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Essays Tagged: How-to

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Clips and Clamps by Author Unknown
Filed in: how-to, clamps

First let me say this: Erotic pain is a very individual choice. Not all of you will find this appealing. For those who do, I hope this discussion will help you increase your skill. For those who don't[...]

Hair bondage by Author Unknown
Filed in: how-to, bondage

Incorporating the hair in your bondage is appealing to many and for many different reasons. It dramatically increases the feeling of being restrained, it's incredibly intimate and personal, it can be [...]

Ice Play by Naia
Filed in: how-to, ice play

Dear Mistress Naia: I'm interested in playing with ice. How does one actually scene with it? Should it be pleasurable or punishing? I have forbidden myself from quoting any horrendous pseudo-rap that[...]

Sensuous Caning by Conrad Hodson
Filed in: how-to, caning

INTRODUCTION Canes have a deserved reputation as The Victorian Terror Weapon. To most submissives, they mean severe punishment; to sensation-seeking S/M bottoms, overload. If we have care and patienc[...]

Seven Steps to Easy Fisting by Author Unknown
Filed in: how-to, fisting

Yes, you can get your whole hand inside your partner's pussy. For women who are into massive penetration, nothing is a bigger turn-on. No experience is necessary for either of you but if your gal pal [...]

A Complete Erotic Massage (for Men or Women) by Society for Human Sexuality
Filed in: how-to, sex, massage

1. Start by setting the space. The room should be warm enough for someone to be comfortable lying down naked in it (at least 78 degrees). Play some soft music, and possibly burn some incense. Turn off[...]

The Clitoris: A how to of sorts by Author Unknown
Filed in: how-to, sex

I don't know if this is the same for every woman, so bear with me. A random sampling of my girlfriends made up this argument in the form of Public Service Announcement; your results may vary with othe[...]

Masturbation by Tamar Love
Filed in: how-to, sex

Masturbation used to be an utterly taboo subject. We were told touching ourselves was dirty and wrong, that if we did it we'd go crazy or grow hair on our palms. If these lies were spread to keep us f[...]

Take Your Breath Away: Basics of Breath Play by Norische
Filed in: how-to, breath play, beginners

Within the vast selection of BDSM activities not one is as dangerous as breath play. To be quite blunt there is NO safe way to participate in breath play. This is the only activity, that I am aware of[...]

Jac The Ripper: Basics of Knife Play and Cutting by Norische
Filed in: how-to, knife play

The Touch of Her Master’s Hand By: Mistress Norische As her body trembles in anticipation, fear, and pain…she knows. As the touch of cold steel entices a gasp…she knows. As the[...]

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