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Have You Ever?

Author: Author Unknown

Filed in: submission, inspirational

Have you ever knelt, naked, trembling, at your Master's feet....patiently waiting while he picks out the perfect flogger?

Have you ever crawled across the floor, crop between your lips, with that pleading look in your eye?

Have you ever felt that sharp sting, and then the wave of intense pain, that comes with a stroke of the cane?

Have you ever wondered if she can take just one more stroke, and felt the pride when she took 10?

Have you ever begged for more and more, knowing, but not caring that your body is covered with welts and bruises?

Have you ever stood over her as she looks up at you with tears in her eyes?

Have you ever gotten the giggles on stroke number 255....even though you are hurting?

Have you ever been bound, naked, in front of a room full of people, yet the only one you are aware of is your Dom?

Have you ever felt the rush of power that comes when someone willingly crawls across your lap to be punished?

Have you ever stood in the corner, skirt raised, panties down, tears running down your face from the humiliation?

Have you ever awakened the next morning unable to walk across the room without feeling the pain of the night before?

Have you ever wanted to hold her in your arms as she sobbed, yet left her huddled in the corner?

Have you ever trembled in fear and excitement when he pulls out *that* toy?

Have you ever felt the sadistic pleasure that comes from inflicting pain?

Have you ever spent the evening as a footstool....only there for the pleasure of your Master?

Have you ever bent over the counter at the toy store, the clerk holding your wrists, as your Dom picks out the paddle that he prefers?

Have you ever practiced with that new toy until your arm feels as if it is going to fall off?

Have you ever worn those little gold handcuff earrings to work?

Have you ever felt the over-whelming warmth from knowing that she is taking the pain just to please you?

Have you ever lifted the hair off the back of your neck without being told while your Master slipped on a collar?

Have you ever heard the scream of your muscles as you lie hog-tied on the bed?

Have you ever fought with the beast...knowing it was time to stop, yet wanting to hear her squeals for just a little longer?

Have you ever felt the sting of the crop on your inner thighs? Have you ever presented your body for the single-tail, knowing that one mis-stroke could leave you lying on the floor, writhing in pain?

Have you ever pleaded for him to stop, knowing that nothing you say will will make him cease?

Have you ever ignored her pleas for mercy?

Have you ever felt the touch of the whip as it wraps around your body and caresses your breast?

Have you ever gasped, and then screamed, as the nipple clamps were slowly removed?

Have you ever felt her squirming and kicking as you apply the hair brush to her reddening flesh?

Have you ever loved, and hated, and feared, and needed all at the same time?

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