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Slavery In Word And Speech

Author: Master Eso

Filed in: slavery, speech

A slave must realize and understand that her submission, devotion and obedience to her Master have its roots within her own mind and heart and are expressed by her behavior, deed and speech. Slavery is mental and discipline starts in the mind.

A slave needs to learn all the positions, protocols and rituals her Master teaches her to the best of her abilities and must be prepared to exercise them when required and display herself in a manner that her Master will find most pleasing, in word and speech.

While every Master has his different expectations and requirements, the following instructions, are my requirements and instructions.

A slave must be both specific and explicit in her speech. A slave’s speech shall at all times be humbly, polite and respectful, carefully watching the tone of her voice in all interactions with her Master, as to be pleasing to her Master in every word she speaks. Never shall a slave raise her voice in loudness, anger or disrespect towards her Master.

A slave must in her mind, at all times, visualize and think of her Master as "Sir", "Master", or "Master Doe". A slave must never think of or refer to her Master as “Him”, “He”, or “His” when thinking about or speaking to others about her Master.

A slave must first ask her Master’s permission to speak by asking her Master: “May I speak, Sir.” Or “May I speak, Master, Sir.”, unless she is privileged by her Master to speak without explicit permission.

At all times a slave shall address her Master as "Sir" or “Master, Sir” every time she speaks to her Master, irregardless of where and who might be present, unless otherwise instructed by her Master. A slave may use both terms “Sir” and “Master, Sir” interchangeable or as instructed and required by her Master.

A slave will always answer or acknowledge her Master when her Master speaks to her, with "Yes Sir", or "Yes Master, Sir", at all times. Replies like “ok Sir.”, “alright Master.”, “sure Sir.”, “yeah Master”, etc. are not proper acknowledgments.

A slave may use "No Sir" or "No Master, Sir", only if her Master asked a question or opinion of her, to which the answer would be negative.

A slave may never ever use "No", "No Sir", or "No Master, Sir", to refuse her Masters command, or to doubt her Master.

As a slave has no rights, other than the privileges her Master grants her, a slave shall ask permission of her Master, for anything she does, or to satisfy whatever need she has before acting on it. A slave must know that this applies particularly for use of the bathroom, eating, drinking, sitting, etc. unless the slave is privileged by her Master, of free use of specific activities.

When asking her Master for permission, a slave shall say: "May i ……., Sir." or "May i …….please Master, Sir."

After asking permission, and after having received an answer from her Master, a slave shall always reply with: "Yes, Sir. Thank You, Sir", or "Yes, Sir. Thank You, Master, Sir", irregardless if permission was granted or denied.

If a Master gives His slave instructions or a command, and the slave is not absolutely certain if the slave understood her Masters wishes correctly, she shall ask respectfully for clarification replying first with: "Yes Sir" and then saying: “I beg your pardon, Sir” then asking "May i ask a question, Sir" or “May I ask for clarification, Sir.”

A slave says or acknowledges with "Yes Sir, Thank You, Sir!" only when she fully understands the explanation or order.

“I beg Your pardon, Sir" or “I beg your forgiveness, Sir” is also the proper way a slave expresses her accidental activities, as a slave should not just says "sorry", or "excuse me." In severe infractions a slave may even say “I beg your pardon (forgiveness), Sir.” “I am very sorry, Sir”. It would also be appropriate for a slave to use "Beg Your Pardon Sir" in a crowd when she has bumped into another.

As a Master does also own a slave’s mind, a Master may also requires his slave to use her mind well, and should the slave see a problem, or a solution to a problem, that her Master might have overlooked, or might not have considered yet, it is a slave’s responsibility as her Masters slave, to bring it very respectfully and discreetly to her Masters attention by saying: "May I make a suggestion, Sir" or “May I speak freely, Sir.”

After a slave’s Master deemed it as appropriate, and a slave was allowed to present her opinions and input, a slave must not continue to try to “push” or “force” her opinions and input, as this would be the beginning of an argument, and will abide and accept her Master’s decision in the matter, unless being instructed or asked otherwise by her Master.

Only in rare cases or issues or states of extreme urgency or emergency, and only to avoid harm and damage, may a slave make and is obligated, to make a last appeal to her Master, after her opinions and inputs have already been heard. As a slave is obligated to alert her Master of any possible harm and damage or emergencies, a slave can only hope, that her Master’s judgment and discretion sees justification in her use of this emergency rule but will accept any punishment her Master might inflict or order upon me, should her Master consider the slave’s actions to be unjustified or argumentative.

