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Slave Petitions

Author: Master Eso

Filed in: slavery, contracts

In my article “The Process Of Selection”, I have already proposed the similarities between finding or petitioning a Master, and finding or applying for job employment.

In “Slave Petitions”, I will further expounded on the concept of similarities of slave petitions, search for employment, and cover letters or resumes used for finding employment.

Without the consideration of the possibility, but not necessity or requirement of slavery, of romantic involvement with a potential Master, consensual slavery is not only like employment, it is indeed employment, that for most slaves is the biggest and most demanding job they ever held. Any desire of romantic involvement with ones potential Master is an added aspect, but does in no way negate the most applicable and fitting comparison with employment.

Many of the same etiquette, procedures and formalities used for finding employment, should therefore be applicable in finding a suitable Master as well, and that includes the use of common sense.

I am not aware that there is an universal protocol governing, “Slave Petitions”, Begging A Collar”, “Earning A Collar”, or “Offering A Collar”, nor is there an universal protocol governing who should ask who, and I am by no means the inventor of any of this terms, phrases or procedures.

A “Slave Petition” is a term descriptive of all procedures related to a slaves actions in order to find a suitable Master to serve, just as an application process or procedure when trying to find employment.

A “Slave Petition” may or may not start with a “cover letter”, a “resume”, may or may not continue with a “interview”, and may or may not lead to a slave “begging”, “earning”, or being “offered” a Masters collar.

A “Slave Petition” is, what a slave makes of it. The initial part of a “Slave Petition” such as a cover letter, resume or initial interview, is as little binding as sending a job application, cover letter or resume to a potential employer.

Once a stage is reached in which the slave is actually “begging” a Masters collar, or being “offered” a Masters collar, the slave needs to be aware that if a Master accepts a slaves “begging” of his collar, or if the slave accepts a “offered” collar, it was indeed the last free decision a slave will make, until such time that the slave is again set free and released by her Master, or until a slaves or Masters passing on.

As with everything else in life, there are always differing circumstances, different individuals, and differing situations, or special circumstances. Again, as with everything else in life, use your common sense and intuition.

For instance, if the potential Master and the slave already know each other, or have net before, there is no need of for a physical description, or a general introduction and cover letter. If a slave already knows a potential Master is indeed the Master she desires to serve then by all means, include that in your petition. Etc.

It is a common misconception in our lifestyle, that slave’s are to sit and wait for a Master to come around and court them. A misconception so big, that it leaves indeed many slave’s Masterless. It is indeed absolutely encouraged and well within the protocol that slaves initiate contact and may approach suitable and potential Masters and petition for service with them.

Once a slave has established what she has to offer to a Master as well as what she needs and desires in a Master, she is now ready to find and locate a suitable Master and petition for service to a potential Master.

For help with determining a slave’s needs and desires and the kind of Master who might be suitable for a slave please read the article “The Process Of Selection”.

A Slave petition is very similar to a Cover Letter that you would include with a Resume when applying for a job.

There are many websites on the internet that offer help with writing a Cover Letter or Resume, and most of their advise can very well be used and is applicable when writing a Slave Petition.

A Slave Petition should include your general experiences in the lifestyle. How long you have been in the lifestyle, how many Masters you have served, what the lifestyle means to you, etc. If you are a novice, don’t make experiences up, but admit freely and let the potential Master know. Most Masters do not mind training a novice slave.

Use proper address when addressing a potential Master and be most respectful and polite in the way you write your petition.

In general, as honesty is most important in our lifestyle, keep your petition honest, but sell yourself well. Remember you are petitioning to the potential Master because you would like or at least consider serving him. Be humble, but don’t lose the Masters interest by letting him know how unworthy you think you might be of serving him. Leave that judgment up to the Master.

A most important part of a Slave’s Petition is why you wish to serve the potential Master, what your desires are, and what motivates you in being a slave, and what you can offer the Master.

Include your most important characteristics like honesty, loyalty, devoted, caring, loving, obedient, etc. Let the potential Master also know you seek absolute enslavement, submission, etc. But be sure you have your wants and needs balance and know how to differentiate between the two.

Should you have any important restrictions, handicaps, health problems, limitations, or dependents like children living with you, or are able – unable to relocate, you should include that in your petition.

Also special talents that can benefit the Master, like excellent cook, great housekeeper, service-oriented, etc. also what kind of work can or do you do, should you be required to work outside the home.

Include special interests, like spirituality, fishing, reading, etc. especially if those are interests that also hold the potential Masters interest.

Unless you are looking for a commitment that is strictly based on play and scening, I would not go overboard with a list of BDSM related interests like Bondage, Flogging, Nipple Clamps, Being Serviced Orally, etc. Slavery is not based on play, and last not least, you are offering your service to a potential Master, and are not soliciting his services to service you.

I would strongly suggest you include a recent picture of yourself along with your petition.

I think you get the picture and can think of many more things that should find a Masters interest.

Above all, don’t be shy of petitioning once you have located a potential Master that you might want to serve. Don’t be afraid of rejection either. No Master will think badly of you, look down on you, or even laugh at you, for petitioning to him, if he accepts you in his service or not.

A most helpful article that will help many slaves and aspiring slaves to prepare for service to a Master is the article written by J. Mikael Togneri “Awaiting The One”(This link will open in a new window)

Once a mutual interest between the Master and the slave has been established, arrangements for a first interview or meeting can be made. An interview might take place via the internet in instant messenger, over the phone, or in person.

Whichever way such first and initial interview or meeting takes place, here are a few pointers and considerations.
I can however not over stress the fact that a slave needs to be aware that in Absolute Slavery, or Absolute and Total Power Exchange, the Master has the right to change, alter, or modify his service requirements and expectations, at any time, for any reason, and at the Masters sole discretion. A Masters values, character, principles, perceptions, etc. are therefore a most important consideration, as they do not change as easily as service requirements or kink.

Don't focus your energy and time on Doms or replies that are rude or stupid, or those completely unqualified. Don't even waste time complaining about it. Focus on what is important. And as you apparently have followed my writings, you should already know what is important.

Asking questions is very important. It will not only give you answers to your concerns, but also show the prospective Master your interest and sincerity. But do not fall into the trap of questioning the prospective Master, interrogate him or try to run the initial
interview. Don't overwhelm the prospective Master with questions either. You can and will learn much about the Master, his values and requirements by listening careful.

Do not focus on what a prospective Master can do for you, but focus on what you as a slave can do for the Master. If it is truly slavery that you need and desire, then being owned, completely, absolutely and unconditional, and given the chance and opportunity to serve and please a good Master, seems not only like a vast improvement and reward over not being owned, but should correspond very much with the detailed list of your needs and desires, that you have made.

Anyone wishing to use this article on their site or mailing list may do so as long as the article remains unchanged and my name and email address remain on them. Giving credit where it belongs.

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