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Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part III - Fact VS Fallacy: The Violet Wand

Author: Norische

Filed in: toys, electroplay

1. Ceramic core wands are better quality than wax core wands.

Fallacy. The fact is that violet wands contain no part that is known as a "core". The basic setup consists of a tightly wound primary magnet coil connected to a vibrating resonator, high voltage capacitor and a separate secondary coil. Without getting long winded and technical, the capacitor is what individuals are referring to when they refer to either wax or ceramic core.

Wax capacitor wands have a capacitor that consists of two metal foil plates separated by a long length of waxed paper. This type of capacitor effectively stores the charge so that it builds up to arc between the plates and continue on to the second electrical coil. If continuous use is prolonged for an extended period of time, heat will build up and melt the wax off the paper. This begins to break down the capacitor and if this occurs to frequently the capacitor will not be able to "charge" the wand, and hence no electrical discharge will occur.

Ceramic capacitor wands perform the same way, but the capacitor is made out of a sliver of porcelain between the two plates. This enables the wand to operate for longer periods of time, but the fail-safe of the wax capacitor is removed. In short when a ceramic capacitor wand "burns out" it is the coil that fails not the capacitor.

Mylar capacitor wands are another form of wand. This type of capacitor will produce the weakest charge. However, do to the lower level of output, this form of capacitor will last a lot longer than either the ceramic or wax capacitors.

Polymer capacitor wands are another less frequently found form of wands. When this form of capacitor deteriorates, a small portion of the polymer will melt, as the wand cools it will re-solidify, repairing the capacitor.

The wax capacitor wands are no less in quality than any other form of capacitor wand. A wax capacitor wand should be restricted to no more than 15 minutes of continuous use, and be allowed to cool completely in between uses. A ceramic capacitor wand may be used up to 20 minutes continuously (some newer units state they may be used for up to 90 minutes), with out endangering the capacitor.

2. Violet wands are the medical miracle of the century.

Fallacy…Since the origin of the Violet Wand and Violet Ray, individuals have made medical assumptions about its use. To date there is no factual evidence that this device has any medical benefits or any substantiated medical claims to its name. In fact in 1951 a company by the name of Master Electric Company had a libel suit filed against them for misbranding their devices, claiming they were able to cure a wide variety of medical ailments ranging from premature balding to warts. Years later some companies attempted to make new claims to the medical uses of the Violet Wand, and were restricted from doing so. Therefore they followed the European idea and turned their attention on the sensual or sexual aspects of the device.

3. The electric charge from a Violet Wand does not penetrate the skin.

Fallacy…This claim originated by a distributor of the Violet Wand who wanted to rid any fears consumers might have as to the possible dangers associated with the use of the wand. This idea was based on research focused on high voltage distribution that was outdated and not applicable to the human body.

There are two schools of thought about the high frequency current of the Violet Wand and its distribution in reference to the human body that I am familiar with.

The first theory states that the Violet Wand operates as an electro-static generator, and due to the very nature of such a device the current does not penetrate the skin.

"Violet Wands are the only electrical device that can be used above the waist. The electricity flows over body not through. The high-voltage low-amperage charge jumps from the electrode to spark against the skin.

Violet wands produce static electricity and ultraviolet radiation that is like the charge you get walking over dry carpeting and reaching for metal doorknob."

This is a quote similar to many that I have found on the Internet, each claiming that the Violet Wand is safe to use due to it's very nature.

This theory is based on the high frequency output of the tesla coil; according to some individuals, the high frequency of the violet wand produces a magnetic field that polarizes the electrons within the electric discharge. Since the electrons are similarly charged they will naturally repulse each other and hence dissipate across the surface of the skin and not penetrate the skin.

However, this theory does have some flaws to it, in reality the electric discharge actually penetrates the skin approximately .075 centimeters. This is based on the resistivity of human skin. Hence the static electrical discharge from the Violet Wand causes micro-burns in the surface of the skin; since the skin is rather porous to begin with, in most cases the micro-burns go unnoticed. With prolonged exposure the skin may suffer some irritation or a surface burn of sorts similar to a sunburn.

