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Blind Faith

Author: Mistress Steel

Filed in: submission

BLIND: To conceal or to put something forward for the purpose of misleading. Subterfuge. One who acts to the point of insensibility.

FAITH: To trust, give allegiance or loyalty to another. Fidelity to one's promises. Or, a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. It can also mean to offer a binding promise.

There is a method of attacking a submissive by asking that submissive to accept things on 'blind faith'. This often means that a person is asking a submissive/slave to withdraw rational forethought and offer trust without any measure of that trust being earned first. This type of request can be the first move of a predator. Usually the submissive is lifestyle new and may believe that 'belief' is mandatory merely upon someone's word or identification of themselves as a Dominant, a Master or a Mistress.

There are those who seek to promote what they call 'blind faith tests'. This type of pre-interview asks for significant information about the submissive while the presenter of the test remains completely hidden. This testing is presented in such a manner as to persuade or pressure the submissive into compliance as a 'demonstration' of their 'true' submissive or slave nature.

It is a way of turning a submissives 'desire to perform' against them. There is no negotiation during this type of offering, the entirety of it is one sided or leading. A new submissive can easily be enticed into completing and following this pathway of tests often giving out personal information that if they were asked directly they would not answer. There is a subtle desire to 'do this test well' for this apparent Dominant. There is often additional pressure applied through stressed time frames for the completion of each test. This additional pressure may make the submissive feel desired but most often pushes them into revealing life details that they should not reveal to a total stranger.

It is important here to remember that first contacts are with total strangers. The usage of 'testing' immediately is a warning sign. A healthy Dominant or one without hidden issues or secrets will not need to know every detail of a submissive or slaves life immediately. They will be more interested in the submissives personality, reactions, and interactions with them. Simple chemistry. Open natural conversations tend to reveal and answer most questions easily.

Many Dominants use questionnaires when and if a relationship shows some potentials of going further. These questionnaires may be to evaluate the level of knowledge that a submissive may have about themselves and the lifestyle. These questionnaires have become more popular with the onset of the Internet. Most Dominants using such questionnaires will remain open to answering questions themselves and use them as simply another tool. If a submissive is uncomfortable with any type of questionnaire it is usually not an important issue. When the flow of information is strictly one way the submissive should back away from the person directing the flow. A submissive is at personal risk both physically, mentally and emotionally. A predator takes the time to learn what issues will trigger a submissive, how to speak to them and how to assault them. Trust is not given to anyone sporting a Dominant sounding name on the Internet. Trust is earned through significant consistent actions by that Dominant over a period of time. If a Dominant cannot offer any kind of references or information about themselves then a submissive should not give to that person any level of blind faith or trust!

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