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Author: Lady Gwyneth Rose

Filed in: how-to, fire play, beginners

I have done fireplay on many occasions...please NOTE here... fireplay is one of the edgier types of play and should NOT be attempted without being shown how to do so properly FIRST and just reading an article will not be sufficient. If you DO decide to do so, you will be doing so at your OWN risk.

Fireplay cannot be done on any hairy areas of the body... the best places are the back or the upper shoulder and all hair should be bound up out of the way. Hairspray should NOT be used as it is flammable as well.

It helps to know first aid in this case to recognize if the burn is a serious burn or merely a reddening of the skin. Some helpful pointers include:

First degree or superficial: painful, slight reddening of the skin, not serious but needs attention.

Second degree or partial thickness: More serious, blistering of the skin, very red, painful... do NOT break the blisters on the skin.

Third degree or full thickness: flesh is charred, perhaps red around the charred area. This burn needs IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION... do NOT hesitate.

Now then, here is how I bring fireplay into a scene. First, I bind the bottom/submissive/slave and give them a safe hand signal which usually will consist of a raised index finger and I use this signal whether the submissive is gagged or not. (For the purposes of ease of reading, I shall call My partners 'submissive' from this point forward.) The reason for using a hand signal is in case the submissive cannot speak or yell.

Then, I assemble My equipment which usually consists of:

First, the alcohol goes into the steel container... then the gauze is placed in the forceps and the forceps are clamped down. Next, a small pattern (I would suggest starting out with a small pattern) is painted on the submissive's back or upper shoulder. Watch out for drips of the alcohol because as is the wont of most things in Nature, the flame will follow the path of least resistance and if there are drips, there WILL be a burned submissive.

Touch the flame to the alcohol and there will be a sudden "WHOOSH" of a bluish flame... after the 'WHOOSH', take the cool, wet rag and place it on the area You just burned on Your submissive to cool the burn.

This can be done several times but please note that You ARE 'burning' Your submissive so it needs to be made known if the submissive is becoming a bit... erm... charcoal broiled.

A few different ways of fireplay are as follows:

You can fill a spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol and have a lighter (preferably a butane one) handy and do fireballs... please watch out for alcohol mist on the floor.

A 70% isopropyl alcohol may be mixed with liquid soap in order to cause the flame to last longer and to help prevent the alcohol from dripping. For cleaning up afterwards, regular isopropyl alcohol will do just fine.

Placing a line of 70% isopropyl alcohol up the spine and then lighting it at the base of the spine is an excellent way to see the blue flame and is very intense for the submissive.

I hope these few tips and tricks have made fireplay a bit less formidable but again, please know that it CAN be dangerous unless the Dominant is constantly vigilant.

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