well liked by your average person in playing. Beeswax burns much slower then paraffin, is much denser and gets much hotter because it endures the heat from the flame of the wick. Paraffin is complex hydrocarbons that are a natural product of petroleum refining, has an oily texture to it and burns much more rapid then beeswax, making it cooler to the touch when melted.

Many have seen and/or purchased the tall glass container candles. They are available at candle shops, dollar stores and other places on a pretty available basis. These are excellent candles for use in a waxing scene, but also a note of caution. Some of these container candles include dyes to add color. These dyes increase the burning temperature of the wax itself and the darker the color, the warmer the wax when melted. Sometimes this temperature change is barely noticeable; sometimes it's more extreme depending on the amount and type of dye used. Also, fragrances added to candles also increase the temperature. The one thing to definitely avoid are the container candles that have had little "bits" added to them for design. Especially notable to avoid are the metallic flakes.

Once you use these candles, DO NOT DISCARD the glass container. If you don't want to reuse it, someone you know, probably will. The majority of the cost associated with purchasing this type of candle is the container itself. You can use this container over and over again and remake your own candles for very little money.

Going to a craft store you can by bricks of paraffin wax. This wax, along with some wire-core wicks, some wick tabs and a wick holder is all you need to create your own personal scene candles. You can even get some dyes and do your own thing there, as well. Once you are ready, you melt the wax as the instructions on the package recommend, and heat the empty glass container in a water bath of at least 100 degrees. Heat the outside, do not put water into the container. This will prevent them from cracking when pouring in the molten wax. Pour a very little wax into the bottom of the container, then with a wooden dowel, push the wire-core wick and wick tab into this wax, until it hardens. Attach the remaining wick out of the top of the container, into a centered wick holder and continue to fill the containers slowly so no air pockets form and leave about one half-inch space from the top of the container. It's just that simple!

And yes, some people have taken the same paraffin bricks and placed them into crock pots and ladled wax on, which is a wonderful effect, but something about the romantic flicker of the candle light has always added a certain sensuality to the waxing. Using both methods in unison could also be very wonderful.

Now, for use. Paraffin wax used in a scene as temperature play has many rewarding effects. The oils make the body feel good, and also many have found the temperature change something of an extreme. Again, with everything in this lifestyle, the tolerance of the person being waxed is what is the key here. Taking a container candle, blowing out the wick, then pouring the melted wax onto the body can also be soothing effect. Many that are waxed have not had a problem with their backs being worked on, including buttocks and legs. Genital areas are extremely responsive to the temperature change, which again, is also to the tolerance of the person. Frontal waxing is a dual effect play. Not only is the temperature play there, but without blindfold, the person is observing as the wax is being poured. Nipples, stomachs and the like being the main target areas to gain a quick response.

No matter what portion of the body, once a coat of wax is poured on, further coats have more of a warming effect, as opposed to a hot one. Also, body hair can be extremely interesting as this wax may anchor to it. I have a personal like for doing fireplay just prior to waxing so that even the finest of hairs are removed, and again, after I remove the wax with a knife, as the edgeplay just extends the scene for me, I again do a fireplay as I have noticed remnants of the oils from the paraffin ignite briefly.

As with all fireplay, including JUST candles, I always have my own personal fire extinguisher that cost about 10 bucks from a home center close at hand. No one is responsible for your play but you, so be prepared.

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