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Essays Tagged: Slavery

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Things To Know about Training a Slave by Author Unknown
Filed in: training, slavery

1. Know what you want. A master must be able to inspire confidence in others because he or she knows what they want, which implies that you know yourself and have scoped out what you want your slave t[...]

But We Have A Contract And Everything by Norische
Filed in: slavery, contracts, legal

"Legal Slavery" is it a reality or is it a fantasy. Not long ago I had a young man offer to become my "legal" slave; stating that there are ways, even in today's modern society, th[...]

Pecking Order: Multiple Slave Households by Norische
Filed in: training, slavery, protocol

Many individuals prefer multiple slaves/subs within the BDSM lifestyle. Several households have two, three, or more slaves/subs; in all honesty it is not unusual for an owner to prefer two or three sl[...]

Consent With Awareness by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

I am really not sure what the motivation behind concealing the truth and realities of consensual slavery is, as can be seen so often in other groups professed to APE/TPE lifestyle, o[...]

Slavery and Safewords by Master Eso
Filed in: slavery, safe words

As there is often the mentioning about the use of safewords, I thought it would be a good time to share my personal view on safewords. Lets first determine what a safeword actually is. A saf[...]

Slavery In Word And Speech by Master Eso
Filed in: slavery, speech

A slave must realize and understand that her submission, devotion and obedience to her Master have its roots within her own mind and heart and are expressed by her behavior, deed and[...]

Defining Absolute and Total Power Exchange by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

As there are many different opinions and perceptions, and the subject as to what actually defines Absolute and Total Power Exchange or Absolute Slavery, comes up frequently, I will t[...]

Absolute Slavery by Master Eso
Filed in: relationships, d/s, slavery, tpe

Absolute Slavery The basic requirements and general rules and dynamics of Absolute Slavery and Absolute and Total Power Exchange (APE/TPE), as compiled by Master Eso © 2003 ====[...]

Slave Petitions by Master Eso
Filed in: slavery, contracts

In my article “The Process Of Selection”, I have already proposed the similarities between finding or petitioning a Master, and finding or applying for job employment. In[...]

The Perfect Slave by slave girl
Filed in: slavery, definitions

How does one begin to write an essay giving a definitive description of the perfect slave? I believe that there may be as many descriptions for that as there are Masters in this world, as it h[...]

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