The second theory is based on a scientific phenomenon known as the skin effect.

"The violet wand is safe for use anywhere on the body except in the vicinity of the eyes. This toy is low-amperage, high-voltage, high-frequency, single-ended, one-contact (with an "implicit" ground return through air/floor). This toy has more than enough current to stop a heart. But it won't, because…

The violet wand generates a high frequency signal, which exhibits the "skin effect" -- the current stays near the surface of the conductor and does not flow through the center. With the violet wand the electrons are not penetrating into the body cavities, hence stimulating the heart is not at all likely."

The phenomenon known as the skin effect was first explained by Lord Kelvin in 1887, and later explored further by Nikola Tesla. The skin effect is the tendency of a high-frequency current to distribute itself in a conductor so that the current density near the surface of the conductor is greater than that at its core. It causes the effective resistance of the conductor to increase with the frequency of the current.

However, this theory originally was in reference to the distribution of electrical current through metal, it was not formulated to include the resistivity of the epidermis, nor did it calculate effectively the conductivity of human tissue and bodily fluids. Hence this theory is not applicable,

Now I am not an Electrical Engineer so I may not have all the scientific information exact, and please forgive me if my interpretation of the information available is flawed. If you would like to examine the information I gathered more closely I have a few links I think you will find helpful….

Skin Effect
From Wikioedia

The Skin Effect and Another Reason Why Tesla Coils Don\'t Shock
By Don Klipstein

Skin Effect: It Doesn\'t Apply in Violet Wands
By Uncle Abdul

Electroplay - or Playing With Electricity

Skin Effect
From Weik 1989

These are just a few of the references I found on this subject matter, if you would like a few more just let me know. I have based my comments on information gathered from these sources and others like them; if you have feel that my explanation was not complete or flawed in some way, feel free to email me privately and tell me, I am always looking for more information and new reference material.

4. The Violet Wand can be used safely above the waist.

Fact….This single statement has been the controversy of several arguments both online and between individuals. Some individuals state that no electrical play above the waist can be considered safe, no matter what type of electrical unit is used. Others say that with experience and the right safety precautions that you may use any type of unit, whether TENS, Folsom, or Violet Wand above the waist.

From my general experience and all the information I have found on this subject, as long as the current does not go near or through the heart there is little to no danger present. Of course a little common sense should be observed, avoid using any electrical device on someone with a pacemaker, or with predetermined heart problems. The only place that a Violet Wand should not be used is on the eyes, you should maintain at least three inches from the eyes at all times.

I would recommend however, that if you are just learning your unit that you restrict yourself to the extremities. Slowly work your way to the more fun areas such as nipples, genitals, and ass.

As long as you use common sense there is no reason why you can't have a wild and wonderful time with your Violet Wand and your sub/slave. Remember imagination is your friend.

5. Violet Wands cost a fortune and they are definitely not worth the price you pay.

Fallacy… You can get a good unit with three electrodes for less than three hundred dollars, and I have seen a matching pair of floggers go for more than that. The Violet Wand is a wonderful toy, and you can start reasonably inexpensive, if you go directly to through the manufacture you can pay between 165.00 for the unit alone (no electrodes) to over 600.00 for a unit with multiple electrodes.

My recommendation is to by a smaller unit, one with between one and three electrodes and buy the body contact probe attachment.

This is one style of body contact probe; this one sells for around 45.00 to 100.00, depending on where you get it, how long you get the cord and if you buy it separately or if you are buying other items. After plugging the appropriate end into your unit simply place the other end of the Body Contact Probe firmly against your skin, this allows the electrical current to flow 'through' your body and into your slave/sub. You can use this electrode for indirect techniques (to send electricity through your touch), or in reverse techniques (wiring it up to your partner and 'pulling' the electrical current through them). You may use this probe with a wide variety of metal items and create wonderfully shocking effects, or for those fans of oral sex this probe is a must have!

In my honest opinion a Violet Wand may be one of the pricier items in your toy bag but it will definitely end up one of your favorite.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.

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