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Presentation 2: Casual Appearance

Author: Norische

Filed in: training

Casual appearance refers to the general attire that a slave is expected to present on a standard basis. Some Owners prefer the slave to be nude and hence casual would be irrelevant. However, some Owners expect a slave to wear a certain style of clothing or certain uniform on formal occasions.

Casual normally refers to daily wear clothing, such as jeans, t- shirts, jogging pants, shorts, etc.

Sandals, tennis shoes, or loafers are considered casual shoes, although some Owners prefer their female slaves to wear heels at all times, or their male slaves to wear well shined boots at all times.

The best thing a slave can do is to ask up front what the Owner considers casual clothing, and if and when it is appropriate to wear such clothing. Things that are not considered casual…

Clothing with holes or stains

Extremely oversized, "Getto or Gansta" style clothing

Fetish wear

Lingerie or slutty clothing

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