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Hot Wax

Author: Lady Gwyneth Rose

Filed in: how-to, wax play

Ahhh, hot candlewax... hot wax... even the sibilant sound as it rolls off the tongue is deliciously decadent... hot waxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsssssssssssss... much as the sound of the droplets hitting the flesh do sound.

Now... I have had experience in hot wax play. Here are a few of the tips and tricks of the trade, so to speak.

First, even though it is incredibly tempting to cover Your submissive/slave completely in hot wax, beware... the skin has to breathe so leave at least a small opening open. This ensures the skin of Your wonderful submissive/slave can breathe.

Secondly, protect the area... in other words, confine Your play to a place wherein You do not care if wax drips on it or not... probably not a good idea to do hot wax play on Your Great-Grandmother's antique quilt. Use a tarp or an old sheet You no longer want to use for anything else. Remember, hot wax is hell to get out of some fabrics.

Thirdly, don't be a Lazy Dominant. If You are going to use hot wax on Your submissive/slave, have him/her shave the area first. After all, hot wax is an EXCELLENT way to rip that hair RIGHT out of his/her body. If it is not possible for Your submissive/slave to shave, use Lubriderm or another equally good lotion and stockings or a body stocking. This method, however, is not foolproof. Also, if Your submissive does NOT shave the pubic area, be sure that You ask ahead of time. As Mistress Patricia Payne says in Her excellent book, "Sex Tips of a Dominatrix--Spare the Rod and Spoil the Fun", " the sound a submissive makes when wax-coated panties are being ripped off of the Devil's Triangle can be described as bone-chilling at best--so be sure to ask first."

Fourth--Your first instinct is to purchase some sweetly scented candles or perhaps even those expensive beeswax numbers... in a word...DON'T!! Very good wax such as beeswax and very dark colors, such as blue and black burn at much hotter temperatures. Your submissive/slave wants an erotic experience with hot wax and spending time in the emergency room trying to explain just how he/she got burned is hardly erotic. The cheap candles or even kosher candles work very well... the wax melts at a lower temperature.

Okay... You have Your submissive ready to go, maybe even bound and gagged... what do You do now? First, light the candles and allow them to develop a nice pool of wax. Then, let Your Artistic Nature take over... perhaps a small area of the back or belly or chest for starters. Just remember a few things... the higher You hold the candles (the greater the distance from the submissive's body), the cooler the wax will be. Also remember, distance can affect Your accuracy and the spattering You wanted on Your submissive's chest could end up on his/her face and/or be careful.

Don't concentrate all the wax in one place. Begin by drizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling as much of Your submissive as You intend to cover up with the wax. As You add layers, You can play with the intensity of the heat by decreasing the distance or by using a darker color candle, which as You will remember DOES burn hotter. Keep some ice handy nearby... it is fantastic for soothing dry mouths (Yours too) and will provide a contrast should You decide to place it on the candlewax (making it harden faster.)

Most wax can be scraped off after Your play with fingernails or the dull edge of a knife. Any remaining residue is easily washed off in the shower or the bathtub.

Happy Waxing!!

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