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Pecking Order: Multiple Slave Households

Author: Norische

Filed in: training, slavery, protocol

Many individuals prefer multiple slaves/subs within the BDSM lifestyle. Several households have two, three, or more slaves/subs; in all honesty it is not unusual for an owner to prefer two or three slaves/subs. To me it is simply more convenient: to be able to have one slave giving me a back rub while the other is fixing me a fresh cup of coffee is exquisite.

One thing that must be considered is where each individual in the household stands. Each person within the household will have his or her own specific place in that household. Each individual will have things that he or she is better suited for than the other individuals in the house. For example you have one person that can cook, one that likes to cook and has a limited amount of experience and one that cooks a few dishes very well but honestly would prefer not to cook. The duty of cooking would then go to the individual that can cook and enjoys it. The individual that likes to cook but doesn't have much experience would then help prepare and serve the meals as well as get some tips on cooking from the other.

The same process would be applied to each chore of the household. Remember a slave/sub is a tool to be used properly and used well. This means you need to use the right tool for the right job; you don\'t use a hammer to drive in a screw do you (ok there was that one time…but I was really getting frustrated).

Some slaves/subs want to be the lowest individual in the household, some slaves want to be over everyone else, and some slaves haven\'t figured out where their place is yet. Something that is helpful to understand is that each individual is just that, an individual. You cannot and should not treat each individual exactly the same. Since each individual is unique then you should treat each one as a unique, and cherished, part of your household.

Some individuals go by how long an individual has been with them, to decide the slave/sub\'s place in the household. This works to some degree, but what if the slave that has been with you the least amount of time is also the one with the most experience and skill. What if the person that has been there longer, doesn't want the responsibility of being above or over anyone else, perhaps that individual wants to be the lowest individual in the household…do you go against the slave/sub\'s nature and put that individual above others?

I personally enjoy a multiple household; I have had multiple individuals for several years and find the relationship to be very fulfilling and rewarding. I prefer to have three individuals myself; At this point I have betsy and I also have two males under consideration; and each one is unique in his own or her way.

Oddly enough one of the males has 30 years experience and has been trained in Europe and the US, but wants to be the lowest individual in the household. Both males feel that females are superior to males and therefore they both put betsy above them. Hence the three have figured out where they are comfortable being within my household, luckily for me.

Most of the time if you allow nature to take its course, they will figure things out for themselves, each individual knows where he or she is comfortable and they know what they can and cannot do. If the Dominant must step in and make the decision for the slaves/subs, do so with a lot of deliberation. Each individual is equal in many ways but there always has to be someone that is higher in the pecking order than someone else. Even if it is just their activities that divide them up, there will still be a separation of sorts. If one is best with office work, bookkeeping, typing, computer work etcetera, it is foolish to have that individual clean your toilets while you have someone with less skills balance your checkbook and take care of your new computer. Use your tools wisely, it will strengthen your home and it will be a more fulfilling experience for each individual.

Some quick tips on keeping a multiple household a happy home….

* Treat each person as an individual, they are each unique in their own way…. never forget that each one is special to you.

* Take the time to show your appreciation for their hard work. In a multiple household there will always be competition, so make sure you praise each one when they have exceeded your expectations.

* Set aside time to spend with each one individually. Anything from going out to dinner to taking a walk in the park…every minute of your time is precious, and they know it. Each minute you spend with your slave/sub will be a moment they have you all to themselves and it will be treasured.

* Do not compare, even though it may be tempting sometimes…comparing individuals can destroy a slave/sub\'s self esteem and make them doubt their own self worth.

* Do not allow jealousy to raise its ugly head, if you see jealousy beginning to start then squash it immediately. While a little competition is healthy and encourages a slave/sub to do their best, jealousy is a Dominant\'s nightmare.

* Do your best not to correct or chastise one slave in front of another…unless of course that slave really likes humiliation. This is a good way to forge a strong resentment between the members of your household and make things very tense around your happy abode.

* Try to give each individual a special place of their own…I know this is sometimes hard, especially if space is at a premium. This however will give each person a place that they feel is their own and that represents them.

I know that some individuals may think that to follow my suggestions would be to coddle a slave (you notice I didn't mentions submissives in that statement). I would like to say however, that by following these simple recommendation a owner can come home to a happy, healthy home…instead of a battlefield, filled with tension and resentment. Sometimes even a slave falls victim to simple human frailties. Understanding the human mind and how it works is very helpful for a Dominant. Using that knowledge to better control and govern the slaves within one\'s household is a wise and ultimately beneficial thing.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.


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