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Ice Play

Author: Naia

Filed in: how-to, ice play

Dear Mistress Naia: I'm interested in playing with ice. How does one actually scene with it? Should it be pleasurable or punishing?

I have forbidden myself from quoting any horrendous pseudo-rap that comes to mind.Instead, let's freeze your slave's anus until it hurts so much he screams in agony. Let's hold ice on his nipples until those hard nuggets could cut glass, and stand out farther than you've ever seen them before. Cock torture? Clit torture? Tingly, icy, painful arousal?Playing with ice is one of those slightly risqué activities that even vanillas sometimes delve into. Because of this, you may think it beneath your own perv-stature to include ice play in your repertoire. It may seem too easy of a punishment, too simple of a pleasure. But ice play is an activity that we BDSM Gods and Goddesses have perfected over the years.

Like many simple sex acts, ice play can be turned into a veritable kink art form, if you know how to... play it cool. Ice play can be so much more than sticking an ice cube on your slave's goodies. The first thing to consider is whether you feel like the Ice Maiden From Hell, whose main purpose in life is to punish, torture, and deep freeze her slave with the mercy of a demonness. That's certainly a fun way to feel. But there's always a place for your inner Ice Maiden from Someplace a Little More Friendly Than Hell, whose main purpose in life is to arouse, tease, and cover her slave in a light layer of frost, with the mercy of someone who is sometimes bitchy, but relatively reasonable and just.

Take your pick. Whether it's for pleasure or punishment, your mood can set the tone for your ice scene. Your mood will also inform you on how you will actually incorporate ice play into your scene, i.e., HOW you will either freeze or frost your slave?

So, the next thing to consider is your frozen implement. Though plain old ice cubes are certainly fine toys, with a little imagination you can expand that idea much further. If you like flavored fun, try filling your ice trays with berry juice or sparkling grape juice. (Though be careful of the sugar content, if you are planning to insert this in a vagina. Also be careful of any alcohol or caffeine content if you are planning an anal ice invasion. And don't be so literal! "Ice" play doesn't need to be based around just ice. The key to ALL great scenes is creativity. To become a truly great Mistress or Master, you need to tap into your own urges, fantasies, and whims of fancy - and learn to run with an idea until it absolutely satisfies your kinkiest of desires.

I'm a fan of *very large* frozen cucumbers. They are mostly water, and when frozen for a long time, basically become colder-than-fuck torture clubs. Other frozen veggies would work. And if you're going for the all out frozen-cave experience, bags of frozen food can be useful. Stick your toys in the freezer too - anything from bondage equipment to dildos to apparel can be made more fun when cold.As always, please be careful.

Frozen things can stick to skin, particularly those delicate parts. I absolutely forbid any of you to tear off perfectly good tissue just because you were careless with your ice play. I also forbid you to lower your slave's body temperature to the point of illness. SO, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

And remember, frozen slaves on a stick can be better than Toasted Almond ice cream treats on a hot day. (And if you know of and/or are a fan of "Toasted Almonds," you're a friend of mine. Much to my dismay, they seem to have vanished from popular circulation.)

Be good.


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