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Shocking! Absolutely Shocking!: Part IV - Techniques For The Violet Wand

Author: Norische

Filed in: how-to, electroplay, play

The thin sheen of sweat on her body glistened as she stood there shivering in anticipation. With the blindfold on she could not see the soft glow of the violet wand reflecting off her glistening body, but she could hear the evil cackle of the wand echoing through the room. I allowed the anticipation to build to a distracting level, but wishing to wait no more I moved the glass orb close to her thigh. As the glowing orb approached her skin a fiery tendril reached out and touched her body. She jumped as this evil device lashed out, venting its rage on her poor innocent flesh. She cried out as the devilish tendrils abused her at their whim. Again and again her body jerked, each time her cries echoes around her, joining with the horrid crackling of this demon device. A moment of peace was short lived as she felt the cold metal of a knife presses against her skin, the momentary break from the torture of this demon’s bite was short but sweet. As the knife scraped across her skin she felt the spark of fire follow the blade, everywhere the blade touched electric flames jumped from the cold metal to her tender flesh. As the harsh chill of the metal touched her nipple, she could restrain herself no more. Begging for release, her body shook as it was racked with orgasm after orgasm, each touch of the blade forcing her farther and father toward that serene bliss that she so longed for. Finally when she thought she could stand no more, the evil sound was gone, silence filled the room…disturbed only by the whimpering coming from her own soul. Within seconds she was released from her bondage, her body going limp she crumbled, held by the gentle arms of her Mistress. “Thank you Mistress, oh god Thank You.” With that she fell into a euphoric bliss of her own universe.

The first thing that I must say is that imagination and a little creativity can go a long way with the violet wand. Scenes that would ordinarily be invigorating may now be shocking and exhilarating. The only limit you truly have to the amount of fun you can have with a violet wand is determined by how much of a sadist you truly are. The violet wand is definitely one of the most desirable toys available. Violet wands are incredibly versatile and can provide many different levels of intensity, techniques and sensations. This wonderful toy can provide anything from sensuous tingles to eye opening shocks; the sound and smell of the violet wand can drive the senses on a whirlwind adventure of fantasy and reality.

Normally violet wands come in a kit form with one or more electrodes. Most electrodes are made from hand blown glass, although some of the more modern electrodes are being made from crystal. There are dozens of electrodes available and each one is unique in its own design. Most of the electrodes you will find on the common market glow purple (argon) but there are other colors like red (neon) and pink (mixed gases) even blue (unsure). The most common electrodes are the mushroom, the rake and the orb. One thing to keep in mind is that the larger the electrode the weaker the shock will be, the smaller, more focused the electrode the stronger the shock will be. There are also metal electrodes that are available, these are quite a bit sturdier than the glass electrodes and will provide a shock that is quite interesting as well. In fact the metal electrodes and some specific glass electrodes can be used to do temporary branding, but unless that is your intention to begin with…it is best to use the larger more genteel electrodes until you are more experienced.


One electrode that I would say is an absolute must is called the body contact probe. This probe allows you to transfer the current from the violet wand through you (or any metal device in your possession) to your slave/sub.

With the addition of a body contact probe Pervertables take on a whole new flavor when it comes to the violet wand. Some things that you have never honestly considered using within a scene are now considered an absolute must for your toy bag or dungeon. Here are just a few examples…

Dental pick

Banjo picks

All metal whisk


Metal drywall trowel (preferably with the jagged edges)

Metal clothes pins

Christmas tree garland

Christmas tree tinsel

Metallic plant picks


Letter opener


Acupuncture needles

Metal hairbrush

Metal comb



Metal meat tenderizer

Egg whisk

Shish kabob skewers

Metal rolling pin

Metal medical hammer

Crochet hooks

Knitting needles

Metal tape measure

Yardstick (metal)



Warrensburg pinwheel

Pizza Cutter

These are just some of the interesting ideas you may use, but don’t stop there…use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Something that I must state is I highly recommend the purchase of a body probe if you do not already have one. This wonderful little device allows will expand your sadistic side as no other toy has ever done before. Shooting lighting bolts from your fingertips to your slave’s breasts, tracing the veins in her arm with an electrified knife…the possibilities never end. It also allows for some interesting oral participation, specifically if you ever wanted to make someone’s eyes bulge out… then go down on him or her while using a body probe.

Simply place the metal body probe firmly against your skin, (for example in the waistband of your jeans or hold it in your hand), then proceed to lick, kiss and bite to your hearts content. Where ever your mouth or tongue touches will receive an interesting little shock…gives a whole new meaning to putting the spark back into your sex life. Keep in mind while you are doing this that you will feel a slight shock just as your partner will, so do not do this for long periods of time or you will find that your lips may begin to tingle and may even go numb. If used excessively your lips and mouth may become extremely sensitive even painful for a few days. Just a word of warning, if you have chapped lips or cold sores…use your best judgment, I do not recommended the use of a Violet Wand on broken skin.

Now that your evil little mind is reeling, back to the basics.

