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Slavery and Safewords

Author: Master Eso

Filed in: slavery, safe words

As there is often the mentioning about the use of safewords, I thought it would be a good time to share my personal view on safewords.

Lets first determine what a safeword actually is.

A safeword commonly is a word or series of words agreed on between a Dominant and a submissive to be used during a scene, by either party, to end the scene immediately and stop all scene activity.

The most common series of safewords I am aware of is: Red (stop), Yellow (slow down, go easy), Green (more, proceed), that might be used by a submissive during a scene to direct the Dominant.

Safewords are meant to protect a submissive and is used mainly by the submissive during a scene, should the submissive feel distress, uneasy or pushed over her perceived limit during a scene, and basically empowers the submissive control over the scene or the Dominants actions.

Now, with having established what a safeword is lets look closer at its application and the problems I have with it within the concept of slavery.

One of the reasons a slave enters into a commitment of slavery, is the giving up of control to her Master, who in turn takes on the control given up by the slave with additional responsibility for his slave. In our case this is Absolute Power Exchange.

If we now give or allow our slaves a safeword, we are handing back that power and responsibility to our slave, in complete opposition of the concept of Absolute or Total Power Exchange.

As most slaves enjoy being without that power and control and even enjoy the feeling of bondage and helplessness and we Masters enjoy being in control, in power and like the voluntary bondage and helplessness of our slaves, a safeword puts the entire concept of Power Exchange in question and enters a Master/slave commitment into the realms of role-play.

Absolute and Total Power Exchange and Absolute Slavery is not about role-play, but about a real life commitment and lifestyle. To change the power structure within a Master and slave commitment for the sole purpose of playing and scening is in my opinion absurd at best.

There are of course those who now will say, “But what about… and what if such and such happens… and what if it rains on a night of full moon when Leo rises in Orion which causes a Satellite to be off course and which overly tightens the slaves restraints in a manner that the Dominant cannot see it because of an impending solar eclipse… and… and… and…”

Nothing is answered easier then these concerns using just a little of the dreaded common sense.

Should the slave find herself indeed in distress, overly tightly restrained, or feels otherwise in danger, a slave may simple use her God given mouth and respectfully say so. No magical formula or safeword is needed for that.

The power and final decision remains with the Master, as it should be.

Most experienced Masters should have their ability developed to recognize if their slave is in distress or experiences some sort of problem, and often so before the slave has even noticed.

The use of the color codes safewords such as Red, Yellow and Green personally irritate the hell out of me, as I am not a massage therapist nor am I a service Dom.

Now, for fairness purpose, I need to admit that there might indeed be situations where safewords might be a good idea or even appropriate.

Such situations might arise if a slave plays with a virtual stranger, who is not their Master, and has little or non knowledge about the slave such as might happen at Play Parties for instance, or with a first play session for plays sake. But in any case, a safeword at its best, is only as safe as a Dominants willingness to abide by it.

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.

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