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BDSM Toybox

Author: Author Unknown

Filed in: toys, play, scene

A friend recently told me about a fly swatter he had that's "Texas size." Cool! I have a dozen or so little girl hair clips I found that are iridescent butterflies and dragonflies and bumblebees. They aren't big enough for nipples but bet they'd be real annoying on genitals. Just one teensy little snap.

Did you know if you fill a latex glove with Jell-O and let it set it makes a really squishy slapper? Funny after more intense paddling, it's cold too. But it might break, you protest. Yeah, it might, sometimes, so?

How about a super soaker filled with juice? Or a squirt gun with koolaide or soda, just this side of frozen? At a distance it tickles really bad.

You use wax play. How about Wiltons melting chocolate wafers, they melt at quite a low temperature and are uncomfortably warm but not burning. Why not apply them with a big tickly brush?

Ice play? Icepops can be fun. Or how about a condom full of Jell-O?

Percussion, we automatically think of paddles, canes floggers. One of the cheapest and best is a paddleball paddle. You can buy them in bulk from someplace like oriental Traders in amazing and even glow in the dark colors. Wooden spoons may splinter badly, but try the plastic section of housewares. Or have you maybe tried a kids sand shovel? They have a right nice sting, and you can store your toys in the bucket it comes in.

Use an old feather boa or ribbons for bondage (being appropriately cautious of tightening), you don't really need stocks and handcuffs, was your sub really planning to escape anyplace?

Drip cold cold soda on them, it fizzes interestingly, or hold it in your mouth during oral sex and let it warm up, different sensations. How about warm hot chocolate, marshmallows are optional but fun hunting for, especially those teensy ones they put in instant cocoa. Eating food, especially jiggly wiggly food off someone's tummy can be fun. Or you could turn your sub into a human banana split. The ice cream melts quite quickly and turns into creeping crawling rivers of warm milk you can't brush away if your hands are bound. Have your sub hold a hershys kiss on their tongue while they kneel..and no dropping it. Line up m and ms and see if you can flog them off, one at a time, with a licorice whip. (A serious sting I might add).

Adult toystores sell edible panties I understand can turn into ugly inedible messes. They sell edible tattoos, and flavored lotions, which in my experience taste quite nasty. So, why not finger-paint your sub using colored cookie icing, and then roll them in sprinkles just to make it interesting. (They itch).

I have heard about trying to pop m and m's into a subs mouth, using your or their (in the case of male subs) penis as a catapult. Or play ring toss with it, pineapple rings or rope ones; even plastic horseshoes might be fun.

Light, medium and heavy floggers: Your slave should see that your floggers do not get tangled. Many fetish stores sell bags for this purpose, but nylon stockings work just as well. Since floggers take a lot of abuse, they should all be stored to minimize wear and tear.
Small paddle sticks (12” rulers)
Whartenburg Pinwheel
Leather, open-fingered spanking gloves (for your comfort)
Utility collar (single ring)
Lightweight wrist and ankle cuffs
Suspension Cuffs
Suspension Stirrups (equine, available at any tack shop)
Large carabineers (available at technical climbing stores like EMS)
Handcuffs (Purchase a good set of handcuffs at a gun shop or BDSM toy store. Smith & Wesson or Peerless; both use a standard key in case of emergency. Keep one key with you and a spare in your toy bag – I attach my spare to a ring on the handle of the scissors.)
8-25’ lengths of braided synthetic fiber rope, ¼” diameter (5mm)
Misc. parachute rope, used in suspension
Nipple clamps
Anal plugs 1 large, 1 small
Ball gag
“Zippers” (wooden clothespins on a cord)
Blindfold (I prefer the “Mindfold,” which does not touch the eye lids, but is absolutely dark and has no places for light to “leak” in) Earplugs (for sensory deprivation)
Portable “Wooden pony”
Tiger Balm (for clit torture)
Itching power (for torture)
“Soap on a rope” dildo (for slave humiliation or as punishment for speaking improperly)
Rubbing alcohol (fire play)
Small bowl (fire play)
Sponges (fire play)
Wash cloth (fire play)
Candles (for wax play, the cheaper the candle, the better – more expensive candles often burn at dangerously high temperatures.)
Small set of slave “scene” clothes: corset, heels or anything else you want to see your slave wearing. You never know when you might need them.

Creative BDSM Toy Sources

Music Stores: Metal banjo picks (excellent and inexpensive "claws"),tambourine brushes, drumsticks, sound effect toys.

Beauty Supplies: Rubber bands, clips and clamps, hairbrushes.

Theatrical/Magic: Blacklights and strobe lights, mindfuck props, costuming, fake blood, stage knives, rope tricks, itching powder.

Kitchen/Home: Bathroom accessories (loofah sponges, mitts), spatulas, cutting board paddles, cheese graters, pickle pinchers, wooden spoons, rice paddles, plastic window blind closing rods (good canes).

Pet Stores: Collars, leashes, bells, dog food bowls, cages, remote electrical shock collars. Veterinary supply sells horse and dog bit gags, forceps, sterile needles, some restraints.

Fishing Stores: (Warning: fishhooks are not safe for piercing play!) Fiberglass rods, weights, pliers and clamps, fish scaler (abrasion toy), bells with clips.

Farm Supply: Castrating bands (Elastrator), cattle prods, flexible plastic fencing material, mild electrical "pest" fences.

Tack Shops: Riding crops, harnesses and bridles, horse hobbles.

Arts/Crafts: Tap plastics cuts custom paddle/cane shapes and stocks fiberglass rods. Craft stores sell leather and specialty rope. Tandy Leather sells horsehair, feathers, leather laces.

Marine Supply: Rope, winches, quick-release snaps, pulleys.

Climbing Supply: Heavy duty ropes, carabiners, suspension harnesses.

Shoe Repair: Scrap leather, heavy rubber soles, laces, polish.

Auto Parts: "Parts retriever" gripping toy, funnels, windshield wiper blades, vinyl cleaner.

Fabric Stores: Clover clamps, spiked measuring and cutting wheels.

Pharmacies: Menthol rubs, Ace bandages, douches and enemas, aspirin (increases bruising), snakebite kits, Betadine, First Aid and safety gear, cotton swabs, disinfectants Baby Wipes (contains nonoxynol).

Five and Dime: Cheap clothespins, tupperware drawers to organize your toys.

Toy Stores: Toy paddles, jumping rope, age play accessories.

Thrift Shops: Cheap leather and fur coats to recycle, leather belts, "tearaway" or disposable clothing to rip off your body.

Groceries: Foodplay items like cucumbers and other insertion toys, whipped cream, tabasco and hot sauces (not insertion toys).

Sporting Goods: Muscle rub, paddles, fiberglass fishing rods, chin-up bars can be installed for bondage, camping "potty chairs" for watersports play.

Hardware/Lumber: Rope, tarps, paint mixers (great little paddles), bungee cord, snap hooks and connectors, clamps, sandpaper, dowel rods for canes or spreader bars, eye bolts, chains, alligator clips, plastic rods, small inner tubes (slice lengthwise for flogger).

Medical/Lab Supply: Catheters, enema gear, forceps, latex, needles, scalpels, disinfectants, ambulance shears (emergency bondage cutter), urethral sounds, speculums, restraints, backboards, c-spine collars and rigid braces.

Law Enforcement: Billy clubs, leg irons, handcuffs, thumbcuffs, come-alongs, spare handcuff keys, saps, uniforms and boots.

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