First a little bit for the beginner.

Make sure that you observe all the standard safety issues when dealing with electricity; know your unit, know your surroundings, know your slave/sub and know yourself. Make sure that you have the unit completely turned off prior to plugging it in, if not you may end up with some shocking results. Always start at the lower settings, as you progress you will want to increase the settings on the unit slowly.

Several things control the strength of the spark; first and foremost the settings on unit itself and the sadist holding the unit control the amount of current being used and or felt.

Most units have a dial that will allow the user to adjust the strength from a mild tingle all the way up to “Wow honey! I didn’t know you were a contortionist.”

Second, the type of electrode you are using and how the electrode is being used can also affect the strength of the spark. Remember the larger the electrode the milder the spark, so for your first experiment you might want to try the large orb, and then work your way through each electrode. You will notice that each one has a unique feel and properties that are unique, so have fun and experiment.

Third, the distance of the unit from the surface of the skin will affect the strength of the spark itself. If the electrode is touching the surface of the skin (or clothing) there will be minimal effect. As you move the electrode farther away from the skin the strength of the spark will increase, you will reach a point when the spark cannot travel the distance from the electrode to the surface of the skin. I find the best results between 1/8 and 1/4 inch from the surface of the skin, again I suggest you play with the different distances and explore all the variations.

Fourth, whether you are using the unit on bare skin, or through clothing will also affect the severity of the shock.

Fifth, where you use the violet wand on the human body will also affect the strength. Let me clarify that statement, using the wand at a low setting on the back will not be to bad…however, using it at the same setting on the head of the penis will be quite dramatic. So even though the setting remains consistent the “apparent” strength of the current has increased exponentially.

Now that you have a general idea of some of the things that can effect the spark and the severity of the current, lets look at how we can best use this information to our advantage.

There are several ways to use the violet wand; direct application, indirect application and reverse application are three primary methods of use.

Direct Application

Direct application is the direct association of a glass or metal electrode from the violet wand to the skin of a slave/sub. This is probably the most frequently used and most basic form of application, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a wide variety of electrodes that can be used with this type of application; each one supplies a unique feel and experience.

Indirect Application

Indirect application is the application of electrical current through the use of an alternative source; in this circumstance I am specifically referring to the inclusion of a body contact probe with your electrical play. When you use a body contact probe the current is transferred from the original source (the wand) into a secondary source (you), at this point the possibilities are multiplying with each click of those sadistic little tumblers in your evil little mind. Not only can the electrical current be directed through your body, (i.e. your hands, fingers, mouth etc) it also includes certain metallic objects that may find their way into your evil little hands. Hence that innocent knife that your slave loves so much may be used in all new inventive ways. Everything from hatpins to window screening has a whole new purpose in life.

Reverse Application

Reverse application is basically where you hot wire your slave/sub up with a body contact probe and make their body the alternative source. You can have them sit on the probe, hold it, or even tape it to them, this way there is good contact between the probe and the slave/sub. Once the probe is secure, now it is time to turn on the probe…and viola… the electric subbie. Any metal object their body comes into contact with will send a plethora of sensations through your slave/sub. So get out the meat cutters chain mail gloves and the banjo picks and have fun; your slave/sub is now electrified from the inside out.

Cool Hints For Hot Times

One thing that I have found adds a little excitement to your fun time with the violet wand; take and put the metal object you are planning to use…whether it is a Warrensburg wheel a knife or chain mail gloves… into the freezer for a while before you use it. This will create an icy cold sensation to go along with the electric fire. The sensations are fabulous.

Another interesting thing you can do is to run an ice cube over the area where you are going to use the violet wand. Again the multiple sensations are fabulous, but remember that water conducts electricity and so the sensation will be even more dramatic.

Something else to try is wiring two subbies together. Take some metallic thread or wire and intertwine the wire around a few miscellaneous body parts…use your imagination. Now all you have to do is touch the violet wand to the wire, joining the two subbies together and viola… two for the price of one.

One final idea to play with, take and hook up your slave/sub up to a body contact probe as you would with a reverse application. Then have them lay down somewhere convenient, make sure their hands are tied but do not secure them otherwise…you will want them to wiggle for this. Now take several metal washers (easily obtainable from your local hardware store) or metal rings…as long as it will conduct electricity anything will work, and toss them at your slave/sub. Wherever they land, electric shocks will explode and the slave/sub will wiggle about to get the metal washers off. Now to make it a little challenging you can use body paints or a marker to section of areas and create a point system. Like for instance the stomach is 5 points, the leg is 7 points, the breast is 10 points and so on. This is a fun game to play with other Dominants and makes a great game for parties too. The only thing I would like to say is be careful and try and stay below the neck.

There are so many different things you can do with a violet wand the list is truly endless. This is one toy that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of, and have fun doing it. I have only touched on a few ideas, and a few techniques… but for the beginner you have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to ask folks questions, normally people are always willing to tell you about their experiences they have had with the violet wand. Share your ideas and have fun…. everyone has something to add and something new that no one else has thought of.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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