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Essays Tagged: Play

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BDSM Play Partner Checklist by Sovereign House
Filed in: negotiation, play, scene, checklist

The more information a Top knows about their bottom, the safer and more exciting their playtime can be. Remember… communication is the key to all relationships, BDSM and vanilla alike! Below i[...]

Play Party Etiquette by Non-Famous Lauren
Filed in: etiquette, protocol, play

The following document contains some valuable information about BDSM play party etiquette. It was written for users of the Usenet newsgroup, and is intended to cover both events held i[...]

Reasons for Spanking by Master Paddledom
Filed in: punishment, spanking, play

I have thought for some time about the marvelous variety of spankings and the various results that can be achieved. Mixed with the proper caring and circumstances they can be a powerful psychological [...]

BDSM Toybox by Author Unknown
Filed in: toys, play, scene

A friend recently told me about a fly swatter he had that's "Texas size." Cool! I have a dozen or so little girl hair clips I found that are iridescent butterflies and dragonflies and bumble[...]

If I Ever See Another Checklist I Will Scream: An Extremely Thorough Play Checklist by Norische
Filed in: negotiation, play, checklist

There are a two primary reasons for this checklist, 1) Safety. In all scenes safety should be paramount. This checklist is created to cover health issues, safety issues, as well as personal preference[...]

Before Scene: Interview by Norische
Filed in: negotiation, play, scene, checklist

Interview Name: __________________________________________________________________ Age ____________ Gender___________ Sexual Orientation ____________________ How Top wishes to be addressed. _______[...]

Can I Get That In Writing: Basics Of Negotiations by Norische
Filed in: how-to, negotiation, play, scene

Negotiation – a discussion between two or more individuals, in which each individual presents a format of requirements, desires and limits, during this discussion each party will review the sugg[...]

Ouch Is Not A Safe Word: Safe Words, Limits, and Scene Protocol by Norische
Filed in: health and safety, play, safe words

Safe words, when you are new to the BDSM lifestyle you hear a lot of new terms, one term that always seems to cause a little confusion is the term "Safe word". A safe word is any word or ph[...]

Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part IV - Techniques For The Violet Wand by Norische
Filed in: how-to, electroplay, play

The thin sheen of sweat on her body glistened as she stood there shivering in anticipation. With the blindfold on she could not see the soft glow of the violet wand reflecting off her glistening body,[...]

Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part V - The Advanced Techniques For The Violet Wand by Norische
Filed in: how-to, electroplay, play

I begin with a small admonition that anything that I describe within this article is for educational purposes only. Application of electricity in any form to a human body does involve risk, and hence [...]

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