Should a slave ever experience problems, doubts or insecurities within her performance of her duty and service to her Master, the slave shall be required to inform her Master immediately, in the most respectful manner, as a Master is not a mind reader.

A slave must always give thanks to her Master for all she is given immediately after receiving what her Master has given her, for such things are gifts or privileges granted to her by her Master.

Whenever Master speaks, even when the slave was speaking, a slave is to immediately become silent so that the slave may be able to listen intensely to what her Master has to say. A slave must never interrupt her Master unless it is an emergency and using the emergency rule and protocol, in the most respectful manner, and as her Master has instructed.

A slave must immediately and without gesture, mumbling or defiance fall silent upon her Masters command: “Quiet !”, “Silent !” or “Silence !” acknowledging her Master’s command with “Yes Sir.”

If so instructed and required by a slave’s Master, the slave shall refer to herself in third person, replacing the “I” (“i”) with “one”, “a slave”, “a girl” or “this slave”, “this girl” and even “this slut”, thereby completely removing the “I” or “ego” out of word and speech.

Within the lifestyle, a slave shall not speak to others without her Master's explicit permission except to inform the inquiring party: “I must speak with Master, Sir (Ma’am).” A slave may acquire her Master’s silent approval, by watching for the Master’s approving “nods”, should Master be close by.

In the lifestyle a slave shall properly address all of her Master’s Dominant peers with “Sir” or Ma’am”, unless the slave is instructed specifically not to use proper address, by her Master.

If a slave at any given time is not in the presence of her Master, the slave shall use her judgment, as she was taught by her Master, when determining the use of proper address of her Master’s peers.

When a slave by herself or even in the presence of her Master, is not sure or has doubts about or cannot inquire Master’s wishes first, about the use of proper address of Master’s Dominant peers, then it is better to err on the side of respect and honor, giving the Dominant the benefit of the doubt and properly address the Dominant with “Sir” or “Ma’am”, then to err on the side of impoliteness or even disrespect, and possibly offending a Dominant.

A slave must realize and understand that she is a reflection and representation of her Masters household, and that her primary focus shall be to please her Master, whether she is in her Master's presence or not.

When introducing herself to others within the lifestyle, a slave shall say, using the name that her Master has chosen for her: "i am janedoe… property of Master Doe", or "i am janedoe… slave to Master Doe".

In all matters of the written word and the internet a slave signature shall be: “janedoe{MD} Property Of Master Doe”. The brackets { } with the initials “MD” signifying her Masters collar.

To show a slave’s slavehood and submission when writing her given or screen name, a slave shall humbly use lower case letters and fonts only and as a reminder of her slavehood a slave shall also use lower case letters and fonts when a slave writes or types “i”, “me”, “my”, “mine”.

A slave is to write or type her given or screen name in small cap fonts or letters as a capitalized name signifies a Master or Dominant. This is in particularly true and important in any IRC chat rooms.

As salutation, for instance in chat rooms, a slave shall use: “Hello Sir Doe.”, Greetings Master Doe, Sir.”, “Hello Screenname, Sir.”, Greetings Sir Screenname.”, etc. - “Good Morning”, “Good Evening”, etc. may also be interchanged, as may “Good Bye”, “Bye” etc. A slaves needs to keep in mind to be most respectful, polite and honor a Dominant with the proper Honorific in appropriate style.

The title of “Master” without accompanying name such as “Master Doe”, is reserved only for a slaves owner and Master and may otherwise not be used for other Dominants.

It is in general unacceptable and inappropriate for a slaves to argue with, or to lecture, disrespect, insult, belittle, talk-back, ridicule, agitate, annoy, etc. any Master or Dominant, which holds particularly true for a slaves owner and Master.

As rule of thumb for slave's postings, e-mails, IM's, personal conversations, etc. is simply that if it's inappropriate to say to their own Master, it's most likely inappropriate to say to her Master's Peers.

To acknowledge and honor the hierarchy within our lifestyle, and to acknowledge both, Dominants and submissives, a slave may use a special capitalization for A/all, E/everyone, U/us, O/our, etc. if a slave’s Master deems it appropriate and sensible.

Above all, a slave must obey and follow her Masters instructions and wishes, in word and speech and deed.

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.

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