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Violet Wands

Author: Lady Gwyneth Rose

Filed in: toys, electroplay

Ahhh, violet wands... the lovely little glass tubes that become a luminescent purple and emit purple little sparks when they are activated. The violet wand has been around for a very long time indeed with some folks tracing it's history back to the early 1900's.

Dozens of attachments are available for the violet wand but most come equipped with six. The most used is the 'mushroom shaped' one and a long tube. The wand has a knob at the bottom of the base to allow the Dominant the ability to control the intensity of the static electricity on the submissive's skin. For example, if the wand is placed directly on the skin, and contact is maintained, there will be a tingly vibrating sensation. However, if the Dominant holds the wand away from the skin, a stream of electricity arcs outwards and the sensation is much more intense. If the skin is touched again, the stream will cease.

One problem with violet wands is they are EXPENSIVE... and because they ARE expensive, they should be maintained as any other delicate piece of equipment. For example, always put them back after being cleansed in their boxes. The Dominant might want to borrow one to see if She/He really likes using it on Her/His submissive before actually buying one.

Okay... now here comes the safety part. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that this IS electricity so PLEASE use a LITTLE common sense when playing with the violet wand. For example, do NOT insert it into body cavities, do NOT use it around metal or water and for crying out loud, do NOT use it on the chest area, especially if there are nipple rings or a pacemaker in Your submissive or if Your submissive has heart problems. Do NOT use the violet wand on Your submissive if he/she cannot let You know he/she is in distress.

The violet wand DOES produce real sparks so no alcohol (isopropyl or otherwise, and if You have been drinking and then decide to Play, You really ARE an Idiot) and no flammable clothing. Avoid too much exposure on one spot for any long period of time... the skin can become irritated very quickly on Your submissive. Watch out for any possible metallic threads in Your submissive's clothing and don't leave it turned on and lying about.

Now... if You take care of the violet wand, it can bring great pleasure to You and Yours...just use a little common sense and You and Yours should have years of pleasure with this pricey little instrument.

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