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10 Reasons We Need a Submissive as President

Author: Author Unknown

Filed in: submission, humor

10. A submissive is ready to serve 24/7

9. She is very protective

8. She knows how to negotiate

7. She is not afraid of being told when she had done something wrong, most of the time she will tell on herself

6. She is faithful and honest

5. She will try her absolute best

4. She can take an ass whippin', walk away with a smile, and will not hold a grudge.

3. If she gives a blow job, she will proudly admit it and admit to swallowing too.

2. She is tolerant of all the many different lifestyles and people within them.

Number 1 Reason that a submissive is needed in the White House.

1. She will have one hell of an Inauguration Fetish Ball

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